Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

Top 10 Best Bases in Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido and more)

Who loves makeup, know that the base is an essential item to prepare the skin and highlight the beauty of the face, right ?! But with the huge variety of products, finding the ideal base can be a bit confusing. Thinking about it, we prepared a guide with tips to help you choose the best base stick to your face.

The bases stick are great for hiding imperfections and even out the skin, as they offer high coverage. Brands such as Shiseido, Avon and Catharine Hill developed amazing products leave you even more beautiful. Check out our selection of the best 10 bases stick and bump in shopping!

Why Opt for Base in Bat?

Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

Ideal for those seeking a makeup high coverage, the foundation stick, also known as stick, have creamy texture that guarantee sequinho effect and velvety to the skin. They are great for hiding little spots and imperfections, leaving the right uniform and beautiful skin.

By having this creamy texture, who have oily or combination skin will adapt quickly. Another major advantage of the bases stick is that they are super versatile and practical to use, without the brush use for the application. They are perfect to carry in your purse and touch up the makeup anywhere.

In addition, she is the darling of those who like to use the base to correct imperfections and contouring the face. Its creamy consistency allows use as a corrective, so you should apply the product with light taps in the region that need more coverage. Too much!

How to Choose the Best Base in Cane

To ensure that incredible look, you should check some characteristics of its base stick. You must decide, for example, the intensity of coverage, the thickness of the bat, the use you intend to make and set the ideal color for your skin tone. Check out!

Choose Base in agreement cane with your Skin Type

Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

The bases stick have a creamy texture suited to both those who have oily skin, as for people with dry skin, as it ensures a velvety effect on the skin with balance. But when choosing the ideal base for your skin type, some features make all the difference.

If you have combination skin, oily or prone to acne prefer oil free bases because they have no oil in the composition and thus the skin easily adapts to makeup. Bases with oil clog pores and even generate more oils, favoring the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Avoid!

Who already have dry skin, you will also find good staff in basic options, in this case, opt for moisturizing bases, that at the end of the day the skin is not craquelada and signs of dryness. The creamy texture is recommended to contain more water in the composition, which promotes skin hydration.

Choose the Coverage Bring to a natural finish, or High Coverage for Raze the Make

Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

The bases stick have high covering power, so are great for use at night, at parties and events that deserve a prominent makeup. You should choose the intensity of coverage, considering the look you want. Who wants to cover imperfections and spotting may invest in high intensity.

However, if your intention is to use the base for a more natural finish on a daily basis, choose the options with light coverage, or medium, since they do not overload the skin. Remember that you can adjust the power range of the base according to the amount of product applied.

Prefer Bases Thick Cane for Apply to All Face and Slim for details

Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

The base rod size can vary between options thicker and thinner, which resemble the lipstick. To apply across the face, prefer the convenience of thicker bats, so in just a few steps, you will be able to quickly cover the entire face.

Have to use the base as a corrective, or around the face, it is best to choose between the thinner thicknesses options. They are easier to implement in small regions and thus demarcate the lines of the face you want. For a complete look, the ideal is to have bases with two sizes.

Choose a Base Color that most closely matches your Skin

Set the color of the base is the first step to a beautiful makeup. Before buying, it is very important to check the color of the base actually harmonizes with your skin, it is important to know what your undertone skin and test correctly based on the time of choice.

Top 10 Best Bases In Bat 2020 (Catharine Hill, Avon, Shiseido And More)

The undertone of our skin also helps to choose the correct color of the base, which as well as the skin, may have yellowish background, pink or neutral. Usually, people with warm skin are more yellowish, then the ideal base will staining tendency to the same color.

Already who has the skin with cooler undertone, with rosy background or slightly reddish, will adapt to the bases that tone, ie pulling to pink. Some people may also have neutral tone, in which case both the neutral bases such as yellow and pink, harmonize with the skin.

If you are in doubt as to identify your skin undertone, there is a super simple test to help you, note the color of the veins of his forearm. If you notice that they are greenish, your undertone is warm, but pull the blue, it means that it is cold.

To identify if the base really suits your skin tone, always check the result of the color before buying. Take the test by applying a bit of the product on your own face, or neck and choose the one that offers the closest color, natural looking.

Many people usually test the makeup on hand lap, or arm, but probably the result of this assessment will be incorrect, as these parts of the body does not have the same color of the face where the makeup is actually applied. Keep an eye!

Furthermore, it is important to check the effect of the base under sunlight. Usually only we tested in the stores, but these environments have artificial light, which interferes with the perception of color. To hit the choice, it is best to apply the product in a part of the face and see the results in the sunlight.

For use during the day, Opt for Bases Containing Sunscreen

Skip sunscreen to protect the skin and prevent premature aging is important, but to facilitate routine, how about choosing a base with a sun protection factor (SPF)? The bases this benefit are great for those who work in the office or at home without direct contact with the sun.

Remember that the foundation of FPS is usually not high, so even if they contribute to the protection of the face, who is exposed to the sun, or have sensitive skin to the sun’s effects, must pass the sunscreen before makeup. This will ensure an efficient protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Top 10 Best Bases in Cane

Enjoy then our ranking with the best bases stick available in the market. We consider the quality of coverage, the thickness of the bat and also the high-tech development of these products, all you already know that it is important at the time of purchase. Come on!

Comparison table of the best bases in Cane

Based on Pole Catharine Hill Paint Stick

Based on Pole Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Stick

Based on Cane Avon Color Trend

Based on Cane Velvet Matte

Based on Pole Shiseido UV Protective

Clinique Chubby Stick based on In The Nude

Based on Pole Sport Make Up

Based on Pole Control Derm A5 Stick

Base Gel Stick Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free

Based on Cane Stick 3 in 1

Learn How to Use the Bat on Base on your Make

As you know, the base stick is super versatile and can be used in various ways in makeup. In addition to standardizing the skin accurately and deliver high coverage, it can also be great as a corrective, correcting minor imperfections and to get around the face. Understand:

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With all these tips and product suggestions, you sure is prepared to adopt a base stick in their day to day. They often provide high coverage, as well as a lot of practicality in the application, so they are great to carry in your purse and touch up the makeup anywhere.

Consider the makeup style that you want to settle in full the purchase. Do not forget to do a test with the colors available and evaluate the undertone of your skin. Share our information with friends and get ready to stand out with beautiful skin, every day!