Top 10 Best Compact Post

Top 10 Best Compact Post to Buy in 2020

The compacts are excellent allies for a beautiful and lasting makeup, either party, or the basic day to day. But there are a number of compacts options, with different features and functions, so it is necessary to know the options to decide what the best product for each case.

Thinking to help you in this task, we have prepared some tips on how to choose the ideal compact and also created a ranking of the 10 best products. There you can find post brands Ruby Rose, Shiseido, Tracta and more! Check out our guide and get ready to rock next makeup!

Serving for the Powder Compact?

Top 10 Best Compact Post To Buy In 2020

The compact is a powder for finishing and fixing makeup, it serves to seal the base and make sure your make last longer. In addition, some compacts also decrease the brightness of the skin, is an excellent option for people with oily skin.

As the packaging of powders is super small, it is an item of your makeup that fits in every bag and can follow you everywhere. Do not delay, see our tips and choose your favorite in our ranking.

How to Choose the Best Compact Powder

To choose the ideal compact, we must be alert to various attributes. The following are tips to prepare and set in choosing your dust!

Select the Same Compact Powder Color Your Base

Top 10 Best Compact Post To Buy In 2020

To ensure a perfect makeup, the first step is to hit the choice of powder color and this color should be as similar as possible to the color of your skin and its base. Some brands offer a few color options, in these cases it may be more difficult to find the exact color of the skin, but there are also brands that offer up to 12 different shades, making this task easier.

If you have questions when buying their first brand powder, do tests on your skin to know what the ideal compact. This test should be done directly in the face by applying a considerable amount of product. To ensure the best choice test various shades next to each other and see which is best suited to your skin.

If your intention is to create points of light or make an outline on your makeup, although there own post for this, use the compact is also a good option. In that case, buy after one shade lighter to light and two shades darker to get around.

Matte effect is great for oily skins, it leaves the skin More Opaque

Top 10 Best Compact Post To Buy In 2020

Throughout the day, it is common that our skin produces sebum, leaving the face with a shiny appearance. The compacts in general already help to reduce this oils, giving a matt effect to the skin. However, products with matte effect is even more intense action in this regard.

Coverage prevents glare and ensures a uniform finish to the skin. It is the ideal powder for those who have oily skin, but want the makeup everyday. These powders can be applied to the entire face, but has a special effect on the more oily areas such as the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead).

Post Compact with Sun Protection Are More Practical

Ultraviolet rays are one of the greatest villains of the health of our skin. Exposure to these rays can cause wrinkles, dry skin, loss of collagen, spots and even skin cancer. Therefore, dermatologists recommend that sunscreen be used every day.

If you use makeup every day, you may end up leaving to pass the guard, lack practicality or even to avoid spoiling the visual. But the good news is that some companies develop the compacts with sunscreen function. It is a very practical option because you do not have to spend several products on the skin every day.

Also, instead of spending with the two products you have protection functions and makeup finish in one. Check the packaging the powder has this function and check the available protection factor. For day-to-day SPF 30 is enough. But remember: to ensure maximum protection, you should reapply the product every two hours.

Post prefer the non-comedogenic and Avoid Acnes

Top 10 Best Compact Post To Buy In 2020

The pimples and blackheads can cause quite bothersome for some people and make-up can be a great ally to hide the little marks left by acne. The problem is that some products end up clogging the pores and causing more acne. A real nightmare!

But do not be discouraged! Luckily, some compact brands offer non-comedogenic products, ie which does not clog the pores. In addition, there is also compacts made especially for the treatment and prevention of acne. Then, make sure the powder is non-comedogenic before purchase and avoid problems with acne!

Packaging Are More Practical Application in the Mirror

Top 10 Best Compact Post To Buy In 2020

Being with the always beautiful, unspoilt makeup is not an easy task throughout the day or night it is necessary to make some finishing touches. The compacts are great allies in this sense, just pass a smooth layer of powder when the skin starts to turn bright or when the makeup starts to come out.

But in the rush of everyday life, we can not always go to a toilet or use a mirror to make these touches. In such cases, the post who have mirrors in their packaging may be more practical to use. Just get them out of the bag and go. Consider your routine and assess whether this is an important feature for you!

Top 10 Best Compact Post to Buy Online

Now that you know how to choose the ideal compact, that it contributes to the ranking of the top 10 products on the market? In addition to the characteristics of these powders, we put the average price and shopping suggestions for you to buy your own!

Comparison Leaderboard Post Compact

To choose the ideal compact it is necessary to analyze different characteristics. Some post has sun protection function, others are indicated for skin with acne, some brands offer various colors and others have few options. To set in choosing the ideal powder is important to know the options and advantages of each model.

To help you in this decision we made this guide with tips on how to choose the ideal compact and made a ranking with the best products. We hope that the text has helped you and we wish you a great advantage of the product you choose!