Top 10 Best Cereal Bars

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars to Buy in 2020

Widely used in diets or as snacks in more consecutive days, the cereal bars have become very popular and are easily found in supermarkets, convenience stores and even pharmacies. But to ensure that they are healthy, you need to pay attention to the ingredients used.

In addition, there are many types of cereal bars, as organic, diet or energy. To help you make the best purchase we explain in this article all the different types and the features you need to be careful, and also selected the top 10 market cereal bars. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Cereal Bar

As much as at first the cereal bars do not seem to have many differences between them in addition to the flavors, ingredients and properties can vary greatly! Also, know that depending on the composition they can to derail your diet? But calm that from now explain everything!

Choose agreement with Cereal Bar Type

Let’s start by separating the famous cereal bars found the most brands on the market: energy, organic, diet, light and vegan. Each has a specific feature and will better serve a kind of necessity. Check below!

energy cereal bars are usually easy to identify by their greatest amount of carbohydrates, which are responsible for providing energy to our body. Therefore, they are suitable for physical activities practitioners and also for those who need to replenish their energies on a busy day.

So that the body can absorb quickly carbohydrates, energy bars have low fiber content. Avoid versions with more than 35 g of carbohydrate and be sensitive to the amount of sugar in the composition. Still, it is not the best option if your focus is diet for weight loss.

The organic cereal bars generally tend to be more healthy for the body, since they greatly reduce or even eliminate chemical additives which are present in other types. It also comes to have a quantity of sodium to 50% lower, and more recommended for frequent use.

But of course, the taste is also important! Therefore, many organic bars are sweetened with honey, ensuring that the rod is tasty and healthy by the high concentration of potassium. Why not be so quick to digest, is not the type most recommended for physical activity practitioners.

Also called “zero”, the diet cereal bars are easily identified by the labels. Its main feature is you do not have sugar in its composition, and is thus a preferred option for diabetics who want to include the cereal bars in their day to day.

If your focus is already include cereal bars on a weight loss diet, the type diet is not the most suitable. This is because to compensate for the absence of sugar and keep a similar texture, the amount of fat tends to be higher. Therefore, attention to nutrition label before you buy!

Cereal bars are classified as light as have some of its ingredient composition reduced by 25%. So it is very important to pay special attention to the label, since depending on the ingredient which has been reduced, the rod may not be the best for you.

For example, rods with reducing carbohydrates are not the most suitable for athletes, while those with less fat can have more sugars and is not good for diabetics. That is to say light bars tend to have more sodium, not being the most recommended for a very frequent use.

The style of vegan life involves not only food, but also clothes and cosmetics that do not contain derivatives and not have been tested on animals. So a vegan cereal bar requires an even greater rigor with its ingredients.

Importantly vegan products are not necessarily 100% natural or organic, the main difference being the ability to contain synthetic ingredients which may not be very healthy. So much attention to labels before making your purchase!

Choose bars with Up to 240 mg of sodium and Preserve Your Health

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars To Buy In 2020

Contrary to what many think, sodium is an essential nutrient, helping to balance the amount of water in the body. Its scarcity also causes problems such as headaches and weakness pain. What is damaging is excess consumption. Therefore, it is best to choose bars with 240 mg of sodium.

To exaggerate the sodium can lead to fluid retention, which increases blood pressure, something especially complicated for those who are hypertensive. Moreover, the kidneys become overloaded and may have compromised its operation if it becomes frequent. So worth your careful to read the labels!

For a still more effective diet, Prefer bars with more fibers

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars To Buy In 2020

Fibers have many benefits, one of the nutrients that most deserve our attention when choosing which cereal bar buy. The main ones are the reductions in glucose levels, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk, the best bowel function, among others.

For those seeking weight loss, fibers also help in preventing obesity, slowing digestion and inhibiting appetite. Fall well at various times of the day, except as a source of energy for physical activity due to the slow absorption. Prefer bars with at least 3 g of fiber.

Check What Are The Main Ingredients

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars To Buy In 2020

To find out the quality of a cereal bar, it is essential to check which are the main ingredients of the product. And ANVISA, through Resolution RDC No. 259 of 2002 facilitated this for us determining that the ingredients are listed in descending order on food labels.

When the sugar or glucose syrup logo appear face in the list, it means that the ingredients are in greater proportion in the small bar, which can be harmful to health. To keep your always healthy and balanced diet, prefer products with quality ingredients and rich in nutrients in the top of the list.

For more Economics, Buy boxes with more units

If the idea is to consume cereal bars with a certain frequency, the ideal is to never let missing in stock, does not it? So it’s best to buy in boxes containing several units to save a lot of money!

Of course, the most common option is still buying cereal bars for units, such as are used in supermarkets and pharmacies. But as you’ll see in our ranking it is easy to find boxes with 12 or even 24 units at online stores.

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars

Now that you know the different types of cereal bars and for what purpose or need each is best suited, it’s time to check out the selection we have prepared with the top 10 market cereal bars. Check out!

Top 10 Best Cereal Bars To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Cereal Bars To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Cereal Bars

Sesame Seeds bar and Flaxseed Levitta

Barra Natural Coconut & Chia

GoPaleo bar Nuts Cashew + Chestnut of Brazil

Energy Canela Mooca bar

Organic Fruit Bars

Coco Nuts and 7 bar

Cereal bar Light Brownie

What is the Best Time of Day to consume the cereal bars?

As we have seen, cereal bars can contain different ingredients and serve different purposes. The organic fibers bars or more, for example, are more suitable between meals. Because they are digested more slowly, slow your appetite until you can make your next meal.

Already bars with carbohydrates simple type, such as found in energy bars, are absorbed quickly by the body. So they are given 1 hour before or after physical activity. Remember that cereal bars do not replace other foods, so keep a balanced diet.

Check Other Options to Diversify your diet!

There are other great sources of essential nutrients to your diet. Cereals, for example, greatly enrich your breakfast or afternoon snack. Already protein bars are great for athletes or people who can not consume enough protein on a daily basis. Learn more in our complete articles!

Now easier to differentiate the protein bars on the market, is not it? Consider what your main goal when making your choice and remember to always pay close attention to labels to check which ingredients are present and in what quantity.

cereal bars are very practical food take anywhere and consume in a few minutes, fitting well even in the race routines. Now just check one by one the ranking of products and choose yours! What are you waiting to give that strengthened in the diet?