Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Children in 2020

Give people, especially at as significant as Christmas, makes them feel cherished and special, as well as strengthen ties between family and friends. So maybe give children is as important as it cultivates them these feelings and approaches the parents.

This Christmas think fondly in the present that will give them. Can be toys, books or clothes, the important thing is to make them feel special! Below, we will explain how to choose good options. We’ll also show a ranking of the top 10 Christmas gifts for children. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Christmas Gifts for Children

Christmas is a special date for various reasons, among them the tradition to gather the whole family and exchanging gifts. If this Christmas you want to surprise your kids, nephews or children of friends, be sure to check below how to make the best choice of gift!

Choose Agreement gift type with Age Child

So that the child can enjoy all the benefits of this, it is important to choose one that is suitable specifically for their age. Below, we’ll show you the best options for each age group. Check out!

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

For children up to 2 years it is important to choose toys that stimulate the senses, language development and coordination. Toys wire fences, fitting, with textures and color are good options.

However, in this article we will not delve into this topic. The focus here will be gifts for children 3-12 years. If you are interested in knowing the best toys for younger children, the following items can help you:

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

At 3 years old children’s imagination is a thousand, as well as curiosity. At that point it is common that they want to imitate adults, does create accounts or impersonate objects. How about to gift them with costumes, dolls, teddy, puppets, dedoches or whiteboards to draw?

With four years the little ones are more independent, already they have more security for walking, running, catching, carrying, pushing, etc. So toys that allow movement in a slightly more complex than before are a good choice. For example, amarelinhas and houses.

Another skill that is already moving at this stage, mainly to five years is the logical reasoning ability and problem solving. Simple puzzles and memory games will be very useful, especially if they can play in groups, which will stimulate social interaction.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

This phase coincides with the early years of school hours when children already have well-developed cognitive skills. So a good idea is to gift them with educational toys. Thus, children can put into practice what they learn in class.

Friendships also become stronger, so another possibility is to opt for toys with missions or board games. As well as educational games, they will work and cognitive skills, as they are meant to be played in groups, strengthen the bonds of friendship and social interaction.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

In this phase must be prioritized board games with missions, strategic, those with clues or complex puzzles. They stimulate not only the reasoning and problem solving, but also concentration, focus, discipline, trading and resilience capacity.

But as we know, children need to move. So toys for use outside the home, such as balls and scooters, are other options. As motor skills are well developed can be a good time to take the training wheels of bicycles and replace the quad skates for inline version.

Treat with books, They Work Imagination

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Children In 2020

The books enchant small and can be inserted into their routines from an early age. After all, as well as toys, there are books with specific characteristics for each stage of development.

6-9 years action books, adventure and comics are good options. In this phase the children were studying, so it is cool also choose books with subjects such as mathematics, science and alphabet.

10 to 12 years: at this age children are interested in stories that encourage critical thinking and seeking to connect with characters and themes. Opt for books with historical facts, suspense or manga.

Clothes Can Be Good Options for Children Over 10 Years

clothing pieces are also options to give children at Christmas, especially if they have more than 10 years. At this age they already have a sense of style and personal taste. But it is important to always ask for the views of the child or choose to tennis that she is asking for months.

Tiaras, watches, caps and other items are also welcome and always make the head of the kids. But stay tuned to the size of the part and product quality. Clothes, for example, should be cotton to make them more comfortable and shoes need to have sturdy soles to prevent accidents.

Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Children 3 to 5 years

To choose the best gift for children between 3 and 5 years, opt for toys and books that stimulate the imagination, taking them to the fantasy world or everyday matters. Discover below the best options for this!

Comparison table of the best Christmas gifts for children of 3 to 5 years

Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Children Between 6:09 Years

The following will show the best Christmas gift options for children between 6 and 9 years. Remember that the ideal are toys that combine social interaction with school subjects or adventure books!

Table Comparison of Top Christmas Gifts for Children 6 to 9 years

Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Children from 10 Years

To brighten the Christmas of children over 10 years that such strategic games or books with endearing characters? Clothes and accessories are also good options, since at this stage they begin to choose their own parts!

Comparison table of the Best Christmas Gifts for Children 10-12 Years

Also Check Other Notes to Your Christmas

In addition to gifts for children, there are still a number of items that you can not leave out of your Christmas. The Christmas tree, for example, is essential. After all, that is where you put the gifts of the children. It also has the garlands and ornaments, all for your home get in the holiday mood.

Thinking about it, MyBest created a series of special articles focused this time of year. He was curious? So check them all below!

Christmas is special in itself, but the gifts are the “icing on the cake.” Let the children in the expectation that good and anxious to find out what Santa brought. These small kindnesses leave the Christmas even more special, full of memories that will last forever in the memories of children.

Above, we set up a very different list that caters to all tastes and pockets. You will surely find an item that will make Christmas the children, nephews or godchildren even more incredible. And remember: our article will be here for you to take your questions every time you give the kids, okay?