Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)

Top 10 Best brushes Trowels and Dryers in 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial and more)

We are every day less time to take care of the hair, is not it? Why buy wiper brush is a great choice! They arrived with the promise of smoothing or drying the hair quickly and conveniently: just use them as if combing the wires! Very easy!

Brands like Philco, Mondial and Italy developed excellent products that promise a more natural smooth! He was curious ?! Then check out our tips for choosing the ideal brush, and our selection of the top 10 wiper brushes and dryers on the market! Finally, see how to use the straightener brush!

What are Trowels Brushes?

Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)

The straightening brushes came up with a proposal a little different from Hair Straighteners (flat irons). They comb their hair as smooth instead of pressing the wires. So they give a more natural look to the hair, preventing hair is smooth with that dull, the flat iron.

Straightening brushes are electric and have bristles that can be hard or more flexible. They are classified into two types: smooth and brushes only those dry and also smooth the hair. There is still a third type of brush: rotating, which in addition to smoothing, also shape the wires.

If you want to know the rotary brushes, we have a whole damn article about them, check out the link below! Or stick around to find out how to choose your ideal wiper brush!

How to Choose the Best Brush Trowel

To choose the best straightener for you brush, you need to pay attention to some important points. The function of the brush, plate material, temperature controls and size, are among the features to be observed. Check out all of these tips below!

Choose Agreement brush type with your routine

As previously mentioned, the wiper brushes may also have to dry function. But this is not the only difference between them, there are other interesting features which also differ ace. Check out each one and see which suits you!

The brushes only smooth, are very similar to normal hair brushes because they have the same format. The difference is that they heat up. Its bristles are stiffer with thermal protection at the tips for a safe use on the scalp.

The temperature can reach 230 ° C in some models. The higher, the effect will be more intense, so models that reach high temperatures are indicated for difficult hair straightening. However, for curly hair, smooth effect is not the same as a flat iron.

Remember that these models can not be used with wet hair, so are more suitable for those who do not wash the wires every day or have time to dry them before modeling.

The straightening brushes and dryers are also indicated for all hair types, but have some different features of the model mentioned above. Starting with his board, which has small holes, for the exit of hot air blast or cold.

That is, you will not only combing the hair, but also the drying so, use on wet hair is allowed. Its bristles are more flexible, soft and also have protection at the tips, not to hurt the scalp.

The dryers brushes are super easy to use, compared to similar rotating brushes of the same function, which are complex for beginners. The big advantage of these is that you save time and energy, because the use of the dryer and other common brush is not necessary to ensure the smooth perfect!

In Trowels brushes, prefer ceramic plates or Tourmaline

The straightening brushes, as well as flat irons also have cards that transmit heat. Ideally, the plate is coated in a less aggressive stuff to your hair. Ceramic plates, for example, better distribute the heat by brush, slide smoothly and prevent further damage to the hair.

The tourmaline plates use less heat for smoothing, and seal the cuticles of the wires, leaving them with a healthy and shiny appearance. The material of the bristles can also be ceramic and will have the same benefits mentioned above.

The dryers brushes usually do not have cards, so do not worry about it if you prefer one of these models.

Make sure the brush has temperature controls for Greater Use with Caution

Experts suggest that the maximum temperature for smoothing the threads without damaging them and 180 ° C. However, there are brushes reaching up to 230 ° C. Even going against the professionals, remember that curly hair or very bulky, require higher temperatures to smooth quickly. Think of it to choose from, but use the product carefully.

Most models of wiper brushes have three buttons. They are responsible for the functions: on, off and control the temperature. Ideally, the brush also has an indicator LED panel temperature, it’ll be easy to maintain the correct temperature for your hair type!

In the case of dryers brushes it is usually not indicated the maximum temperature. In these models, make sure to select one having at least first and second hot cold temperatures.

To Avoid Unwanted Frizz, Prefer models with the technology of Negative Ions

Some models of wiper brushes and dryers have the ion emission technology. Negative ions seal the cuticles of the wires, prevent electrical elasticity and frizz and to maintain the smooth effect for longer. So, give preference to the devices that make use of this technology, so beneficial to health of wires!

Check the size and weight specifications for Greater Comfort in Use

The straightening brushes and dryers are super practical and light, unlike other products on the market, which end up tiring the arms of the user. The weight of these brushes is around 500 grams, is spending much of this amount ends up interfering in use. More compact 300 g models, great for carrying in the bag!

The height and width of the brushes will be different, depending on their type. Wiper brushes are thinner and have a width of 5 cm. Already dryers brushes, have 8 cm wide, because they need space for the air outlet. The two height will be between 20 and 35 cm.

The trick is to see these details and choose the smaller sizes, for use away from home! Another important detail is to observe that the cable (power plug) is 360 ° degrees, this ensures greater ease in handling.

Top 10 Best brushes Trowels

Now that you know how to choose your brush, it’s time to introduce amazing product suggestions. The ranking below is composed of wiper brushes, dryers, ceramic plate and technology of negative ions. Check out!

Comparison Chart of Top brushes Trowels

Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)
Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)
Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)
Top 10 Best Brushes Trowels And Dryers In 2020 (Gama, Britain, Mondial And More)

Brush Wiper Mondial Magic Brush

Power Nozzle Wiper Conair Diamond Brilliance

Soft Brush Brush Philco

Brush Salon Straightening Adhara Line

Brush Dryer Mondial Air Magic

Brush Wiper Range Italy Innova Mini

Wiper brush range Innova Nano Ceramic Ion

Wiper brush Shine Britain Modelle

Wiper brush Ion Liss

Brush Modelle Steam Vapor Emission

Using the Wiper brush?

To use the wiper brush, it is recommended to wash the hair and dry them well (if the brush is only straightener). After that, with the aid of a comb thicker teeth, back off the wires. Do this even if the brand promise total clearance of wires.

It is also very important to pass a thermal protector to protect your heat wires. Then turn the brush into the outlet, select the desired temperature and wait it warm. Please do not let on surfaces that may cause accidents, such as tissues and wet surfaces!

Divide the hair into strands and so the brush is at the ideal temperature, pass on the hair. The trick is to get quite close to root and go very slowly on the length of the strand, like a flat iron. If necessary, repeat the most last few times, but without overdoing it!

Model the wires as Want! See Our indications of tallies and dryers!

Nothing better than to be able to model the way the wires you want, is not it? Therefore, it is great to have on hand various types of modelers. As MyBest never let you down, we also selected the best flat irons, dryers and curling iron for you! Just click below and choose your.

The straightening brushes are even a revolution in women’s everyday! Perfect for the most consecutive days, or when we wake up with unruly hair. In this article you gave tips to find your ideal wiper brush! So, pay attention to all these recommendations to hit the purchase!

Enjoy and buy one of ranking products and have the dream plain perfect! If you liked this material, also share with friends!