Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple

Top 10 Best Beds Box couple to Buy in 2020 (Queen and King too!)

The litter box has conquered its space in Brazilian homes. This is because its structure offers comfort, convenience, and even extra features like chest and drawers. To help you choose the best litter box bed, we prepare some important tips to consider.

recognized brands as Ortobom, Castor and Herval provide litter box models with mattresses of pocket springs, foam and conjugate base. All this you find in our ranking with the best products in the category, be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Bed Box Couple

The choice of a good double bed box, is not a complicated task. You only need to pay attention to some details to ensure comfort and durability of the garment. Check out the following tips that separated! These include: the size of the bed, kind of base, mattress and extra features.

Choose the bed size that best matches your needs

Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple To Buy In 2020 (Queen And King Too!)

The box double beds are not all the same, because they have some characteristics that differentiate them from each other. Let’s start with size! Here are the 3 types of double bed box, referring to the size and its indications.

Choose Between Bed Box Combined or mattress and base Separated

The litter box couple, or single, also have a difference with respect to its structure and the mattress. Below is the explanation of the combined beds and those with separate base, it being single or split.

A litter box conjugate is one that has the base and unified mattress, that is, you can not remove the mattress of the bed base structure. The great advantage of this model is the economy because it is the cheapest in the market. But it may mean greater expense, when the exchange of the mattress is needed.

The litter box with separate base and mattress are a great long-term investment, as they allow the sporadic exchange the mattress. However, the base usually have fabric covering and needs protection, such as skirts for litter box, except models with more resistant materials such as courino.

The base of the bed can be single or split. When only, you will only have a block of material to support the mattress. If the base is split, it will have a division in half of its structure, which will give more support to the mattress, especially if it is of greater weight and size.

Not to be Surprised, Check the mattress height and Supported Weight

Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple To Buy In 2020 (Queen And King Too!)

The litter box are usually higher than ordinary beds. So when choosing your stay tuned the height of the feet and the base of the structure, but also consider the mattress height. The advantages of a bed with feet tall, are ease at the time of cleaning and protection against moisture.

Another factor to consider is the weight supported by the mattress. Manufactured mattresses with foam only, are classified according to their density, equivalent to the body type of each person. spring mattresses do not have that classification, but usually support more weight.

Regardless of the raw material, this information will be supplied by the mattress manufacturer, keep an eye! Remember that the supported weight will be about an individual. So when choosing a litter box for two, consider the most weight among individuals.

Choose a mattress type for Greater Comfort and Durability

The proper mattress is one that keeps your spine aligned, and brings comfort at the same time. Certainly, it makes all the difference to have a good night’s sleep. The following are the most common types of mattresses for beds box!

Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple To Buy In 2020 (Queen And King Too!)

The foam mattresses usually have a lower price compared to other technologies. They offer comfort and flexibility, for soft end up with the use of time. However, the durability of these mattresses can be smaller, compared to the springs.

Among the foam technology, you can find models of mattresses that adapt to the body shape and temperature, in the case of viscoelastic foam used by NASA. Another material is also used in latex mattresses, which ensures greater resistance, in addition to being antibacterial.

Since the Piillowtop is a sort of extra layer of foam, which can be 10 cm or more above the mattress overlay. It ensures even more comfort, especially in the mattress springs, or those firmer.

Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple To Buy In 2020 (Queen And King Too!)

The springs, combined with the foam layer support greater weight and therefore last longer. The mattresses at lower cost, have the Bonnel springs (steel parts with cone shape, connected). As the springs form a single structure, a person’s movements will be felt by the other, is called molejo.

However, this does not occur with pocket springs, or bagged, as they are separated individually. They ensure a better distribution of the pressure exerted on the mattress. Thus, the motion of a person will exert no influence on each other, creating a balanced springiness.

Extra features offer more than a common bed

The litter box, may exceed its main function, adding extra functions to its structure. Some models have drawers or chests and others with an auxiliary bed. Check out why they can be so helpful to you!

Top 10 Best Beds Box Couple To Buy In 2020 (Queen And King Too!)

The litter box couple can count on a chest inside the base, it being single or split. It is only necessary to raise the base cap, with the piston system, without the need for power. Excellent option for anyone who owns a small environment and need more space to store clothes and objects.

Another aid which litter box bed can offer, is to have drawers coupled to the base of the bed. In these models, the system is slightly different, as the drawers open sideways. Therefore, a larger space in the room is necessary and also that the bed is not against the wall.

The double duplobox beds have an extra mattress on the bottom of the bed. Extra bed can be separated from the other structure. Thus, it may be placed in another room and then just store again, ensuring convenience and a better use of the spaces of the house.

The double box beds are a great choice for those who usually receive many visits, but does not have a guest room.

Top 10 Best Beds Box couple to Buy Online

Now that you know what is the best litter box bed for you, see our ranking with several models available! There are options with different sizes, extra features and of course, with the best cost-effective! Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Bed Box Couple

Cama Box Castor Silver Star

Box Herval Imperatore Eco Bamboo Bed

Bed Box Wembley Copel

Bossa Nova Cama Box Gazin

Box bed with Chest Classic Angels

Cama Box Soft Comfort Ecoflex

Box bed Probel Prodormir

Bed Box Conjugate Granada Umaflex

Bed Box Conjugate Union Ortobom

Ensure the assembly of their bed couple Box

When buying your litter box, be sure about your assembly. The litter box or combined with base often require an assembly structure. Few sales sites offering the inclusion of the assembly at an extra price.

This service offering may depend on the region where you live and the product sale conditions. Therefore, to avoid possible damage and contain the stress, indicated is to hire a professional to help you. You can do this, even with service applications.

The box double beds are great for those looking for comfort at bedtime, either alone or accompanied. In addition, the structure can still provide extra features that help your organization. In this article you have checked all the important points for choosing the ideal box double bed.

So do not waste time and make sure yours! Enjoy our product suggestions! If you liked this content, or know someone who would be interested in it, share it!