Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs

Top 10 Best Boxer briefs to Buy in 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba and more)

The boxer briefs is the favorite of most men, fit the body and ensure more comfort. There are several options on cotton, microfiber and modal. And then there’s seamless underwear, which are extremely comfortable.

To help you in choosing the ideal boxer briefs prepared several tips on materials, designs, sizes and more! We also made a ranking of the 10 best boxer underwear brands like Calvin Klein, Zorba, Lupo and Cavalera. Check below!

How to Choose the Best Boxershorts

To choose the ideal boxer briefs you should note some information, such as material, design and color. So, pay attention to the hints below and choose the right boxer briefs for each time.

Boxer and Boxer Long: Choose the Best Option For Each Activity and Clothing Type

The boxer briefs in general seem a short short, but there are also options a bit longer, are the boxer long. Each type is best suited for one type of use. See more below.

Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs To Buy In 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba And More)

Unlike traditional sliper pants that have elastic waist and in the groin area, the boxer briefs, is a model that fits the body. In addition, the fabric down her legs to just above the mid-thigh.

Just by getting molded to the body boxer briefs are more comfortable because it reduces the friction on the skin when walking, running or performing any movement. This model also does not prevent tissue volume under clothing and can be worn with pants and shorts on a daily basis.

The long boxer briefs boxer is a variation of the model that has the most elongated legs. In this case the fabric passes from between the thighs, reaching closer to the knees. This type of underwear is also adjusted to the body, allowing you to move more comfortably.

This model is highly recommended to practice physical activities. But it can also be used on a daily basis, under pants. However, when using shorts boxer briefs avoid long as the most elongated legs may appear when you sit or bend down.

Cotton, microfibre or Modal? Compare Comfort and Strength of Each One

When choosing a boxer briefs you can choose different types of tissues. There are the freshest and absorbent, but also delicate to avoid allergies and irritations. Each has its advantages, so it is important to pay attention to detail before choosing his boxer briefs.

Being a natural fiber cloth, cotton has soft and comfortable texture. Also, this prevents tissue irritation and allergies in the intimate area. Therefore, it is the best option for those who have sensitive skin.

However, not being an absorbent cloth can be a bit unpleasant in warmer weather. For the same reason it is not so recommended for physical activity where you sweat a lot. Although cozy, cotton is less durable and deforms more easily.

Microfiber is a fiber made of ultra-fine fabric, usually a mixture of cotton and polyester. It is widely used in the manufacture of sportswear with Dry-Fit technology, because it can control body temperature, ensuring greater thermal comfort, even in the hottest days.

To be quite absorbent underwear microfiber is indicated for use in sports. In addition, the microfiber is highly durable and practical. The panty and kneading this material can not be machine washed without any problems. Not to mention that the drying of this fabric is very fast.

The modal is a modern fabric technology and more sustainable than most, made from beech wood. Modal briefs are soft and super lightweight, functioning as a second skin. This material fits very well to the body, adapting well to all movements.

As the microfiber is highly absorbent. So the modal underwear is also recommended for warm days and for physical activity, preventing perspiration buildup. Moreover, it is quite durable and can withstand multiple washes without deforming.

Choose the size Agreement with the numbering of His Pants

Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs To Buy In 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba And More)

The boxer briefs is very elastic and easily adapts to the body. However, sizes can suffer small variations from one brand to another. So it is important to be always aware of the measures and choose the size that will provide greater comfort.

A tip to choose the size of your boxer briefs is to be guided by the numbering of his pants. A person wearing shoes 38-40, boxer shorts must use size Q. Among 42 and 44, M size 46 to 48 size E to G. pant size between 50 and 52 use XL boxer briefs.

Boxershorts No Sewing: Even More Comfortable to Use for Long Hours

The boxer briefs seamless also ensure more flexibility and comfort, since sometimes the seams can leave some parts of thicker and less enjoyable underwear, bothering a bit.

The model creates seamless no volume underneath clothing, helping to shape best body and ensuring a more aligned look. In addition, this type of underwear does not mark or tightens the skin, and a great option for when you will need to spend hours sitting, as on long trips.

Stylish or traditional? Choose Color and Pattern One for Every Occasion

Despite being hidden under the clothes, some boxer briefs go beyond simple underwear, and may even be considered fashion pieces. You can find full options style, with prints of famous characters and vibrant colors.

In casual and relaxed environment, you can use prints and strong colors. But for work and formal occasions is more recommended to opt for the classic and discreet colors such as black, white, blue and gray, that will not show through clothing.

Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs

Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs To Buy In 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba And More)
Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs To Buy In 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba And More)
Top 10 Best Boxer Briefs To Buy In 2020 (Calvin Klein, Zorba And More)

Comparison table of the Best Boxer Briefs

Cueca Trunk Calvin Klein

Boxershorts Long Leg Graphite

Boxershorts D’uomo Without Sewing

Cueca Long Leg New Skin

Now you know that before buying a boxer underwear is necessary to compare the models and types of fabrics, the technologies used to ensure more comfort. After all of these tips will be easy to choose the ideal model! But if you hit that doubt, just come back here and read again.

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