Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

Top 10 Best Buy in 2020 for showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra and more)

Choosing the right electric shower is not an easy task. There are models with or without pressurizer, with different powers and different formats. The square showers, for example, are super modern and ended up becoming a trend. But to decide which one to buy shower in addition to the features of the handset, we must also examine the electrics and plumbing in your home.

So to help you in this difficult – but important – decision, we put together this guide to choosing the ideal shower and also set up a ranking of the top 10 electrical market tips showers. In it, you will find excellent models like the Acqua Duo, Lorenzetti and Optima, the Hydra, which even plays music! Check out, for it is a must!

How to Choose the Best Shower

The bath is one of the most relaxing times of the day, is not it? And for that moment is pleasant it is important to know how to choose the perfect shower. A wrong choice can result in baths with a bad temperature, low water pressure or even literally a cold water bath. Check out the following our tips and set in choosing!

First, Understand how Read Inmetro Seal

In the case of electric showers, reading the Inmetro seal must be of a somewhat different form. In addition, there are other very important information that can be found in this stamp. We detail below everything.

Unlike most electronic products, in the case of electric showers, the letters found in the Inmetro seal does not indicate the energy efficiency, but the power of the product in Watts (W). This rating ranges from A to G, with A being below 2400 W and G above 7900 W. Most showers have power between 5400 W and 7800 W, ie, are classified as D, E or F.

To choose the ideal power you need to consider the temperature you want for your baths. Despite having other factors that determine the shower capacity warm water, in general, the higher the power, the warmer may be their baths. However, major powers may also generate a greater energy expenditure, then you need to know how to choose!

According to Inmetro, showers with power up to 4600 W are recommended for warmer regions, such as northern Brazil. For areas of medium hot climates, such as the Northeast and Midwest, the ideal would be power between 4600 W and 6800 W. And in the south and southeast, it is recommended showers with power from 6800 W. Keep this in mind when choosing !

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

In the Inmetro seal you will also find the maximum and minimum capacities of elevated water temperature. This data provides information on how many degrees to the shower is able to raise the water temperature. This means that if the water reaches the shower 10 and its maximum lifting capacity is 30, the maximum temperature of your bath will be 40.

27 baths with temperature, the same as our body, are considered warm and hot 40th. More than 40, it may be too hot. So if you live in a warmer region where water is already reaching the shower with temperature above 15, a shower with maximum lifting capacity of 25 is enough.

Other information can be found at Inmetro seal is the consumption of kilowatt hours (kWh) estimated for a month of use of the device by taking 1 8 minute shower daily maximum and minimum powers. So, you can calculate the monthly consumption estimated for your family.

Check Installation Conditions Before Purchase

Before buying your shower is important to check that the electrical and hydraulic your home meet the manufacturer’s requirements for the installation of that device. See what is important to check, then.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

It is possible to find showers 110 V and 220V voltage. It is common, including that one device is sold in two voltage options. In addition, the devices 220V is possible to find models sold in two power options. Note that in general 220 V devices are more powerful than 110 V.

A shower on the wrong voltage may not work properly or even cause accidents, so check the local voltage of the shower installation. Even in a house where most of the outlets is 110V, it may be that the electrical installation of the shower is different so it is important to check with a voltmeter, or consult an electrician.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

In addition to the device voltage it is also important to check the minimum gauge in mm², of the electrical wiring, the amperage of the circuit breaker and the maximum distance that the apparatus must be breaker. This information generally can be found in the product manual and must be followed to the letter at installation time to avoid accidents.

The most recommended is that you hire an electrician to check the wiring of your home is compatible with the shower you want to buy. However, even if you prefer to do the installation yourself, be sure to check these three information and carefully read the installation manual.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

The pressure of the showers is measured in m.c.a (meter water column). In simple terms, each m.c.a is 1 meter high distance between the water level of the water tank and shower. This means that if your box is 10 meters above the shower, the water will reach the device with 10 M.C.A. pressure

Knowing the water pressure in your home, you need to check if it is right for the shower you want to buy it if it is different from the recommended product may break or simply not work. Storey houses, for example, may require changes in the hydraulic system to increase the pressure of the water that reaches the device.

The minimum and maximum pressure of each model can be found in the product manual and this range is usually between 1 and 40 M.C.A. Anyway, be sure to check this information to ensure proper functioning of the shower.

Check out the Features Influencing the Water Pressure

The water pressure is one of the most important features for a quality shower, but not every house has water with enough pressure for a comfortable bath. Therefore, we will indicate some features of showers that can help you increase that pressure, leaving your bathroom better.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 For Showers (Lorenzetti, Hydra And More)

The spreader size may influence in baths with higher or lower pressure. But above all, it is important to consider if you live at home or apartment. In the single-storey houses the pressure is usually low and high apartments, especially on the lower floors – this is because the distance between the shower and the water box.

Considering higher or lower water pressure in your shower, it’s time to choose the size of the spreader. If the water pressure is low, it is recommended to choose a lower spreader, to be able to release the water jet with more pressure. Spreaders under 13 cm are a good option.

If you live in an apartment and the water pressure is high. This is great because you can opt for a shower and ensure greater spreader baths that cover the whole body. But in this case, keep in mind that the higher the flow, the greater the consumption of water, which in addition to impact the pocket, impacts the environment!

If your home has little pressure, you can also opt for a shower with built-in pressurizer. The pressurizer works as a pump that gives more pressure. Another option are the showers with technology Press Plus Lorenzetti, who possess a technology that increases the pressure even without pressurizer.

Control temperature: The offer showers Electronic More Comfort and Economy

There are two types of temperature control systems: electronic and multitemperaturas. The multitemperaturas is that more traditional model, which has three or four temperature options that should be changed with the shower off.

These models may not be as practical and can also result in a greater expenditure of energy. This is because they are few temperature options, sometimes you need to choose a warmer option and control the temperature by increasing the flow of water, consuming more water and energy unnecessarily.

Electronic models have a more modern system, generally have a rod to control the temperature in the shower. In addition to offering more convenience and comfort, as the gradual change helps you find the ideal temperature, it is also more economical because they have several power levels that fit temperatures.

Shower hoses Manual Are More Versatile and Ideal For Children

Manual showers are present in most of the showers and are very practical in some cases. They can be used to wash more practical parts of the body such as the feet, or for quick showers when you do not want to wash your hair, for example. They can also be useful for cleaning the own bathroom.

But are especially important to bathe small children, because with the manual shower you more control and be able to prevent water or soap to flow into the eyes of the little ones. The handheld is also critical to fill the tub babies!

Top 10 Best Showers to Buy Online

Now that you know what you need to evaluate when buying a shower, check below the ranking of the top 10 products on the market. Here you can find the characteristics of each model, with advantages and disadvantages as well as the average prices at the best shops.

Comparison Leaderboard Showers

Advanced Turbo Electronics

Duo Shower Electronics

Polo shower Digital Hybrid

Have you chosen the perfect shower for your case? The correct choice of shower is very important for you to enjoy their baths with maximum comfort. In this text, we explain you everything you need to know before buying a shower and still have detailed information on 10 outstanding models on the market.

Share this text with your friends and help ensure that more people can make the best choice of the shower. And be sure to check other texts of our site, we are always developing guides for you to make the best shopping!