Top 10 Best Breweries

Top 10 Best Breweries to Buy in 2020 (Consul, Electrolux and more)

The brewers are perfect for storing many cans, long necks, bottles and even beer kegs. Made to ensure the most appropriate cooling, the beer can be placed in the room, on the balcony gourmet, or even in trades. always providing a cold beer!

There are small, vertical brewers, for personal or business use, then you need to know its variations. Amid a brewing Consul, Electrolux or Metalfrio, what would you buy? In this article we explain how to choose and show the top 10 breweries of the moment. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Brewery

There are ideal for use at home brewers and others better for trades. Choose the best for your usage profile. Also make sure the size is appropriate, temperature settings and functions available, besides the presence of lighting and what is the voltage. Find out more below!

Choose Brewing Capacity More Suitable for your use

The small brewery is practical and effective for home use. Already trades, such as bars, grocery stores and restaurants, need a more robust equipment, known as vertical brewing.

The small brewery has up to 110 liters adequate capacity to serve several people at a party. If only for their own use, it may be less. In addition to evaluating the capacity in liters check how many cans, long neck bottles (355 ml) or 600 ml she can store.

Domestic brewers do not consume much energy and are sized for you not to be on hand to serve guests. But the ideal is not to be opening and closing the door all the time. It tends not freeze well in these cases, since it is made for occasional use, not daily.

The vertical brewing is higher and have larger capacity. Used for commercial purposes, the vertical brewing has more than 200 liters and stores various bottles of 600 ml units long neck and cans of 350 ml. Made for daily use, not lose cooling when opening and closing the doors.

To choose good is important to evaluate the consumption of beers on site, so you can scale the adequate capacity of the vertical brewing. In this segment there are also double and triple brewers, for businesses that regularly have a high demand and need to be prepared.

Choose the Right Size for Local

Assess the size (width, height and depth) is important especially for home use, as households have less available space. Evaluate which will position the brewing and see if you will fit there. Remember that you need to embed leave a margin of 10 cm on the sides!

Take measurements of the place where the beer will be installed and compare with the model dimensions you want. It is important that the beer be well housed to not end up hampering the movement of persons in the environment, both at home and in shops.

Brewers prefer to temperature settings in Levels

The adjustments levels are ideal for those who want practicality, since you just click on the desired temperature range and ready. If you just bought a hot drink beer and will soon, the temperature may be lower for a while and then leveled at a higher range.

There is an ideal temperature to serve each type of beer. So if you are a connoisseur and want to taste different kinds of beer as well as possible, give preference to the fully adjustable temperature settings, in which you can enter the exact value of the desired temperature.

For More Comfort, Models Prefer Technology Frost Free and Extra Features

Most market brewers, especially large ones, are frost free, ie not accumulate ice. However, there are models that are not frost free and end up requiring the user to defrost the appliance from time to time to keep it in working order. For convenience, prefer frost free models.

In addition to the frost free technology, some features may also bring convenience in the use of its brewing. Functions such as power and turbo economy, to freeze faster, are available in various designs. You can also find specific functions to freeze faster, without freezing, beer in cans and long necks.

Why yes, a market novelty are the brewers with Wi-Fi connect the local network and can be controlled remotely. So you do not even go to the brewery to change the temperature or control their functions. Keep an eye!

Internal lighting Facilitates Use and Values ​​the Product

With indoor lighting is easier to catch the bottle or can that you want, especially in dark environments. In addition to providing more security and less chance of an accident with glass bottles, as it becomes harder you push a unintentionally when taking out another.

For breweries that will be installed in shops, the interior lighting of vertical brewing beer allows for easy viewing, enhances the visual and the consumer experience. On bars, restaurants and markets, lighted beer also stimulates the purchase.

Top 5 Best Small Brewers

The brewers to use at home are small, but provide adequate capacity for individual consumption or small groups of people. Ideal for apartments and houses, check out what are the top 5 small brewers available today for you to buy online!

Comparison table of the Best Small Brewers

Top 10 Best Breweries To Buy In 2020 (Consul, Electrolux And More)
Top 10 Best Breweries To Buy In 2020 (Consul, Electrolux And More)
Top 10 Best Breweries To Buy In 2020 (Consul, Electrolux And More)
Top 10 Best Breweries To Buy In 2020 (Consul, Electrolux And More)
Top 10 Best Breweries To Buy In 2020 (Consul, Electrolux And More)

Top 5 Best Brewers Vertical

Vertical brewers are used in bars, restaurants and grocery stores, so it is the best model to succeed in your business. These models are robust, ideal for storing a large volume of beers. Check out what are the top 5 verticals time brewers!

Comparison Chart of Top Brewers Vertical

Brewing Vertical Color Light

2 brewing Vertical Doors

Complete your house with a wine cellar and Fridge

If you want to always have the best experience when making a wine, consider buying a wine cellar. Also, complete your home with a refrigerator, the appliance more practical for those who like a comfortable routine! Check out our articles on these appliances:

He feels like equip your home with a beer, right? If you are the owner or manager of a business also realized how important it is to have an adequate infrastructure to chill the beer. So choose between a small or vertical brewing in the most appropriate capacity, and make your purchase!

Here are the best brewers to put in the room or to freeze a lot of beer at the same time. Now that you know how to choose the best beer for your use of style, share with who you think you also need an urgently!