Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

Top 10 Best Creatine in 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium and more)

Creatine is one of ergogenic supplements best suited for those who practice bodybuilding. After all, with its correct use it is possible to obtain both a strength improvement as a decrease in exhaustion during training. But is that all products on the market are effective?

To help you, we set up this article with how to choose the ideal creatine tips, as well as a ranking of the 10 best products of the market, including the best selling brands as Integralmedica, Midway and Probiotic. In the end, find out how to boost your results. Keep reading!

Know the Benefits of Creatine

Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

Creatine alone does all the work to increase lean body mass, its action in the body is totally indirect. So, it works only as a fuel, providing more energy to the muscles. Moreover, the human body produces in small amounts, through diet.

To consume it as a supplement, our body synthesizes a greater amount, providing improved performance during training. With this, you can not only increase the intensity of training, but also its strength, thus increasing their performance.

The result can be reflected in a higher gain muscle mass, energy expenditure and definition, both for beginners in the gym, as for veterans. However, for practitioners of sports that do not require the use of force in pesos, there is no need to use creatine.

How to Choose the Best Creatine

You may even think that creatine is all the same, but do not be fooled! The right choice will make all the difference both in its outcome, as in your pocket. Note that in addition to types, the amount of product in the package, as well as the form of consumption are decisive factors when choosing.

Prefer Creatine Monohydrate

Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

There are several types of creatine transiting the market, among which we can mention creatine ethyl ester, creatine serum or serum and creatine HCL or clorhidrato. Anyway, all they emerged with the alleged aim of increasing the effectiveness of classical creatine monohydrate.

Creatine monohydrate is the type most sold, used and recommended by athletes and nutritionists. And this story that one type is more effective than the other stood there in the past, because no study indicates greater effectiveness of these products on creatine monohydrate.

In the end, their hard-earned money goes away, since these other types of creatine, are much more expensive. So to make sure you’re getting a product with proven, always invest in creatine monohydrate.

You Can Also Opt for a model with better absorption

Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

The creatine monohydrate can be found in two other subtypes: micronized and alkaline. Of course, to have superior quality, they are a bit more expensive. Understand following best:

Both subtypes have the benefit of mitigating possible side effects that may arise, such as fluid retention and gastrointestinal discomfort. Anyway, even simple creatine monohydrate has great absorption and may be sufficient for you to achieve your results.

Make sure the product is in powder or capsules

Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

If you for example going to the gym straight from work, and prefer to take creatine close to training, or simply hate the feeling of taking something that has no taste, the capsules may be the best option for you. Just be sure that the material of the capsules may contain dyes.

The powder creatine has the best value for money. But check the specifications if the package comes with the dosing cup. Otherwise, you may end up wasting product, or even worse, not taking enough as it ends up being somewhat complicated to measure the right amount.

Remember to Check The product comes in packaging

Top 10 Best Creatine In 2020 (Integralmedica, Max Titanium And More)

In many cases, even if the amount in grams of the product is the same among the brands, some manufacturers indicate a smaller amount in the dosage of daily use, which adds as a positive point in time to put in the balance the cost-effective.

So stay tuned to the specifications indicated in the tables for each product of our ranking, and see what comes out most advantageous to you. To make it even easier, we have already left explicit in our estimated duration ranking of each product. Enjoy!

Prefer Goods of marks More Known by the General Public

Finally, it is yet another tip: do not venture in any brand that you see out there! Probiotic, EFX, Universal, Midway, Black Skull and Integralmedica, for example, are brands that have sold and highly-rated products by anyone who has ever used.

Generally, renowned products have a value a little higher, but this is due to the high product quality and proven effectiveness. Investing in an unknown product and lower cost, can cause consequences in the long term and make the cheap skirt expensive.

The Creapure® Ensures Purity Seal, but not without Avoid Products That Seal

Speaking of brands, to conduct a brief search on the internet for creatine to buy online, you probably have noticed the quote from the popular term Creapure® mainly on products from manufacturers Integralmedica, Universal Nutrition, Probiotic and Atlhetica Nutrition.

