Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

Top 10 Best Conditioners in 2020 (Pantene, Aussie and more)

Who does not want to have that commercial hair? Thus, besides the shampoo, you also need a good conditioner! So in this article we will explain everything you need to know to choose the best conditioner for your hair. And in the end we still using conditioner to leave your softer and shiny hair.

The Loreal brands, Pantene, Aussie and Dove are among the most sold of the moment, but there are several others as good as these. So, we set up a ranking of the best conditioner brands and links to the best online stores. It conditioner for dry hair, mixed, oily, and more! Read on and see!

You know why it’s important to use a conditioner?

Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

frequent washing, use of dryer and flat iron, pollution, chemical dyes and treatments !!! All these factors can dry and dehydrate the wires, and remove important nutrients for the health of your tresses. Over time, this damage will leaving hair increasingly opaque and brittle.

But do not worry! Regular use of a good conditioner can help you combat this damage! That’s because they contain substances that close the hair cuticles, retaining the nutrients and hydration. And may further contain vitamins, proteins and ingredients that reconstitute the wires, such as histidine, keratin and panthenol.

That is why it is so important to use a conditioner after shampoo when you wash your hair. And even more important is choosing the right product for you! Keep reading and find out how to choose the best conditioner!

How to Choose the Best Conditioner

The main function of conditioning is to seal the cuticles of the wires that were opened by the shampoo. The shampoo opens the cuticle for cleaning and if they are not closed hair is dried and the long-term frizz. But not only that! Discover below all you need to know to choose the ideal conditioner!

Consider Your Hair Type to Choose

In addition to closing the cuticles of the wires, the conditioner can also restore hydration, vitamins, proteins, and even oils. So it is important to choose the right product for oily, mixed or dry hair.

Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

Those who think that oily hair do not need conditioner! The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair to remove excess oil and dirt. Conditioners close these cuticles. With closed cuticles hair is soft and easy to disentangle.

A light finish is ideal for people who have thin, oily hair, and who want a hair more movement. So if you have oily hair, look for specific products to add volume and strengthen, with natural ingredients such as green tea or seaweed.

Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

Shampoos open the cuticles of the hair to remove the dirt, but also remove the oiliness of the scalp and wires. In the case of dry hair, scalp already produces little oil, then the conditioner needs to replenish what the shampoo took.

Choose conditioners with aloe vera, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or argan oil. Vegetable oils protect and moisturize the wires, repair the lost oils and reduce frizz. Moisturizing butters cocoa or shea are also great options.

If your hair is dried out or damaged, prefer conditioners with panthenol. It is a powerful moisturizer that also protects the wires from external aggressions. Many deep moisturizing conditioners combine panthenol with oils and butters.

Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

Mixed have oily hair roots and dry ends. The oils are produced by the scalp and down the wires with brushing and hair manipulation. In this type of hair, it is important to maintain clean and hydrated root tips.

Prefer moisturizing products on a daily basis and rebuilders when the tips are too parched. Also avoid applying the product in the roots. Focus on tips and the length of the wires.

Make sure your Strands Need Some Special Care

Conditioners have ingredients to moisturize and repair hair. So it is so important to choose the right product depending on the damage suffered by its wires, whether it is mild, moderate or intense. The following explains how to make this choice. Check out!

Top 10 Best Conditioners In 2020 (Pantene, Aussie And More)

When the hair loses moisture yarns are opaque and brittle, causing frizz feared. dry and frizzy hair damage suffered mild to moderate and need deep, concentrated moisturizing conditioners.

These conditioners have humectants substances repairing dehydration, and substances reconstructive closing the cuticles to prevent more water comes out of the wires. Look for moisturizing conditioners and ensure the end of dryness and frizz!

Even oily wires may become porous and dry when they are dyed. And dry suffer even more! The discoloration and staining cause moderate to intense damage. Conditioners with silicone are great in these cases. They form a film around the wire preventing loss of nutrients and protecting the heat and pollution.

Many conditioners for colored hair also contain histidine, keratin and panthenol, which are moisturizing and great rebuilders. Bet on conditioners for dyed or colored hair! So you are sure that the product has the best combination of ingredients that your wires need.

The hair can be dried out by heat and chemistry. People who have hair straightened, or has other chemical treatment, have wires that have suffered greater devastation that caused loss of nutrients.

In these cases of severe damage the conditioner, as well as closing the cuticles, must act in wire reconstruction. Bet on products with vitamins, protein and keratin. These substances nourish deeply and reconstitute the damaged part of the hair.

Some vitamins and protein you find in conditioners are soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin, biotin, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein, soy or corn protein and milk.

Men tend to produce more natural oils than women. But even they benefit from the use of a product that maintains hydration and seal the cuticles. Recommend conditioners “For Men”, specific to men, who tend to be lighter and cause refreshing sensations.

The children’s hair is thinner than that of adults, tends to hinder and break more. They need a different and special care. Brands like Johnson’s, Dove and Granado have children conditioners safe for sensitive skin of babies and children.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the rankings with the best conditioners, see the indications of MyBest partners: professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 5 Best Conditioners Popular to Buy Online

What’s up? He managed to find out what the ideal type of conditioner to your hair? Now you need to choose and buy the product! For convenience, we set up a ranking of the top 5 popular conditioners with links to the best shops. Check below!

Comparison Leaderboard Conditioners Popular

Conditioner Super Factor Nutrition 60

Conditioner Miracle 3 minutes Hydro-cautery

Extraordinary Oil Conditioner Nutrition

Anti-nodes Moisturizing Conditioner

Top 5 Best Conditioners for Professionals Buy Online

Professional conditioners are more expensive because they are more complete. They have in their formulas the best ingredients, which are more expensive to obtain, in different combinations of vitamins, proteins, moisturizing and rebuilders.

Comparison Leaderboard Conditioners Professionals

conditioner Densifique

Professionnel Absolut Repair Conditioner

Professionals Enrich Invigo conditioner Nutri

Color Endure Conditioner

Recovery conditioner

How to Use Conditioner Properly

Avoid using conditioner on the scalp. As it adheres to the hair surface, it will likely adhere to the scalp and will not go out with all the rinse. This residue can cause problems such as clogging of the pores and hair loss.

Pass the conditioner through the hair to the ends and spread it out on the wires. Massage to ensure the absorption of nutrients and other ingredients. Let stand only for the time determined by the packaging and rinse hair well to remove all the conditioner. Thus you ensure soft and healthy hair!

The choice of the conditioner right for you depends on the type of hair, the texture of the wires and the degree of damage they suffer. And a good conditioner only get the best results if used properly. So whenever you have questions, be sure to read our tips on how to choose and how to use best conditioner.

And ready! Now you understand better the ingredients of conditioners and what each one. You also gave our ranking and discovered what are the best products available in the market. Now just buy her and go to the bathroom!