Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020

Top 10 Best Buy Sticks in 2020

For a good drummer the choice of the stick is one of the most important decisions to make. She has a very important role as it effectively sets will sound as your battery. There are several materials, sizes and types, then choose the best stick can be a difficult task. So apart in this article some tips to help you choose the ideal stick.

Brands like Promark, Vic Firth, Vater and Liverpool dominate the market and certainly deliver good quality products, but what is the best drumstick? In this article we answer this question and many others. also list the top 10 sticks to buy without leaving home. Check it out and give a real show for your next presentation!

How to Choose the Best Beater

To choose a good stick not just opt ​​for the product easier to find. You should take into account a number of important factors when making your decision as to how you usually play, the acoustics you want to get, etc. See our tips!

Be aware of the body material and the tip of the Wand

When choosing your stick it is essential to choose the right type of material, as this will influence quite the sound delivered by the instrument, as well as the appropriate type of use to him and his longevity. See more below.

Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020

If you’ve played drums for a while, you know ease some sticks have to bend or break during use. Thus, many choose to drummer denser woods and robust, and walnut wood (Hickory) most preferred.

However, there are many other quality woods that can replace it without leave to be desired, as the Jatoba, oak and maple (maple). Choose one of these sticks made of wood to ensure durability. If you’re new, rubberized paint on the base can go a long way in controlling the drumsticks.

Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020

It is also very important to decide what will be the end of his stick material – wood or nylon. Between these two there is no better or worse, actually dogosto depends on each drummer.

The wooden sticks are more traditional and provide a uniform, natural sound and is perfect for those looking for a clean sound. However, this type of tip wears out more easily, reducing the service life of the stick. Already with nylon tip they have great durability, but deliver a sound more open in the dishes and a good brightness, watch out to this when choosing.

Choose Agreement with the Wand Tip Wanted Acoustic

There are several types of drumstick tips and choosing the right will make all the difference in the sound that the instrument will deliver. Switch between the right tips for each style and touched you certainly notice the difference.

The sticks with ball nose are the most traditional. They are perfect for beginners, since regardless of which part of the tip set the instrument, the contact area will be the same and, therefore, the sound delivered will remain uniform.

Also known as tip “barrel”, these are great sticks to studio recordings or concerts in open places. With its larger contact area with the dish, the same type of tip allows a high volume, but without losing versatility, since the area of ​​the tip and sides is different.

This type of stick is similar to cylindrical, but has a finer tip, which ensures the user a lot of versatility to play the instrument, as able to precisely define the part that will hit the drum. Nevertheless, the user must take into account that this kind of maneuver can be difficult for beginners, so it’s recommended for experienced users.

If You Opt For Beginner Standard Size (5A)

Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020

Choosing the right size stick is an important decision and it is ideal to choose according to the size of your hand. Moreover, it is also important to consider what size will leave you more comfortable while performing maneuvers on drums.

The size classification of the sticks is made with letters and numbers, the most common being 7A, 5A, 5B and 2B, where the higher the number, the finer the stick. For starters we recommend the size 5A, which is well balanced. The models are very thin 7A and 2B, the thickest.

Top 10 Best Sticks Buy Online

Now that you know all that is important to consider to choose the right stick, you are ready to choose yours! For convenience, we set up a ranking of the top 10 models in the market. The following, then buy their drumsticks.

Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020
Top 10 Best Buy Sticks In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Drumsticks

Signature Chad Smith 5B

American Classic 2B Nylon

Tennessee Jatoba wood tip 7A

So, could decide to stick better for you?

The choice of the stick is something very personal and may take several years for you to choose the perfect for your use, but we hope that our article has been able to clarify some of your questions and helped him in any way in that first moment.

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