Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)

Top 10 Best Exchangers diapers in 2020 (Portable, American, and more)

When assembling the outfit, moms and dads have to think about many details, is not it? One of the most used accessories is the changing table, a practical object, which leaves the baby safe and allows parents to make diaper changing easier and hygienic manner.

Check out this article, material on tips, size, models and many other features that the perfect changer must have and make the right choice. Doing our ranking with the top 10 exchangers, brands like Batistela Baby, Baby & Me and Ella Baby.

Why Invest in a good changer?

Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)

As you know, the moment of changing diapers is not always quiet, so have good accessories organized routine helps parents. The exchanger is an essential item in the trousseau, since it is proper to perform the cleaning and ensures comfort for baby and convenience for a lot of parents.

Keep your small stable and secure is fundamental to conduct exchanges, so modern exchangers have the high side to help you with that. Moreover, with the handheld options, and even disposable, moms can feel safe even outside the home.

How to Choose the Best Exchanger

First, parents and the baby should feel comfortable with the object. For this to happen, evaluate the exchanger before buying. Material, size and design must meet both the needs of the family routine as suit the space available to perform the cleaning. Check out!

Choose the model best suited to your needs

Both indoors and in rides, the exchanger is an essential item to take care of the baby, so there are various models available in the market. To hit full on purchase and complete your outfit with quality, you should consider what is the most useful type and practical for your daily life.

The changing table is sold in different models, the most traditional is the right model, which has a fluffy foam good density. It is specially made to be supported on the dresser where moms prefer to swap the newborn babies, but it works well on any smooth surface.

This model is light and you can trade it in place easily, then gives to look after the small room in warmth in the room, or wherever you want. In addition, the traditional model is sold with drawings and super meigas colors that complement the charm of the outfit your baby.

The American model, also known as anatomical, is very similar to the traditional, but has the high side, which protect the baby if it turn or roll when changing diapers. With this feature, it is considered safer and comfortable for your little one.

As the child moves enough when changing diapers, the lateral high also help to stabilize the baby, thus facilitating the task of parents. This model packed with special care, is also available in many themes and colors, super charming and cute.

In addition to more conventional options, there is also support exchanger, designed to be embedded in the birthplace of railings, or even on the dresser. Support exchanger is heavier and less versatile, since it can not be placed in another room and should be fixed in one place.

Some mothers opt for support exchanger, because it is considered more durable and resistant. It combines perfectly with small rooms, as they help to optimize space. It is worth investing in this model, if you seek only one option for use at home.

The portable exchanger is a key investment for the baby’s layette. In general, this model can be found in disposable and washable options. Both are thin, compact and can be folded, so super practical to carry, carry the bag, or carry in baby stroller.

Who usually go out a lot with small, you can rely on portable exchangers to facilitate the activity outside the home, outings and trips. This model may have latches, handles and even turn into a pouch with space to carry all the necessary hygiene items.

Opt for Material More Comfortable for your Baby

Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)

The exchangers can not made of various materials, but as will be used regularly by the baby, choose a comfortable model that has soft foam filling. Portable exchangers usually have foam as are collapsible, but are usually made of soft fabrics.

The material of the tissues usually cotton and outside, the coating is typically made of plastic and its variations. These are good choices for the attachment, since the plastic is waterproof and easy to clean materials, so has good durability and strength.

Check if the changer has the Suitable size

Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)

Observe the exchanger size is super important to ensure that it is perfectly accommodate the available space, especially if the intention is to put it on top of a mobile, as the dresser. Remember to ensure stability is essential for the baby’s safety.

Typically, heat exchangers have different dimensions with length ranging between 65 and 85 cm and width 45 to 50 cm. Also, if you choose a changer with the high side, choose the highest. You find the size information in the description of the products.

Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers

With all models options, see our ranking with the top 10 exchangers for you to invest without fear. Remember that even with optimal quality, the most important is that you and your baby feel comfortable with the accessory, to consider it our tips on how to choose.

Comparison Leaderboard Exchangers

Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)
Top 10 Best Exchangers Diapers In 2020 (Portable, American, And More)

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Changing table and mattress Rosa Ursinha

American Stars Baby changer

Exchanger Chevron Pink diapers for baby Dresser

Diaper Board Laptop

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Exchanger American Anti Reflux

Consider Using Disposable Changing Away From Home

Portable exchangers can be disposable or washable, the choice depends on your routine. Disposable, lightweight and compact, often sold in larger quantities and are great for changing diapers away from home, since after the cleaning just throw them away.

Models that can be washed are great for transporting and super practical, but away from home is not always easy to find a place to properly clean the product and you can end up spending a whole day with a dirty changer in the baby bag. So it is worth investing in a disposable option!

Tips for Changing the Diaper baby with Ease

Change the baby’s diaper is a task you have to do several times a day, so share this moment with all of the family it is a great idea for mom not become overloaded. But beyond that, a good organization can make this simpler time, fast and quiet.

Before placing the small on the changing table, separate all the necessary items such as a diaper, the wet wipe, the ointment for diaper rash and also the outfit, so you will not fumble. After that, wait a little, since the baby can feel like doing a little pee.

Now, if your puppy is too busy, the best recommendation is to deliver to him a toy, preferably one that can play music, or send sounds. With this object, you’ll be able to calm your little one, which will be focused on another activity, working his visual and auditory perception.

Discover also the Best Disposable Diapers

Besides a good changer for your trousseau, disposable diapers are essential, as they will also follow your baby in the first months of life. If the purchase of the diaper is a challenge for you, read our article explaining all the details that deserve attention at the time of choice!

Make the best choices for the baby’s all parents want, is not it? Now you know how to choose one of the indispensable trousseau items, the exchanger. He will be part of the early years of his small, so their quality should be very good, as the product of our Top 10.

To be sure, review the material, size and model that best fits your routine and your little one, so do not miss it. If you know another mom full of questions, share our article and help ensure comfort and care for another baby.