Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof in 2020 (Sony, GoPro, CoolPix and more)

Is to record family holiday in the pool, professional dive or take pictures in the rain, the waterproof cameras are gaining ground with its high performance, image quality and practicality in function. Brands like GoPro, Dji, SJCAM and Sony cameras are arriving from 10 meters to 60 meters deep.

To choose the best model is to take into account the resolution of image and video if it is dust-proof and shock, has good stability, connectivity modes and some other criteria. To help you in choosing, as did a guide to choose the right camera and we list the top 10 cameras waterproof market. Check below!

How to Choose the Best Camera Waterproof

To be able to make pictures and record quality videos underwater, you need to consider performance, endurance, image resolution, stabilization and different functions. The following explains how each of these aspects will help you find the right model.

With or without Underwater Case? Select the depth that you want Shooting

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

There are models of cameras that do not require box sealed waterproof to dive and models that can be layered with it. For those who want practicality and less risk of damage if accidentally dropped in water, the option waterproof without tight casing is sufficient.

For those who want to make deep and do not mind dives in having to use without exception the waterproof case, opt for models that need it is ideal. Read the specifications of each model to avoid the risk of damage.

Set the depth limit and consider resistance against dust and Fall

To find the best camera waterproof is necessary to analyze the performance and endurance through the depth limit, it is dustproof, drop and shock. Better understand below.

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

Each model has a different threshold of depth. The deeper the camera receives more pressure and can be damaged, so the limit must be respected. There are models that allow from 10 meters to 60 meters deep, but with a limit of 10 meters you can already shoot in shallow pools and beach.

As for professional diving it is important to opt for models that can withstand 30 to 60 meters deep, because they have better performance and resistance. In general, only cameras with housing permit dives at that depth.

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

To operate safely in places with sand and earth, consider protection dustproof. This requires checking the IP, a label that classifies the degree of protection that the camera has against solid objects and liquids such as dust and water.

It is presented as IPXY where X represents the degree protection against dust and Y against water. The score ranges from 0 to 6 for dust and from 0 to 8 for water, 0 being unprotected and 6/8 with full protection. In short, choose a model with IP68.

Some models are described as waterproof, but actually support only splash that would be of 1 to 6. It is therefore important to choose the 8 with full protection for diving.

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

It is important to choose a model that is resistant to shoot with more comfort and confidence. Select models are proof drop of at least 1.5 meters and is resistant to shock to ensure their safety. But keep in mind that there is no guarantee that there will be damage if dropped, so be careful when handling.

Focus on Quality of Photos: Check resolution Zoom Lens aperture, focus and Stabilization

Not just the camera is waterproof and resistant, it needs to have quality picture and sound. With good resolution and the right type of zoom you will be able to be happy with the outcome of the photos and videos.

Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof In 2020 (Sony, Gopro, Coolpix And More)

Not to frustrate with blurred blurry photos and videos, choose models with high resolution picture and sound. To shoot, prefer at least 12 megapixels that will allow zoom and crop the image without losing quality. To record, choose full HD quality image that captures and audio with high sharpness in the details.

There are models on the market with more than 20 megapixels and recording in 4K quality above Full HD. The higher the resolution you will have more versatility to edit and print a photo. But keep in mind that the camera cost increases.

Handling a camera underwater is not an easy task. So use the zoom to zoom in and framing the picture is key. Although there are two types of zoom, optical and digital, the better the optical zoom. It works through a set of lenses inside approaching the image, ensuring more reality and less distortion.

Whereas the digital zoom process the image in an internal software, which simulates approach and loses some definition. To balance, there are cameras that work with both types.

To be more clear underwater images even with less light, pay attention to the opening of the camera lens. It is what controls the amount of light reaching the sensor and is identified as F / followed by a number. The lower the number, the greater the opening and more light is captured. Try to choose camera with f / 2.8.

Is to shoot the short or long distance, it is important to consider the focal length of the camera lens. Basically, it is she who determines the size of the field of view.

The lower the number, such as 11 mm, the greater the viewing angle. And the higher the number, such as 900 mm, the smaller the angle. Choose between 18 mm and 100 mm for shooting different angles.

To avoid blurry pictures cameras utilize optical and digital stabilization. The optical gyroscopes have sensors that detect and correct the vibrations mechanically, but jerky movements are not corrected effectively. Already the digital reset through the ISO and shutter speed, making photos more noise.

Cameras with optical stabilization are generally more expensive than digital. So who wants to invest in quality is worth the optical choose and who want to save it is digital.

Practicality has to function Wi-Fi, GPS and Button One Touch

To be able to configure the camera underwater with ease, choose a model with simple buttons that work with a touch and a good size. To have more convenience when sending files consider the models that come with Wi-Fi function. Other features to consider as GPS, Time-lapse and Voice Command.

Prefer Cameras Display to View the Photos and Videos Taken in Time

Some models waterproof are so compact that do not have space to have display. This makes you can not direct the camera view photos and videos that have just been recorded. However, some possible display with remote control and send files to your mobile phone, which already relieves the anxiety of waiting until a computer.

For those who want to view photos and videos at the time being recorded is ideal to choose camera display. Some models have touch screen that makes it very easy to make settings underwater.

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Top 10 Best Cameras Waterproof

Check now our ranking with the top 10 waterproof cameras found on the market according to the criteria listed above.

Table Comparison of Best Cameras Waterproof

Camera Camcorder Waterproof

Camera Camcorder Action Cam

White Digital Camera

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After reading our guide on how to choose the best camera waterproof, choose an option from our list of the best. Remember to analyze all criteria and not just one, so you will have a quality equipment, good performance, more durable and versatile!

Hopefully you amazing photos and videos with your camera and if you need more tips back to our website.