Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020

Top 10 Best Buy Tongs in 2020

The clamp is an accessory that can not miss the beauty kit of women. Although always get forgotten in the bottom of necessaire, when there is an unwanted by her that we use! Many men have also become adept at using this small object, which both helps to save the look. So let us help you choose a clamp precisely and does not hurt you!

From the material, to the type of edge, be it straight, thin or inclined, there are many peculiarities that you should know before you finalize your purchase. So we made a guide to facilitate your choice and also a ranking of the 10 best and most efficient tweezers. Our top 10 has the Tweezerman brand, NZX and the World, recognized for the quality of products. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Tweezers

If you choose tweezers carefully, it can last for years and be a great ally in time to eliminate the unwanted, but for this you must know clearly the role you want to play with it: remove the general, or make a design eyebrow need? Taking a few precautions will help you choose a quality tweezers!

Select Agreement tip Type with Application

Not to hurt and be able to remove the hair without pain, the forceps should suit your style and use your skills to handle it, so choose the type of tip that best matches your goals.

If you are those who like to outline his own brow, this is the best model, as the angle allows you to view which is by removing and thus facilitates to make a beautiful outlined. It is great to have at home and remove the medium and short, and how often have the thinnest tip is need to remove the hair from the root.

The straight tip tweezers are considered versatile therefore meet the usage needs of both novice who is to manage this object, and for those who are already accustomed to handling it. The straight tip is great for eliminating the medium and long and it is not sharp, so you hardly get hurt when using it.

For those who will buy a first clamp and is not sure how to handle the object, this may be your option. The rounded tips easily grasp the hair and avoid painful pinching. But they are not as accurate, are hardly chosen to make an eyebrow design actually are good for removing body hair in general.

This model should only be purchased by people experienced in handling the tweezers because, as they are very thin and sharp, you can get hurt when using them. They are great to remove the short, thick, difficult to leave. Some people opt for the thin tip to successfully eliminate ingrown hairs, since it is very precise.

Prefer Stainless Steel Tongs Having Precision and Durability

Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020

The material of the tweezers is one more feature that should be considered, since they are objects that can last many years. The stainless steel is the most widely used metal today and is the best choice, since it is resistant to rust and has excellent durability. This material will allow you to save the tweezers for many years without concern, as well as being easy to sanitize and sterilize.

Tweezers with cable At Least 8 cm, are easier to Handle

Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020

The cable size to serve as a support for your fingers is also very important when choosing the ideal tweezers. Usually the easiest tweezers to handle are those that have higher cords as well, you can support an extra finger, in addition to the two main, index and thumb, and therefore will have more precision to remove the hair.

Moreover, the closer the fingers are the tip of the forceps, the greater the chance of them block your vision. Therefore, we indicate calipers at least 8 cm, which will facilitate their work to remove by without them escape. At the same time, do not choose too large tongs, as these objects are often transported in necessaires.

Top 10 Best Tongs Buy Online

Now that you’ve met all these essential characteristics to buy tweezers is time to choose your. To help, we researched great options for you to acquire without fear of error. It’s time to say goodbye to unwanted hairs and leave the look even more beautiful! Choose your logo.

Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020
Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020
Top 10 Best Buy Tongs In 2020

Comparison Chart of Top Tweezers


Eyebrow tweezers with Golden Tips

Tweezers Professional Tip Double

Tweezers with LED Lighting

Point Tip Tweezer – Tweezer Ponta Fina

Rounded tip tweezers

Understand How to Use Tweezers No Feel Pain

So you can remove the hair without getting hurt, or pain, in addition to choosing the right tweezers, you should also follow some care with your skin. The first is to clean it well, because then the pores open and removal is easier. Another good possibility is to put a hot towel on the face, which also opens the pores and leaves the skin softer.

Perform these steps during and after the bath speeds up your routine and is effective. Then when handling the tweezers, the best thing to do is to grab the hair very close to the root and pull them towards growth, this will cause them to leave easily and you do not feel pain when removing them. With the other hand you can stretch the skin, so you do not run the risk of pinching.

When complete removal of hair, your skin will probably be sensitive, so it is interesting to cool it with a lotion and also pass a fresquinho moisturizer for her to recompose. This whole process also applies to other areas of the body. Take good care of your skin, from beginning to end, using the tweezers!

See How to Sanitize Your Tweezers After Each Use

It is essential to maintain its clean and sterile tweezers, with special attention to the tips that come in contact with skin, hair and even blood can come out with some hurt, unexpectedly. After each use you do with your tweezers, use an alcohol swab to clean the tips, very carefully.

If by chance your tweezers has been in contact with blood, you must put it in a container with boiling water and leave there for 5 minutes. Prior to dry it, clean the ends with cotton and alcohol. In this way, you prevent any infection is widespread. And remember: the ideal is that you have different calipers for the face and other areas of the body in general.

With these good tips, we are sure you will make a great choice when buying your tweezers! Although seem like an easy decision, you should pay attention to the material, cable length and especially the tip of the type, which is essential for you to remove their hair easily and painlessly.

Always take care when handling the tweezers and bump in the visual!