Top 10 Best Binoculars

Top 10 Best Binoculars to Buy in 2020

Binoculars are very useful equipment for those who enjoy camping, watching shows, observe animals or even the sky! There are dozens of different specifications, so when choosing which is the best binoculars many people get doubts. After all, what is the best long-range binoculars? And for astronomy? What is the ideal for my needs?

To choose the best binoculars without frustrations, it is important to know the basics of operation and to read the specifications. Therefore, we developed this guide, where you learn easily all it takes to choose your new glasses. We also prepared a ranking of the 10 best binoculars on the market, including brands such as Tasco, Bushnell and Celestron. Check out!

There are binoculars Long Range?

Top 10 Best Binoculars To Buy In 2020

The most popular models are the long-range binoculars. It is very common to find sellers announcing virtual binoculars with a range of 1 km, 10 km, 30 km. But this is a misconception, and it is very likely that the seller does not understand anything of the equipment or just put such a wake up call for attention. Proximity is determined by the optical quality of the binoculars!

The binoculars range, as well as the human eye, is infinite! What the machine does is zoom in to where it is directed. This is possible due to the objective lens (near the object), prism (inside the housing) and ocular lens (near the eye), materials that organized the binoculars form the optical quality! But calm down, because we will explain what determines this quality!

How to Choose the Best Binoculars

From now on, we’ll explain why you should pay attention to the specifications of the binocular lens, the material from which it is made, the prism composition, the presence of focus and equipment carcass composition. That way you can get to safe and without disappointments choice. Let’s start?

Learn Read the specifications Lens of Binoculars

The lenses are the lifeblood of any binoculars, they determine the sharpness, clarity and the ability to approach the image you will see. So it is important to understand the concepts of expansion, size of lenses, field of view and eye lens. Check now all you need to know about the lenses before choosing the most suitable binoculars for your use.

Top 10 Best Binoculars To Buy In 2020

Binoculars are specified by two numbers separated by an “x” to “8 × 40” or “10 × 50” generally spelled in its body near the lens. The first number before the “x” is the magnification factor of the lens, or how much it will expand the object or focused landscape. Binoculars 8 × 40, for example, will expand the image eight times. On the second issue we’ll talk in the next section.

The higher the magnification power of the lenses of his binoculars, the darker the image, as the beam of light that reaches the eye will be less. Although you see a closer picture, the field of view will be narrower, which makes it very difficult to focus the image, on which more later.

Contrary to what one might think, binoculars with high magnification power most of the time are not optimal for common goals. If you need to see a larger area more precisely, how to see the distant stage at a concert or animals moving in the distance, use binoculars with lower expansion capacity on average up to 10 times is enough!

Top 10 Best Binoculars To Buy In 2020

The second number after the “x” is the size of the objective lenses are lenses that are on the edges of glasses, the distant eye. In our example, 8 × 40, they are 40 mm in diameter. Dividing the second number by the first (40/8), we will have the diameter of the light beam to reach your eyes, called the exit pupil. In this case, 5 mm.

The pupil of the eye opens approximately 2 to 3 mm in daylight and up to 7 mm in night environments. Therefore, the ideal exit pupil of the binocular should not be less than 2 mm, but there is also no need to be so much greater than 7 mm. In general, the definition of the image in the binoculars will be determined by the size of the lens, the larger the size, the more light will enter!

If looking for a pair of binoculars with night vision for hunting, watching the sunset or admire the stars at night, the diameter of the lens need to be great to capture enough light, but also proportional to expand capacity (to reach the threshold of 7 mm exit pupil). But watch out that the larger the size of the objective lens, the heavier will be your binoculars.

Top 10 Best Binoculars To Buy In 2020

The field of view indicates the width of the image that your binoculars will capture the given distance. It is also expressed in a number misspelled the binocular body, which is usually defined in meters or yards. For example, a binocular that present numbers 124 m / 1000 m, indicating that provides images up to 124 m wide at distances of 1000 meters.

Prefer a field of view – image width – 100 m or more to watch things moving, like animals, landscapes and playing your favorite sport. The wide field of view also lets you frame more easily very large areas, such as whole constellations, so it is the preferred binoculars for astronomical observations.

Top 10 Best Binoculars To Buy In 2020

Ocular lenses are lenses that are close to the eye. In general, these lenses are positioned within 5-20 mm of the eyes, and this offers visual comfort necessary for many people. But who wear glasses should look for a minimum distance of 14 mm, as the glasses itself offers an additional optical layer, if the glasses get too close will be uncomfortable!

