Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment to $ 1500 for Buy in 2020

An air-conditioning became requirement not only in summer but all year round! But to choose the correct device is required attention. It is important to note details such as the type of device, the power and functionality. Brands like Consul, Gree and Electrolux stand out with quality products.

So with so many models, it is normal in doubt about which handset to buy. That’s why we have produced a guide with all the important tips that you should check before buying an air-conditioner. In addition, we selected the top 10 devices of up to R $ 1500 market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Unit of up to $ 1500

To choose a good air conditioning of up to R $ 1500 is necessary to analyze some points, such as the type of device, its power and is quiet. Also, note that you have reverse cycle and other features, as well as check other technical details. Check all down!

Choose Type Air Conditioning Agreement with Use

There are three main types of air-conditioning market: window, split and portable, suitable for different needs. So the first thing you should notice is what will be the use that will give the device. Check out details about each of them.

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

The window air conditioners are quite common and need a hole in the wall or a window to be installed. Therefore, they are not suitable for locations that do not allow to change the property structure. In the price range of up to R $ 1500, we have models for up to 20 m² environments.

These devices operate by pulling a part of the hot air environment, giving rise to cold air. Generally consume little power and are easy to maintain, however, are very noisy compared to the other types available in the market.

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

The split air conditioning is perfect for those looking for silence, efficiency and speed. It is divided into two parts: the first is inside the environment by designing the cold air, since the condenser is on the outside spewing hot air. They are very discreet and modern.

Split the devices still have some subdivisions, such as Hi-Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Multisplit and Cassette. It is a more powerful machine, so often it consumes more energy and is more expensive. Appliances up to R $ 1500.00 have a maximum of 12,000 BTUs, and suitable for up to 20 m² environments.

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

The portable air conditioner is powerful and versatile, it is not necessary to install it at a fixed point. It works taking the environment of the hot air out, giving way to cold air. Therefore, they should also always be installed near windows.

Some models, however, accumulate condensed water inside and require that water be removed periodically. Its biggest drawback is be very expensive and have power lower compared to other types. Unfortunately, there are portable models for under $ 1500.00 on the market.

For Environments Up to 20 m² Select Devices Up to 12,000 BTUs

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

The power of the air conditioner is determined by a unit called BTU. The higher the room size, the greater the amount of BTUs needed to cool or heat, so the effective location. Normally, air conditioners up to R $ 1500.00 have up to 12,000 BTUs.

But there are other details that must be observed in addition to the size, as the amount of people and electronic devices on site. Normally, a space between 9-12 m² need an air conditioner up to 9000 Btu. Already 13-20 m³, a device that has 10,000 to 12,000 BTUs power.

If Silence Search, type of machinery Prefer Split

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment To $ 1500 For Buy In 2020

air conditioners often cause the noises that prevent users from sleep or focus on their activities. A unit of up to 45 decibels (dB) ensures a comfortable level of noise to the environment and is ideal for those looking for an air-conditioner for homes.

Usually Split types fall into this level. Have devices that have 50 to 60 are a bit more noisy and can decrease the concentration and annoy those who are in the environment. This is a major drawback of window type air conditioners that have an average of 55 dB.

Prefer devices with Reverse Cycle for places with Temperature Changes

There are on the market two types of air conditioners when it comes to cycle. The first has only the cold cycle and is suitable for extremely hot, especially in summer. Thus, air will be used only to cool off and chill the room.

The other type is the one with reverse cycle, ie, it can heat and cool the environment. They are recommended for locations with large temperature variation, which are very cold in winter and very hot in summer. If this is the case, buy a reverse device can be a great investment!

Bet on devices with features ons for Greater Comfort

air conditioning appliances bring some extra features that provide comfort for users. electronic models, for example, enable the temperature change through the remote control. Others bring the notice of need for cleaning when they are very dirty.

There are also air conditioners that have various functions such as timer, sleep, silent mode, and fan. Of course, the higher the number of additional functions, the greater the value of the product.

Make sure that the appliance voltage corresponds to the Environment

It is essential that you always observe your air conditioner is in accordance with environmental outlet where it will be placed. Electronic devices can be divided into two voltages: 110 or 220v. If a device is connected with a lower voltage in a location with higher voltage, it will burn.

Now, if on the contrary, a device 220 connected to a 110v outlet, the air conditioner will not work. So always pay attention when buying your phone not to make mistakes and get frustrated. Always check the voltage!

Choose devices with the Procel to Save Energy

Procel Seal is a certification offered by Inmetro for electronic devices that consume little power. The Board classifies devices from A to G, and those who receive an A, are those with the best levels of energy efficiency.

Thus, to avoid a big increase in your electric bill, opt for an air conditioner with the Procel. Especially in the case of window models, since they are one of the models that consume energy.

Remember to include expenses such as Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning

It is important to remember to include in their budget expenditure as the installation, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning. This is because, especially in the case of Split models, the installation should be done by a professional.

An installation made can hardly generate unnecessary headaches and even higher expenses. Also, if the maintenance and cleaning are not carried out correctly, defects can occur over time, and need to re-hire a professional.

Top 5 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Window Up to R $ 1500.00

Now that you know to select the ideal air conditioning, it’s time to choose one! We start giving 5 options of the best air conditioners window to $ 1500.00.

Comparison table of the Best Air Conditioning Devices Window

Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Window With Modern Design

Air Conditioning Cold Window

Air Conditioning Mechanic Window

Air Conditioning Mechanic Window

Top 5 Best Air Conditioning Split equipment up to $ 1500.00

You will now know the top 5 air conditioners Split type. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split of up to R $ 1500

Air Conditioning Split Hi Wall Ecoturbo

Air Conditioning Split Eco Garden Conventional

Air Conditioning Split

Air Conditioning Split Hi-Wall

Air Conditioning Split Hi-Wall Eco

See also Air Conditioning Portable Devices Notes

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The air conditioners should be chosen carefully. always note the location size where it will be installed and which type is the best option. Remember that the air conditioning window is designed for smaller sites, while the Split is the first choice for those seeking silence.

Also, if you search a lot of functionality and comfort, Split is the best choice. But if you want a device cheaper, the window is more suitable. Analyze what are your priorities and for sure you will make the best selection!