The Creapure® is a seal that proves the high level of purity of the creatine. Therefore, products with this seal are proven high quality. The problem is that, except for Universal Nutrition, products marketed in Brazil with this seal, you can pay up to twice the price.

If you have to invest, it is worth to choose products with this seal. However, many reputable brands on the market, including some of the mentioned in the previous section, do not have this stamp and yet their products provide an excellent result.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the 10 best creatine, see the indications of MyBest partners! Products are tested and approved by them, worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Creatine

Now we show you how to choose your creatine, here’s a selection of 10 creatines we recommend. Note that regardless of whether a national or foreign product, a variety of high quality products, being at its discretion choose what suits you.

Comparison table of the Best Creatine


Kre-alkalyn Creatina Alcalina

Creatina Alcalina Kre-Alkalyn

Creatine Creapure Evolution Series

Creatine Skull Black

Creatina Hardcore Reload

Proper Use of Creatine: How and When Should I Consume Supplement?

When it comes to creatine, not always buy the best product will guarantee you that you need up in your muscles. Consuming the correct way to supplement is essential! So now we know the answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Creatine Must Be Consumed Along with other foods?

Yes. To be taken more effectively to the muscles, it is essential to ingest creatine with a kind of fast-absorbing carbohydrate, such as gelatin, maltodextrin shakes, fruit or other types of sugars .When ingest creatine together with carbohydrates, is can optimize its absorption post-workout.

That’s because this time, the muscle fibers that will be worn, require more nutrients from the body, allowing carbohydrates to lead to your muscles more quickly while avoiding the waste substance in contact with the gastric juice.

2. What is the Best Time to Take Creatine? Before or After Training?

By ingesting creatine together with carbohydrates, you can optimize its absorption post-workout. That’s because this time, the muscle fibers that will be worn, require more nutrients from the body, allowing carbohydrates to lead to your muscles faster.

Note that this process is similar to that carbohydrates make proteins, as you may already know. Thus, it is very interesting mix creatine dosage to whey protein for example, associating still a healthy carbohydrate, such as fruit.

However, you are free to consume creatine time you want, because it is one of the only supplements that consumption of time does not interfere with expected results. See why below.

3. When possible note the action and the effects of Creatine in the Body?

Regardless of how quickly that creatine is absorbed, it does immediate effect because it acts gradually. In other words, it means that you only realize the benefits of supplementation, as it builds up in the body and it only happens after 20 to 30 days of consumption.

Therefore, daily consume creatine, even in the days of non-workout. Only in this way, you ensure that there will be no decrease in creatine levels in your body. And these days for example, you can include it in the breakfast meal where we Brazilians more usually consume carbohydrates.

4. What is the Right Dose of Creatine?

In general, creatine monohydrate has recommended intake of 3 g daily, there may be variations between the 2.5 g to 5 g, depending on the purity of the product of each manufacturer. Look consult a nutritionist doctor before consumption, that way you will consume proper dosage for you.

5. Does Creatine Really Evil Kidneys?

Finally, we need you to understand that creatine acts to retain some of the water from our body within the muscle. Thus, the muscle tissue keeps hydrated during exercise, providing you this way, greater resistance in practice as you read throughout this article.

Therefore, it is important that the low water consumption, taking or not taking creatine, not only can result in kidney problems, such as decrease your chances of having that monster pump in the muscles after training.

For a Full supplementation, See Our indications of Whey Protein and BCAA

If you want better results, it is important to consult a nutritionist and start regular consumption of other supplements in addition to creatine. The most common are whey protein and BCAA. To help you, we also elaborated ranking with the best products. See the links below!

Now, you already have all the information you needed, just choose your creatine and start training even heavier. Also, remember to keep a good diet not to hurt its results, including the consumption of complex carbohydrates in the proper pre-workout and protein in the post.

Oh, and do not forget, whenever you need to come back here and see all our tips and check our rankings, they can still be useful if you or a friend decide to upgrade in the next purchase of creatine. Good buy and good workout!

Writing: Leo Vonyazzi / Revision: Camila Ogawa