Top 10 Best Belgian Beers

Top 10 Best Belgian Beers to Buy in 2020

In 2016, UNESCO recognized the culture of Belgian beer as one of the world cultural heritage. No wonder! Some refer to the Middle Ages, and almost all Belgian beer brand has an official glass of different format to better enjoy the taste of that particular beer.

Famous all over the world, the Trappist beer is a type of traditional Belgian beer, made by monks since the sixteenth century. In our ranking of the top 10 Belgian beers you can check out some of the best Trappist beers, Witbier, lager, lager and pale ale and the market, among others. Enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Belgian Beer

Belgium is a country recognized by the quality of their beers. There are more than 1000 brands and hundreds of breweries. Below we will teach you how to choose the best for you and indicate the top 10 Belgian beers among those sold in Brazil. Read on!

Choose beer type by Flavor

The Belgian beers can be divided into: lager, ale, Trappist and lambic. Each has its subtypes, such as lager, bock, Witbier, pale ale and Quadrupel. Each has color, flavor and aroma characteristic according to the form of production. Check out below!

The lager beers, low fermentation, are produced and stored at low temperatures. When fermentation ends, yeasts settle at the bottom of the vats. Each country makes small changes according to national preferences, creating the standard American lager and German helles, for example.

The lager is divided into light, such as lager and helles and dark as the bock and Dunkel. They are manufactured with the same technique, the difference is roasting the malt, which gives light flavor of coffee or chocolate. They are more bitter beers, less sweet and lighter to be consumed than ales.

lager lager (or pilsner or pilsener) and standard lager beers are the most consumed in the world, including Brazil and Belgium. There they are called belgian belgian lager or pale lager and one of the most popular brands are Stella Artois, which is gaining more fame in Brazil.

The ales, high fermentation are produced and stored at higher temperatures. When the fermentation ends, yeasts float on the surface of tanks. Many are not filtered and feature cloudy, with floating sediment. The bitterness is low and hops must not have noticed your taste.

Characterized, in a more or less noticeable depending on the type of ale, the intense aroma, flavor spices or fruity, sweeter flavor of malt and dense foam white. Among the ale Belgian beers have the Witbier the saison, the belgian pale ale, a strong golden ale and strong dark ale.

The Witbier, also called white ale or weiss, is a very popular, refreshing and slightly citrus beer, produced from barley and wheat malts. Ideal for people who like plenty of lagers, the most popular in Brazil, and are beginning to experience the ales.

The Trappist beers are beers special ale. To be an authentic Trappist product, the beer must be produced in a monastery and sales serve to defray the expenses of the monks. What’s left goes to charity. In the ITA website you can check what the breweries currently recognized.

Other beers are called Trappist or abbey, to use the same production techniques, but do not have the other features to receive the official seal. In Belgium we have a Belgian Dubbel, Trippel and Quadruppel. Beers are full-bodied, intense flavor and aroma and high alcoholic content.

Popularly, it is thought that the name Tripel, Dubbel and Quadruppel concern the amount of time the beer was fermented or filtered, but it is not an official explanation. The differentiation of these types does not follow strict standards and finishes ranging from one monastery to another.

The Lambic beer is not well known in Brazil for being very hard to find outside Belgium. The production is very traditional and involves spontaneous fermentation; ie Lambics should be exposed to yeast and bacteria present in the environment and it takes 6 months to 3 years to complete the process.

It is believed that these yeast and certain bacteria are native to Brussels, so the official Lambic is unique to the region. The taste is dry, remember cider, and intensely sour, but it is a low bitter beer. Sometimes they add sugar, caramel or fruit to become more palatable.

Bitter beers Have IBU Alto

Top 10 Best Belgian Beers To Buy In 2020

The production of modern beer is highly associated with hops. It is mainly used to add the characteristic bitter taste of the drink. However, in middle age things were not so. It was around this time that the Belgian beers began to be produced from a mixture of wheat and barley.

Before the hops become readily available, the beers were flavored with a mixture of herbs called gruit. Only at the end of the Middle Ages is that hops entered the mix in small quantities. Some witbiers and artenasais beers try to revive the use of gruit today.

That is why, traditionally, Belgian beers are slightly bitter. The IBU scale (International Biterness Unit) ranges from 0 to 120. To give you an idea of ​​the flavor, the national beer Skol, lager American lager has IBU 8, and Serramalte, standard American lager, has IBU 19.5 . The Belgian:

Check out the Alcohol Beer

Top 10 Best Belgian Beers To Buy In 2020

The brewing goes through several stages. Alcohol is formed in the fermentation step. The yeasts consume malt and turn their sugars into alcohol. This grain can be corn, rice, wheat, oats, barley, rye. However, the Belgian quality beers, are used wheat or malted barley.

Alcohol is an essential ingredient in beer, because it highlights the flavors. This works because alcohol can dissolve some substances that evaporate along with it, leaving these more intense smells. Overall, the Belgian beers have up to 12% alcohol.

Check the indication Who proved and approved!

How about a drink taste indicated by a sommelier of beers? Below is the statement of one of MyBest partners.

Top 10 Best Belgian Beers To Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Beers Belgian

Now you know what kinds of Belgian beers and how to choose the one that suits your palate. Not to have error, be sure to check the IBU, which is the index that defines the intensity of bitterness, and the alcohol content of Belgian beer you have chosen. lack only buy yours! Come on!

Top 10 Best Belgian Beers To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Belgian Beers To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Belgian Beers


Cerveja Trappist Chimay Red

Cerveja Hoegaarden White

Cerveja Trappist Rochefort 6

Gouden Carolus Classic

Beer Stella Artois

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After tasting one or more Belgian beers that indicated in the rankings above, try also learn more about other types of beers. We select excellent labels of craft beers, wheat, Pale Ale and more. Click on the links below and check out!

Ready to savor his Belgian beer? When choosing, pay attention to the type: lager, ale or lambic. Each of these includes several subtypes, among the best known are lager, bock, Witbier, pale ale and Trappist. Also, do not forget to check the alcohol content and IBU beer.

In our ranking of the top 10 Belgian beers you can find excellent marks for fair prices, the best online stores. Share our article to those companions who like beer and want to understand more. It’s always good to enjoy a good drink in good company!