Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans to Buy in 2020

A ceiling fan is essential to promote greater well-being in your home or office, is not it? They are more economical, environmentally friendly and some have such beautiful designs that adorn to the environment. With so many style options, power and size, it is normal to be in doubt, but here you will learn how to choose without fear!

That’s because we prepared a full article on these small indispensable with everything you need to know to choose without frustrations, as well as a ranking of the 10 best in the market ceiling fans, with brands such as Arno, Spirit and Ventisol. Follow us, and know how to find the perfect ceiling fan for you!

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan

From now on, in an easy and uncomplicated language, you will understand all that is essential to choose the best ceiling fan. How to know which is more powerful? Is there an ideal size for my living room or bedroom? ceiling fan with remote control worth? Come together to answer all these questions!

Check If the fan size is agreement with Local Where Is Installed

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans To Buy In 2020

Before buying, check if the model dimensions usually classified by the diameter of the blades are suitable to the environment where size is installed. Ideally, the blades become at least half a meter away from walls. This is important to prevent accidents or malfunction.

Generally, the diameter of the helix varies between 90 and 140 cm, but nowadays there are fans with a diameter small enough to fit on even smaller rooms, thus ensuring adequate safety space with enough force to keep it cool.

For further ventilation, Opt apparatus with flow of 1.75 m³ / s or more

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans To Buy In 2020

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to produce wind your device is not in power, but in its Flow Index. The air flow is measured in cubic meters per second (m³ / s) and indicates how strong the ceiling fan can push the wind and the area size that can ventilate.

This information should be in the manual or in this Procel seal on product packaging. But it is worth mentioning that the lowest acceptable level of flow by Inmetro is 0.59 m³ / s minimum speed and 1.75 m³ / s at maximum speed. Therefore, for increased ventilation prefer models with 1.75 m³ / s or more!

For Local Large, Fans Prefer 3 Shovels

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans To Buy In 2020

The number of ceiling fan blades are attached directly to the device’s ability to distribute the ventilation to the environment. If you want your fan becomes more targeted, prefer the 2 blades devices. They are suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms up to 20 m².

Already the 3 blade fans promote better wind distribution throughout the environment and are more suitable for large premises or rectangular shape, which is necessary for the wind reaches every corner. Fans 4, 5 and 6 paddles to promote even distribution and are more decorative than practical effect.

More as rotation speeds, Greater Control Over Your Ventilation

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans To Buy In 2020

Most ceiling fans has three rotation speeds: low, medium and maximum very useful for you to leave the pleasant environment with independent ventilation of the day temperature. But some players, most expensive and modern, even offer up to 6 speed options, greatly increasing their control over ventilation.

Remote Control Brings Convenience and Features Extras to Your Fan

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans To Buy In 2020

The ceiling fan with remote control is a convenience option for those who want to regulate the light and ventilation without having to get up and go to the key installed on the wall. In addition, some fans with remote control provides extra features that will leave your smartest device.

The timer function, for example, allows you to program the automatic shutdown in a few hours, while the sleep mode decreases the unit’s speed. Both are useful especially if the fan is in the room, ensuring a more comfortable sleep, without the risk of waking up cold.

Other devices still bring a dimmer so you can adjust the speed to your liking, without getting stuck in the pre-set speed.

Compatible fans with LED lamps are more economical

In Brazil, the vast majority of ceiling fans come with a chandelier with nozzle for one or more lamps. Check if the chosen fan is compatible with LED lamps which are more economical and durable than the electronic white.

Many models are compatible with both types and some even comes with a built-in LED drive. Although most of the population still do not have much contact with this technology, LED drives save energy, last much (about 30,000 hours) and are easy to replace when they burn.

Prefer devices with the Procel Energy Efficiency

Before opting for a ceiling fan model, it is important to verify that it will not weigh on the electric bill. After all, during the summer the trend is that it is turned on for many hours.

To ensure no alarms account later this month, just check the energy rating of the device identified by Procel seal on the packaging, where A is the most economical and Those who demand more energy.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

Now meet our selection with the top 10 ceiling fans on the market. It was made considering important criteria such as flow, size, design, price and additional facilities such as remote control and extra functions. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Crystal Terral

Ceiling fan Arno Ultimate

Ceiling Fan Spirit 203 LED Crystal

Treviso Monaco Ceiling Fan

Solano Ceiling Fan Covers

Ceiling Fan Q900 Onix

Ventilador Hunter Orbit

Wind Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Aventador Stilo

Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Fenix ​​Premium

Learn How to Refresh the Home and Save Energy with Your Ceiling Fan

In addition to always check the energy rating label, there are simple steps you can take to not pass heat and still save on electricity bill at the end of the month. Check out our tips to get the most out of your fan:

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Now that you know all about ceiling fans, you can now choose a model with much more security! We suggest you choose one of the options of our ranking. Regardless of placement, all have quality and are able to make your day much cooler without headaches.

If you know someone who is looking for ceiling fans, share this article! Do not forget to consider your needs, the size of your environment and the most useful features for your day to day. We hope that the tips have contributed to a simpler purchase and uncomplicated!