The Glass Lens Coating Must Have

Glass lenses tend to reflect light and lose, so to ensure the optical quality of the binoculars should receive a coating as a protective layer! You will find the abbreviations of the simple coating (Coated – C or Fully Coated – FC), multilayer (Multicoated – MC) or full (FullyMulticoated – FMC). The greater the number of layers of protection, the more expensive your binoculars.

There are also plastic lenses, which are more resistant, but have inferior image. These lenses are simple and unpretentious uses. Also check the colored covers on the lenses! Red and orange lenses are used to lighter environments (with lots of sunlight), as blue, green and violet lenses are suitable for darker places!

Porro prism is Cheaper and Suitable for Leisure

The prisms are within the binocular housing and serve to properly direct the light coming from the objective lens to the eye lenses. There are two types of prism, Porro and roof, and the difference between them is in the format and alignment of the lens. The Porro is lightweight and compact, simpler and cheap, suitable for those who want binoculars for leisure or hobby.

Already have binoculars Roof prism are the most expensive market, targeted for professional activities such as surveillance. The quality of the glass used in the construction of prisms also influences the image, choose glasses with optical BAK-4, which does not darken the edges of the image and have optical performance better than BK-7 glass, popular and cheap.

Opt for binoculars with Focus Adjustment

There are some binoculars in the market without any device to adjust the focus. Stay away from these appliances, which can cause eye fatigue and impair your vision in the long run. quality binoculars will always offer a focus adjustment device for you to observe clearly the place where you’re pointing the binoculars!

Most have a central mechanism in disc format, joined the call diopter corrector, which is usually in the right eye and corrects our visual acuity difference. There is also the individual focus system with independent settings for each eye, which is present in binoculars waterproof.

Prefer housing Light, Waterproof and Non-slip coating

Stability is an important point to ensure sharp images and generate more visual comfort for their comments. The binoculars made with rubberized housing or other non-slip material, allows you to leave firmly hands to hold, avoiding the shakes that will destabilize the images.

The larger and more powerful the objective of your binocular lenses, the heavier it will be. A heavy binoculars can compromise their mobility and even require a tripod so you can use it comfortably. If you want to get a pair of binoculars to use day prefer a less powerful equipment, but lighter, up to 500 g.

Most binoculars have some level of water resistance described by the manufacturer. To define the ideal model, assess the environment in which to use it. If it is used in open areas for a long time, a tough binoculars to water is enough. But if your goal is to use in the sea or rivers, is more secure than your binoculars are described as waterproof.

Consider the Purpose of Use of Binoculars

Well, now that you know all the specifications of binoculars you need to select the best option according to their use. As mentioned throughout the article, it not always more is better, so you should check out the binoculars have the optical quality required for observation you love to do!

Shows and entertainment events, the field of view can be smaller and the binoculars should be light, so the lenses should be smaller, although they have to deliver the most amount of light. Thus, prefer less capacity expansion, up to 7 is great.

In sports games, hunting, watching daytime birds and outdoor activities, it is important to have a wide field of vision and versatility to zoom in. Rate binoculars with ability to zoom in up to 12 times, even if the lens is not so great.

Already astronomical binoculars are a reference for night observations with larger and heavier lenses, they will even use with tripods. In this case, the approach need not be as large, but have a ratio that ensures proper exit pupil for clear image viewing, even at night!

Top 10 Best Binoculars to Buy Online

Now check out our selection with the top 10 best binoculars on the market. In our list you will find the best brands available in Brazil, with different configurations to meet every demand of use. Know the characteristics of each binoculars and choose your security much more!

Comparison table of the Best Binoculars

Binoculars upclose G2 × 10 50

Binoculars Waterproof H2O 10 × 42

Essentials Campo 7x 35

Binoculars Pacifica 212 050 20 × 50

Binoculars Skymaster Pro 20 × 80

Binoculars Tucano × 40 8 NTK

Now that you know how to choose your new binoculars and knows the best models available in Brazil, can make their choices without fear of error. Keep in mind that not always the highest magnification factor is what will best meet your needs, here we explain the importance of the size of the lens and field of view, and other attributes!

Come back always to remember how to choose the best binoculars, information is dense, then the query is still valid! We wish an excellent buy and you can get the most out of your equipment. Oh, and if you know someone who is looking for a long-range binoculars, night or with other specifications, share this article with that person!