Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window to Buy in 2020

The air conditioning became requirement not only in summer but all year round. Brands like Consul, LG and Gree manufacture several recommended models for many different environments. But before buying one is necessary to note details such as power, types of cycles and features, for example.

With so many models and specifications is normal in doubt about which handset to buy. That’s why we produce a guide with tips on how to choose the ideal model. In addition, we have selected the 10 best window air conditioners to buy this year. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Window

To choose the best air conditioning window is important to note some factors such as the number of BTUs and decibels, type of cycle, features, size and voltage. See details below!

Set the Agreement apparatus power to the environment Size

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window To Buy In 2020

The device power with respect to the cooling or heating is measured by a unit called BTUs. Currently there are devices on the market ranging from 7500 to 24,000 BTUs. The larger the area of ​​a site, the greater the number of BTUs that the device must have to be effective.

To calculate the amount of BTUs is necessary to note several factors such as the environment square meter, number of people and more. But to facilitate, prefer models 7500-12000 BTUs for small rooms, between 12 and 20 m², and 18,000 BTUs or more for larger rooms, from 30m².

For Residences, check the Device Noise Level

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window To Buy In 2020

The air conditioning works window carrying the hot air from the room out, so the noise of this process can become a nuisance. Most devices of this type have 50 to 60 dB (decibels), which is equivalent to the volume of a person speaking or the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

So if you are installing the air conditioning in your home, choose models that have 45 db or less. They are quieter and devices that can be used at night. But unfortunately, there are few brands that offer this data in the technical specifications of the products.

Check the Air Conditioning Unit Voltage

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window To Buy In 2020

The air conditioners are available in 110 or 220V models, so it is important that you check the voltage of the outlet where you will plug it before buying to avoid possible headaches.

If you purchase a device with higher voltage than the outlet, it can cause burns. If the air conditioning has a lower voltage than the taking, it will not work. So stay tuned!

Opt For devices with Reverse Cycle (Hot / Cold) for Local Ice Cream

If you live in a cold city, the ideal is to buy a product that has reverse cycle. This means that the device can not only cool but also heat up the environment.

This feature more expensive the product, but ensures greater versatility, as the air conditioning can be used in all seasons.

Appliances with Remote and Functions Extras Ensure Greater Convenience

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window To Buy In 2020

There are on the market two types of window air conditioning: mechanical and electronic. The latter brings greater convenience by enabling the temperature change using the remote control. This greatly facilitates the user’s life, you do not need to mess up the unit.

But beyond control, some models have extra functions such as sleep, silent, fan, warning of the need for cleaning, among others. They are additional features that provide greater comfort and allow the user enjoy the device in several ways.

Check Installation and Maintenance Expenses

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Devices Window To Buy In 2020

When buying an air conditioner, keep in mind that will have costs of installation and maintenance of the appliance. This type of air-conditioning is installed in windows or holes in the walls. It is a process that requires work and it is often necessary to hire someone to do the job.

Furthermore, most designs require installation frames and frames that serve as a basis for engaging the unit on the wall. Some more compact products, however, already have the frame and are installed faster. Keep an eye!

Do not forget to also clean the unit regularly. This will help keep the air conditioning, making it last for many years!

Prefer Air Conditioning with Procel A to Save

Of air conditioners, the window type is one that consumes more energy. To avoid the very large increase in the electricity bill, pre fi always ra devices with Procel The seal! This label is given by Inmetro for models that save more energy and consume less kilowatts per hour.

Top 7 Best Appliance Air Conditioning Window for Small Rooms (up to 20 m²)

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Air Conditioning Window With Filter Anti Dust

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An air-conditioner can be a great ally, especially in summer. If you are looking for a device to your home, prefer a more compact air conditioning. If you want to buy for offices and large local, favors a high-power devices, more robust.

That way you will make a great purchase! And do not forget to share this text with someone who, like you, are looking for the ideal air conditioning not to pass heat in summer nor cold in winter!