Top 10 Best Clay Masks

Top 10 Best clay masks to Buy in 2020

The clay is rich in mineral components such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, sodium and potassium. It has been used as a beauty item for centuries, so brands like BIOART, Vichy and Mineral Element invest in creating products that have it as a main ingredient.

Because they originate from different regions, each clay type has a function. But being green, white or yellow, all deliver benefits to the skin. With so many choices always comes up that doubt at the time of purchase, so we created a how to choose the ideal clay tab. We also did a ranking of the best clays. Be sure to check the powers of this “mud” miracle!

How to Choose the Best Clay Mask

In this section, we will explain the points to consider when buying the perfect clay for your skin. This is important because each skin needs different care. Check now how to choose the right type for you!

Powder or Creamy? Choose agreement with texture

Top 10 Best Clay Masks To Buy In 2020

You can opt for clay mask powder or creamy. If you opt for powdered clay you will need to prepare it for use. Simply mixing a liquid with a preferred clay powder. You can use water, serum, thermal water or floral water to make the mixture. The clay powder becomes a creamy liquid, as a mud, and you could spend the skin.

The creamy clay is more practical because it comes ready to use and in an ideal package. Just you take the right amount and apply on the skin for the indicated time. Generally, this type of mask is already enriched with another active ingredient. Some versions mix more than one type of clay.

Choose the clay Type

White, pink, yellow, black clay which the ideal? There are several types of clay in the market and each delivering different results. To make the best choice, it is important to understand the action of each of them. Check out below and decide it according to the needs of your skin.

Opt for shades with Natural Ingredients in Formula

In addition to the clay as main ingredient, many brands use other active ingredients to work beside her. Thus the effect of the mask is enhanced. The tea-tree, for example, has astringent action as well as the green clay. Copaiba oil can also supplement the action of this clay.

The ruby ​​powder stimulates the production of collagen and is a great match for the red clay. The essential oil of bitter orange works well with clay and ash is a good antioxidant. Already the coal, which promotes deep cleaning can be combined with black clay.

These are just examples and natural components that enhance the effects of a clay mask. So choose a mask with complementary natural ingredients ensure more benefits to your skin.

Take care with additives Excess in Composition

Top 10 Best Clay Masks To Buy In 2020

Clay is a natural product that alone would deliver many benefits to the skin. When the brand chooses to add more natural ingredients such as essential oils or mineral powders, your skin will have even more advantages. However take care of the excess synthetic ingredients in the formula. They are unnecessary and harmful.

The most common types of additives are preservatives, parabens, synthetic dyes and mineral oils. In this case, even if the clay is the main ingredient of the mask, the product will do well for your skin. Therefore, always read the complete description of the product at the time of purchase.

Be careful about Clays very Cockroaches

Top 10 Best Clay Masks To Buy In 2020

The clays have a very affordable price, however we often find some cheap extremante clays. If this happens, be wary! Despite being naturally more into account, the clay must go through a purification process that adds a little product. Unfortunately, not all, especially the cheaper, go through this step.

At the time of purchase it is important to look for clays known brands and, preferably, which are certified by companies like Ecocert and IBD. These certification assures you that the product has quality. If purchasing the powdered clay, refold the care and do not buy without provenance.

Top 10 Best clay masks to Buy Online

Next, we’ll show you the best clay masks available in the market. We select products based on clay quality. We also take into account the amount of natural ingredients that complement the formula! Check out!

Top 10 Best Clay Masks To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Clay Masks To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard Clay Masks

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Black clay with Collagen

There are many options, right? In addition to understanding what kind of clay will better meet the needs of our skin, there are many ingredients that accompany it. But with our tips will not be difficult to choose one that fits perfectly to your skin.

Choose one clay and has always skin clean, nourished and hydrated!