Top 10 Best Cushion Bases

Top 10 Best Cushion bases to Buy in 2020 (Eudora, the Apothecary and more)

Who uses net basis know that there are some setbacks: they can leak into the bag, making the most dirt, and it is not always possible to use the product to the end. But a Korean novelty promises to change this: cushion bases are increasingly popular for their convenience.

Brands such as The Apothecary, Who Said, Berenice? Eudora and bet on the format, which can still generate doubts. To help you choose, we have prepared a complete guide, as well as a ranking of the 10 best cushion the market bases. To know everything about this news, follow us!

Base Cushion Unites Net Base Finished with Convenience of Compact Case

Top 10 Best Cushion Bases To Buy In 2020 (Eudora, The Apothecary And More)

Creation of the Korean cosmetics industry, the base cushion has been winning the hearts of more and more women. Because it made it possible to charge the net basis, the most popular textures, much more practical and safe way, eliminating any risk of leakage and saving space in necessaire.

The invention is simple but ingenious: within a estojinho such as a compact is a kind of cushion – hence the name cushion – soaked with the product. A second plastic protection and a sponge silicone complete the case, which also comes with a mirror for touch-ups outside the home.

To use just open the case, take the sponge, open the second protection and press the sponge on the pad, which will only releasing the required amount of product. With so many advantages, some believe that this is the future of liquid foundations, and soon the glass and tubes will be obsolete. It will be?

How to Choose the Best Base Cushion

Choose the best cushion base can become an easier task when you know the most important points to consider. Now check out our tips and buy without fear of making mistakes!

Choose agreement with Your Skin Type

The first step is to determine which base is ideal for your skin type. The formulation of the product makes all the difference to ensure beautiful skin, well cared for and hold the make in the face any longer. Check out!

Top 10 Best Cushion Bases To Buy In 2020 (Eudora, The Apothecary And More)

If, like most of Brazil, you have oily skin or mixed, always choose bases classified as Oil Free. These products are oil free and help keep the oiliness of his face controlled. This tip is essential for maintaining the health of your skin.

For an ideal finish, matte effect bases help to disguise the brightness caused by excess oils and leave the skin with that sequinho aspect that we love. The matte effect bases are the most popular and the market, so it is very easy to find them.

Top 10 Best Cushion Bases To Buy In 2020 (Eudora, The Apothecary And More)

Who have dry skin know that the chance of the makeup will crease throughout the day is great. To prevent, invest in products with moisturizing and restorative formulations. This will ensure a skin with freshness and a makeup with better finish without accumulation in lines.

For those who have dry skin, it is best to choose a product that minimizes the opaque appearance, common in this type of skin. The tip is to invest in the bright glow of bases finish. They give a super natural glow with healthy skin and lush appearance.

Top 10 Best Cushion Bases To Buy In 2020 (Eudora, The Apothecary And More)

If you have sensitive skin and suffers from constant irritation and redness, make sure the base is hypoallergenic. These products are clinically tested to ensure they are safe for very reactive skin. Their formulations are more delicate and natural, no dyes or harsh preservatives such as parabens.

Choose a Coverage Agreement with effect Desire

Covering light, medium or high? This choice makes all the difference in the outcome of your makeup and should depend not only on the desired effect, but the characteristics of your skin. Here’s how to choose!

Top 10 Best Cushion Bases To Buy In 2020 (Eudora, The Apothecary And More)

If you have darker spots, like dark circles or redness, acne marks or freckles, and wants to standardize the skin, opt for a high average coverage. Liquid bases allow layered construction, and thus, from a median coverage, you can get the desired effect, dosing the quantity of product.

If you prefer a natural look and a base that only slightly uniforms skin tone to use on a daily basis, invest in lightweight roofing products. Thus, you get a beautiful skin effect without regret in look, minimizing imperfections discreetly.

To this end, prefer the natural finish bases staying in a middle ground between the matte and glow, and go well on all skin types. They are great for day to day when we want a product to standardize and give a more natural look to the face.

Prefer bases with Sun Protection

The sun protection is essential to protect us from the harmful effects of UVA / UVB rays, even if you do not pass the day exposed to the sun. So always give preference to bases that offer the benefit of sun protection. This will ensure protection also in the days to forget the protective home.

Experts indicate that an SPF 20 already makes all the difference in skin care, but many bases offer cushion factor 40 or higher. This is one of the great advantages of the format, to be more fluid, allows the addition of more powerful filters without interfering with the texture of the product.

Resistant bases Water and Sweat Maintains Makeup for more time

If you need to make sure in place throughout the day, prefer the bases resistant to water and sweat. They remain on the face for longer, being primarily intended for those who have oily skin and suffers from the base of the face fading because of excess sebum production.

Make sure the Chosen Brand offers Refills

If there’s one thing that most bases cushion available in the market have in common is the price: Format technology more expensive the product, which costs about 100 reais or more. So many brands invest in refills. It’s an interesting solution for those who like the format and plan to use it frequently.

If this is the case, make sure that the base chosen is refillable, or offers to refill option. Thus, if the product runs out, you can reuse the box, only changing the pack. The refill is cheaper and environmentally friendly, as it avoids the disposal of the case.

Non err on the basis of color, Learn to Identify Your undertone

If you often get insecure when choosing the ideal base color for you, the trick is to first identify your undertone. The bases are divided into neutral, warm and cool tones, and knowing what is yours, it is much easier not err in color. Complex thought? But know to figure out your undertone is very simple.

Look at the skin of his forearm. If your veins appear greenish, then your undertone is yellowish, or hot. If they are blue, their bases should be pink, or cold undertone. But if your veins are a mixture of the two colors, green and blue, then your undertone is neutral.

You saw how simple it is? Now that you know your undertone, just choose the color that is closest to your skin. Some base marks give a forcinha when choosing and identify your colors with W, or “warm” to warm tones, C, or “cold” for cold and N in neutral tones.

Top 10 Best Bases Cushion

Now meet our selection with the top 10 cushion the market bases. They were chosen considering important criteria, such as oil free moisturizer or formulation, finishing and sun protection.

Comparison Chart of Top Bases Cushion


Cushion Teint Idole Ultra Base

Base Cushion Capture Totale Dreamskin

Base Cushion Missha M Magic

Base Cushion Make B. Beauty

Base Cushion Skin Perfection

Base Cushion Flawless Skin

Any Cushion All Day Perfect

Base Cushion Miss Pink

Base Cushion Luisance

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Have you chosen your next cushion base? After this article we are sure you will want to try this novelty! Be sure to check the type best suited to your skin as well as the best finish! Check the presence of the sun and good shopping protector!

Consider the basis of our rankings, they were selected following important criteria. If you know anyone interested in experiencing the cushion bases, share this article and help others to make the best choices!