Top 10 Best Beds

Top 10 Best Beds to Buy in 2020

The bed is one of the most important furniture in the house. After all, it is she who accompanies you on the nights of sleep and hours of rest. So, nothing better than a comfortable bed and proper to compose one cozy room we want. But you know how to choose the ideal double bed?

To help in this task so important, we prepared a full report, as well as a ranking of the top 10 doubles, with brands like Icamas, Inter Link, Art in furniture, among others. Check out everything you need to know to buy a double bed with no errors!

How to Choose the Best Double Bed

Choose a quality double bed and perfect for your needs is much simpler when you know what points to consider when buying. Items such as material, size and weight supported can not miss in your checklist. Check out!

Check Material Used in Making the Bed

Top 10 Best Beds To Buy In 2020

Currently the market offers several material options to double beds. Each has different characteristics of strength, durability and weight, plus of course influirem the final product price. Know the available materials and the advantages of each:

You know what the best material for his next double bed? Consider your needs resistance, durability and mobility of mobile to make your choice. Now that you know the characteristics of each, it became much easier, right?

Note the supported weight for more security

Top 10 Best Beds To Buy In 2020

This information is especially important when you are going to share a bed with someone else. Each bed has a weight supported threshold, which varies according to the material used in its structure. While some support only 100 kg, others support up to 400 kg quietly.

To prevent accidents, make sure the capacity supported by the bed is compatible with your needs. Thus, you avoid possible frustrations with inadequate mobile, which can break with a short time of use, and may even bring the biggest drawbacks that the financial loss, such as bruises and even fractures.

Check Measures Bed

Top 10 Best Beds To Buy In 2020

It sounds elementary, but many people forget to check whether the measures are compatible with the bed space available. Buy a great mobile too, or less than ideal, and see the result of our purchase far from the expected is not pleasant, is not it?

The size of the bed can vary widely, but in general, the double beds may be between 145 and 200 cm wide, ranging between 190 and 213 cm long. Such measures may be influenced by the size of the mattress that has several patterns, plus the addition of shelves and more. Be sure to check!

Make sure the mattress is Compatible

Top 10 Best Beds To Buy In 2020

Another important point before hitting the hammer in ideal double the purchase is the measure of the mattress, especially if you already have one. As the mattress can vary considerably, even within the denomination “standard double mattress”, which may be 128 or 138 cm wide by 188 cm long.

There are also variations such as widow mattress 110 cm wide and 200 cm long, known with the queen 158 cm 198 cm, King 193 cm 203 cm. With so many available measures, worth checking to make sure it is getting the right product!

Furniture Multifunction Optimizes Space

Top 10 Best Beds To Buy In 2020

Little space in the room and much to save? How about buying a multifunction double bed? Super modern and intelligent design, the multifunctional beds can be the solution you need to optimize your space and still leave you beautiful and full of personality.

With drawers, niches, shelves, door speakers and up beds for your pet, these furnishings are charming and super helpful when you need to store clothing, bedding, books, shoes, notebooks and small objects so that they are well organized and easy access.

Top 10 Best Beds

Check now our selection of the top 10 market doubles. They were chosen based on important criteria such as strength, weight supported, extra features, among others.

Comparison table of the Best Beds

Couple Majorca bed

Double Bed King Roman Iron

Double Bed Pet Puppy

Couple Colonial bed

Double Bed Tubular Julia

Couple Multifunctional Articulable Manhattan bed

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Now that you know all that is important about your next bed, is ready to make a right choice! Be sure to check the material, functions and measures to ensure the best buy. Our tip is to consider the products that make up the ranking: they were chosen among the very best on the market.

If you know someone who is looking for a good double bed, share this article and help others to make the best choices. We wish an excellent buy and nights much more comfortable and relaxing now on!