Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)

Top 10 Best Cell ASUS in 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot and More)

With the large current supply of smartphones, it is often difficult to decide whether to continue with the same brand, if we change our brand and even which model to choose. One of the major manufacturers of mobile phones today is ASUS, with smartphones for all public and with various prices.

If you are already a fan or if you want to get to know this brand from Taiwan, here’s your chance. We did a ranking of the top 10 ASUS mobile phones and comparing models like the new Zenfone 6, ROG 2 and the great success of the brand, the Zenfone 3. Keep reading!

Three engineers working in the Acer (other giant technology), Taiwan, founded the ASUS to build plates and hardware. The quality was so high that soon began to provide these parts to companies such as LG, Sony, HP and Apple. With the success, they decided to manufacture other devices.

Cell ASUS were the first to come running to the top of Everest! All other brand failed with the altitude. Some smartphones were also taken to space and impressed the astronauts. So if you’re looking for reliable technology, ASUS has proven that it has left.

How to Choose the Best ASUS Mobile

Choosing a mobile phone is not easy, especially for a brand like ASUS, with so many models. Therefore, take into account the performance, the most striking features, the user experience and select the most important features for you. Learn more about all this below.

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or More Feature Superior Performance

ASUS uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, one of the most used in smartphones and tablets. The best and latest Qualcomm processors used in ASUS are the Snapdragon 855 and 855+, used in Zenfone 6 and the mobile gamer ROG Phone II. The better the processor, the better the performance!

The Snapdragon 430 and 435 processors are used in the most basic devices, but support video recording and Full HD screens. That is sufficient for most users. You will find the Snapdragon Snapdragon 450 to 625 in intermediate devices like the Zenfone Max Pro (M1).

There is also the SiP Snapdragon processor, which has a simpler manufacturing process and promises to reduce the cost of devices. As it is a different chip, can not be compared accurately with other Snapdragon, but know that it is an intermediate processor.

Several Apps open quickly with the Minimum 3 GB of RAM

Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)

The RAM is the temporary memory, which facilitates access to the information you need. She “tells the processor” what you want, such as opening an app or take a picture, and defines how many files, pages and applications you can open at the same time, beyond the speed that will run.

If you use basic functions such as internet and social networks, 3 GB of RAM are enough to have no problems. Less than that, you should spend anger with applications that begin to catch. Remember that with the advancement of technology in the short term you need 4 or 6 GB of RAM.

Prefer Smartphones ASUS with 32 GB of storage memory or More

Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)

For a mobile user base, 16 GB of internal memory is sufficient for many photos, files and applications. But who takes lots of photos and low videos and music for offline listening needs at least a cell of 32 GB to be able to spend some carefree time with the internal space.

Most ASUS smartphone model has 32 GB or 64 GB of internal memory, enough to store a lot. But those who want and can afford a little more, you will also find 128 GB, 256 GB and up to 512 GB. You can even to forget that the phone has a memory limit!

For a better experience on Games and Movies, Full HD screen with more than 6.2 ”

The first thing that draws our attention on a smartphone is the screen. Who just use the phone, only to social networks and links, and do not watch many videos, you will be well satisfied with the screens below 6.2 “ASUS, since even the screens of 5.5” brand offer good quality.

But who likes to play and loves to see shows and movies on your smartphone, you need Full HD + screens of 6.2 “(1080 x 2246) or larger, as the screens of 6.4″ of Zenfone 6, or 6.59 ” , available on the ROG Phone II. immersion in the picture and gaming experience will be much better.

Choose Phones with 4000 mAh batteries or More to Have More Autonomy

Even the batteries of 3000 mAh ASUS usually have a good time, enough to surf the internet for 17 hours or see up to 8 movies followed. But we know that the more battery a cell has, the better.! And the more powerful smartphone, more battery it consumes.

If you do a more intensive phone, you need a battery with more capacity to watch videos, surf or play. So, choose the battery 4000 mAh or higher. So you can work and play anywhere, and for longer without worrying about finding an outlet.

For photos Best, Double Rear Camera and Front Camera 8 MP or More

ASUS has only smartphones with cameras, double and triple. If you like to record all times, to save or post, look for a model with at least two rear cameras, which give more depth to the pictures, and 13 MP or more, for more image quality.

Triple camera offers more options for shooting, because each lens has its own characteristics, as powerful zoom and larger angles. The front camera is also very important for those who make stories, lives and selfies strip. Prefer a front camera with 8 MP or more if you love social networking!

The opening of the lens also influences the image quality. In camera phones, it can have the following openings: F2.4, F2.2, F2.0, F1.9, F1.8, F1.7 and F1.5. In general, the more the number, the more light can enter the lens and the pictures in dim lighting are much better.

Prefer the versions with Android Newest

ASUS uses the Android operating system from Google, which is now in version 10 and brings new features and enhancements. Nevertheless, some of the ASUS smartphones still use version 6.0, Marshmallow, and offer good performance for what they propose.

But if you want a cell to make the most of technology, choose the latest versions of the operating system, from Android 8.0, the Oreo. After all, the latest Android, smarter and modern it is, and can provide the best user experience.

Top 10 Best Cell ASUS

Comparison table of the Best Smartphones Asus

Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)
Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)
Top 10 Best Cell Asus In 2020 (Zenfone 5, Max Shot And More)

Zenfone Shot Plus 128 GB

Zenfone Max Shot 64 GB

Zenfone Max Pro M2 128 GB

Zenfone Live L2 32 GB

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Today you met the 10 best ASUS smartphones, its features and how to choose the best model for you. All ASUS mobile phones are great, but you may be looking for better processor, increased memory, the latest system or more cameras. It all depends on what you need!

Whichever model you choose, Zenfone 5 Zenfone 6, Zenfone Live, Zenfone Max Shot, Zenfone Max Plus, all have something in common: the beautiful design ASUS. You know someone who is also looking for a new mobile ASUS? Share this article and help your friends know more and more!