Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

Top 10 Best Babyliss (curler) in 2020

Modelers clusters – or curling iron, as they are also known – can be a great option when innovating in the visual. After all, as the name implies, it allow you to make curls and waves in your hair, creating a unique style to the locks. Not to mention that they are very easy to use. There are many models on the market, but brands like Taiff, Conair, Mondial are preferred.

However, do not just choose only the brand, features like type modeler, temperature and diameter should also be considered. To help you decide, we will present the key points when it comes to searching for the ideal modeler. In addition, we also created a ranking of the 10 best modelers market curls. Check out!

Why Use Babyliss and not the Board to Make Curls?

Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

You may already know that you can also apply waves in wires using a flat iron. However, it is important to remember that boards and modelers clusters are very different products. You’ll even be able to use your flat iron to apply the curls, but the effect will probably not be desired.

The basic difference between these two items is the heat source. For modelers bunches, there are heated tubes made especially for modeling waves. Already on the board, as the hot surface is straight, you hardly able to do curls without damaging your wires. In addition to running the risk of leaving your locks deformed. So just buy your curler!

How to Choose the Best Babyliss

When choosing the best curler to your hair, it is important to check characteristics such as the diameter of the product, the presence of temperature indicator and even if it has structures that hold the wires in place as they are modeled. Now, let’s explain these aspects, check!

Choose the type Based on Their Ability and Cluster Type of Desire

Modelers clusters have different types and formats, each of which creates a different effect on the hair. Thus, there are models curling iron that will make more voluminous curls in her hair, while others may create waves with more natural effect. Everything will depend on the type you choose to use. Here are the characteristics of each type.

Those who enjoy hair care products should know this style. The conventional curling iron is formed by a tube which heats the hair to create curls. This model could have forceps to hold the locks or not. In addition, you can also find models around cone-shaped, which are thicker at the base and thinner at the tip curls and create more open at the root and more defined at the ends.

This type of curling iron can be used on any type of hair, but it is more suitable for those who already know how to curl the locks, because as there is no kind of protection in the tube, you may end up accidentally burning. It is very versatile, and depending on the position where you use it, you will be able to make different types of curls.

If you found that the conventional model may be too difficult to use, the spiral type can be a good choice. This type of curling iron has a plastic protective spiral shape around the heated tube. This structure, in addition to avoid burns, let your curls more standardized and also avoids you need to be holding the end of t move while waiting for the wave form, because the tip is trapped inside the plastic.

Still, with this type of device you may have trouble making the curls if your hair is short, as it will become more difficult to curl the strands. In addition, the spiral models do not give much freedom to create different types of curls and waves.

The curling iron chamber, also called Miracurl, is very suitable for those who have no experience with hair modeling. It is made with the cable and a hot air chamber that sucks the hair for a few seconds to create the bunch. Then just wait for the sound and ready WARNING: You can drop the wick and see your new bunch!

This model is very practical for day-to-day, since you will not need to be manually winding the strands, as the others require. However, as the Miracurl makes the clusters automatically, even if the model chosen allows you to choose the direction and thickness of the bunch, you will always end up with very similar clusters, ie, is not a versatile model.

Cada Dia delivers a Bunch of type. 25 mm models are Great for Making Waves

Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

The size of the waves produced on the hair depends on the diameter of the product iron bar. In practice, if you want to make a smaller wave, choose a model with approximately 19mm thick, for example. However, if you want bigger waves, thicker models will be a good choice, such as 50 mm.

For open or wavy curls, the 25 mm models are a good choice. In camera models, usually you can choose the thickness of the bunch, so do not worry!

Prefer models with Cold Rush, they are Safer and Easy to Use

Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

When choosing the perfect styler for you, stay tuned to the presence of cold tip in conventional or spiral devices. With it, you can make curls and waves into your hair with more ease and safety, avoiding the risk of burns and other injuries. It is also interesting to see if the appliance has support for surfaces, which also increases your safety when using it.

Check the Temperature and whether it is possible Set it

Generally, babyliss temperatures ranging from 180 ° C to 230 ° C. Thicker hair will require higher temperatures for perfect modeling. Since the finer or chemically treated, they may end up damaging the whether you expose to high temperatures.

Therefore, avoid temperatures above 200 ° in most sensitive hair. On the other hand, thicker hair will react best at temperatures above 200 °. Some modelers have temperature adjustment function. These are the most suitable, since it will allow you regulate the heat according to your needs.

Control the temperature will also help you to give different finishes in her hair. Want curls less defined? Choose a low temperature. Whether fechadinhos curls and perfect? Increase the temperature slightly! However, always use the curling iron carefully to avoid damaging your wires.

Prefer models with cables Rotary

You may feel difficult to find a good position for the curling iron cord when modeling her hair. To use the product in several different positions will help you to straighten your hair quickly and easily, and prevent you from burning. So look opt for styling with swivel cord.

Who indications tested and approved

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Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

Top 10 Best Babyliss to Buy Online

Now that you know the most important tips when choosing your curler, we present the top 10 products selected in the Brazilian market. We hope you find the one that is best for you!

Top 10 Best Babyliss (Curler) In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard Babyliss (curler)

Curler Hair Styler Conair

Miracurl Nano Titanium Steam Tech

Modeler Kiss Curls Instawave Automatic

Curler Professional Titanium Rose Gold

Curler Nano Titanium

Curler Ceramic Nano Tourmaline

Curler Taiff Curves

Modeler Professional curls Conical

Styling Brush Infinity Chrome

Curler Spirale

Using the Modeler Curls

You already know how to choose the best curling iron and saw some of the best market products. Finally, we will show some tips on how to use the curler for you to rock the look and get elegant and natural waves to your hair! Check out:

Use Wicks of the Wave Size You Want

As the curling iron works with heat to model your hair, you should always think about the kind of wave that will want. Want more light waves? Take thicker strands and leave them less time in the product. Prefer more closed curls? Use thinner rovings heated longer in the curling iron. And do not forget: more defined curls will require more time.

For a More Natural Effect Use the Babyliss in ear height

When you model your curls, stay tuned to the modeler position. If you use it on top of the head, will create excess volume in the hair, since the waves will be set from the root. To avoid this, just use the curling iron from the ear height.

When you release the lock of curling iron instead of releasing the hair once, the trick is to hold him a bit in hand, without bending, and wait for the lock cool slightly before releasing it. Thus, you prevent the hair weight undo the bunch.

To Vary the hairstyles Que Tal one dryer or Chapinha?

If you are the type who likes to change hairstyles and appear in a different way on each occasion, the curler will not be enough. In addition, the curling iron will not help you when you need to dry your hair before bedtime, for example.

Also get a hairdryer and a flat iron will increase and your options. So, check out the following our articles on these products and is always beautiful!

So, choose the best model for you? Modelers clusters are able to give that up visually simple and fast. Thus, it is important that you always seek to choose products that fit their use and type of hair. Remember that you should always use the modelers curls with dry hair, to avoid wire damage.

Now that you know how to choose the best curler for you, just get the one that best meets your needs, curl or curl your wires and smashing!