Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications in 2020

Having a calendar application is important not to forget anything. They serve both professional and personal commitments such as to make a market shopping list, organize the studies of matter, or share with the team the steps of a project.

Some of the most versatile calendar apps to organize the routine are the Google Calendar, Todoist and Any.Do, but they are not the only ones. Therefore, we selected the top 10 calendar applications and their key differentiators. But first, read on to find out how to choose the best for you.

How to Choose the Best Calendar Application

Regardless of how you use the calendar app, check some ways makes all the difference to choose one that meets your needs. Discover below which the application that offers the best features for your daily planning!

Choose App type Agenda that Best Meets Their Needs Planning

There are different formats of calendar applications, with advantages and features that offer various types of use. Find out if yours is the calendar, task list, or education.

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

The great advantage of using a calendar application to view calendar is all at once, including holidays, birthdays and important events. They are best if your schedule is full and includes commitments in the medium and long term, as in other formats it means long lists.

One of the most famous applications for this is Google Calendar, but you will also find others with an integrated calendar. In addition to this type of application, be aware that most of the time you can integrate your calendar app with the native calendar on your device.

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

The list format is practical, especially for tasks of everyday life, in short-term periods. You can use either to list pending tasks, such as to make a market list and home affairs. Ideally, you can create editable sub topics to change while working.

Another tip is that the cleaner the layout, the better. So the success of the calendar applications more simple and straightforward layout. If it is integrated with e-mail, you can even leave pending messages to answer in their task list.

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

One of the hardest parts of studying for a contest or keep materials on time is to organize the routine. But with a calendar app for studies is much easier. They separate the materials and you can program what will be studied in every day. Ideal for tracing study goals.

It also has the calendar applications with direct communication function with the school, and the family of the students can follow all the information in one place. Some have even internal chat to talk with officials of management and other sectors, and space receive photos of recent events.

To facilitate the organization, Choose an Application with Customization Options

One of the main advantages of a good calendar application, is its ease of organization. Especially if you have many commitments, it is interesting that he gives you the option to highlight important tasks, and that has multiple layouts to view the schedule.

Some calendar apps make life easier for users to give customization options as separate activities by color and different themes, thus differentiating subjects and deadlines. Besides giving motivation and make the appearance more enjoyable application also helps you organize better.

Apps prefer to Synchronize and Sharing Access to its Agenda Anywhere

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

Perhaps you’ve had the misfortune of losing your phone or reinstall an app and lose everything. This can also happen to your calendar application, if it does not have the synchronization tool and backup. This function is even more important for those who use the same book on multiple devices.

If you intend to use the calendar app to work, or share tasks with more people, check, before downloading, if he is able to share data externally. Some applications allow even multiple users to access the same account, which facilitates routine projects and activities.

Make sure You will have to Shopping Continue Using App

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications In 2020

Most calendar applications are free to download, however, offer a limited version and you should invest in premium plan to have access to all resources. Among the advantages of signing a plan are: unlimited notifications, more themes to customize and does not have ads.

There are also book apps that are free to download, but require hiring a monthly, semi-annual or annual plan after the test period. Whether will have to invest, before downloading, avoid surprises later this month, as some ask for the data of the same payment to access the free trial.

Discover If the Calendar Application Usage ads Snag

Although for many, the advertisements are just a detail, there are those who do not really view them on your phone. For this, there are applications 100% free, no ads display, such as Google and Microsoft. Another option is to buy the premium version, as already mentioned.

The trick is to always read user comments and thus confirm that the advertising appears on the screen all the time, or can not be closed before several seconds. Ads certain measure does not hinder and help keep the app, but they should not hinder the user experience.

Top 10 Best Calendar Applications

Now we’ve seen the criteria for choosing a good calendar app, invite you to discover the 10 best of category.

Comparison table of the Best Calendar Applications


Todoist – To Do List and Tasks

Daily, Organizer, Calendar Tasks and Calendar

Productive – Task List

Cozi Family Organizer

Also Have Control Over Your Expenses

In addition to routine appointments and tasks, another planning, or lack thereof, that takes away the sleep of many people are finances. It is not always easy to know how much comes in and how much goes out during the month and not pay attention to this information can generate a lot of headaches.

Therefore, there are applications to control expenditures that are a true digital wallet and help you manage the finances. To know the ideal spending app for you, we recommend you read the article MyBest with the top 10 options and tips on how to choose between them.

Now that you know the top 10 calendar applications and how to choose between them, it’s time to select one and start organizing your routine. We are sure it will be easier to comply with all the goals and not forget anything.

In addition to this calendar app article, the MyBest has the best indications of the various categories of products, including other types of application. Feel free to visit us whenever you want to choose the best for you.