Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

Top 10 Best Applications selfie in 2020

Want to make the perfect selfie to post on Instagram? So, it pays to install a good selfie application. With it you can apply fun filters, correct imperfections and even change completely putting makeup or filters that make you younger. Perfect to impress on social networks!

But there are several applications! You will not want to lose time testing one by one, right? So we did it for you and separate the 10 best applications for selfie. Here you will know what are the most interesting to edit the best picture for the profile of your Instagram.

How to Choose the Best Application selfie

To choose the best selfie application you should check all the features that the app offers, check for the filters you need and make sure that the free and paid resources are worth. So quickly you will be able to find the ideal app and have more time to take their pictures. See more information below.

Some Basic Features Can Make Much Difference in Your Daily Use

Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

A good selfie application must have some basic features. We can not miss a shot in which did well only by a yellowish smile! Correct imperfections in the skin, touch up her makeup, change the eyes and hair color, stir in proportion to the face, and other fixes can save your photo in a few clicks.

Of course there are other important features but these basic options will make enough difference in use. After all, who never needed to correct dark circles, increase a little the eyes, soften fine lines or fine tune the nose? Yes, all this is possible, and more.

Automatic filters transform your photo with just one click

Want to play with your friends with funny pictures? Or maybe make a tumblr photo, with that professional climate. See if the filters that the app offers can help you with that.

Have you ever seen those photos with effects of kittens, or bears around, right? filters are animated a show piece when we take those funny pictures with our friends. If you’re looking for something more dynamic and fun, we recommend that seeks apps with these functions.

Is to put horns, adhesives, speech or a simple balloons hat, there are many applications with similar functions in the phone store, but some do it impressively, so you can play on your photos with style.

Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

If you’re looking for something more professional, some pre-defined filters can help you easily transform a current photo in old, with color effects such as sepia, black and white, or even faded. These filters always call attention to Instagram or Facebook.

Some options may leave your photo with sun rays, specific shades, small failures as if they were old cameras, etc. In a few clicks you will have that perfect selfie.

Applications with Video Recorder Can Be Practical in Time of Stories

Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

Besides the photos, some applications have video recording and editing option. Some cuts here, a color filter there, perhaps a moment in slow motion … With the app Stories right, his Stories will never be the same! Take pictures and videos in one place will help you save a lot of time.

As if it were not enough, still has several color effects, stars, hats, masks and more. After editing some direct export to the Stories! If you often use very Instagram or Facebook, this is sure to be a big help.

For Exclusive Functions, Some applications can the Charge Signature

Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

Some apps may charge to release more filters or extra functions, how to remove watermark, issues without advertisements or free access to all functions. To our joy, the free versions usually are enough to leave our selfies and stories of incredible Instagram!

Remember that each application can have different payment options, such as:

Top 10 Best Applications selfie

Now that we’ve talked about how to choose the best application for selfie and some important details, it’s time to check out the ranking of the top 10 and its main features. All of them are in the shops of Android phones and Apple system. Come on!

Comparison table of the Top Applications selfie

ξ Amen me ITU technology

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ξ Amen me ITU technology

Top 10 Best Applications Selfie In 2020

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Ready. We talk about many important things for you to find the best application to take that perfect selfie. And even if you are not a lover of the photos, I suggest you take some time to learn a little these apps, you will surely like.

With a good application and your cell phone in hand, you already have everything you need to have beautiful and great stories selfies on Instagram. Feel free to come back here when we have questions, we always have great suggestions. It will be great to have you with us again.