Top 10 Best Executive Folders

Top 10 Best Executive Folders to Buy in 2020

The briefcases are more than a fashion accessory, they are very useful in routine professionals and students from different areas. Because in addition to transport their documents, they can still be used to store other belongings, such as notebook and office supplies.

Brands like Santino, Multilaser and Polo King to present various models market, such as envelope folders and briefcases, in male and female versions. Read on and check out tips to make your choice easier. See also the ranking of the top 10 briefcases!

How to Choose the Best Executive Portfolio

Choose the right briefcase for you, it is not a difficult task. Just check some details such as the type of pulp, the material, size and additional functions. And to further facilitate this, we have prepared some tips, check it out below!

Choose Model Based on your style and needs

To begin, choose the briefcase model that best suits your style: classic or casual. Do not forget to take into account their needs, that is, objects that need to take with you on a daily basis. Here are the two main types of briefcases!

Top 10 Best Executive Folders To Buy In 2020

Executive folders briefcase model, it is the most classic. They combine well with areas such as law, medicine and business in general. The bag can carry, in addition to documents, other objects such as the notebook. Enlist the aid of hand straps or shoulder, for easy transport.

Top 10 Best Executive Folders To Buy In 2020

Executive folders called “envelope” are smaller and lighter. Ideal for documents, they can count on support for objects, such as pens and calculator. They are excellent for students and professionals from financial areas. Despite its low cost, envelope folders do not have handles.

Check the Material Quality to Ensure Greater Durability

It is very important to take into consideration the material of the folder, regardless of the model. After all, you can find the models mentioned above, in various types of material. The genuine leather, for example, has high durability and elegance. In addition, it blends nicely with suits and social clothes.

The ecological synthetic leather, also called “PU” is an alternative to genuine leather. In addition to being eco-friendly, it also has a lower value. Already materials like canvas and polyester also offer good value for money and spending a hipper image, which matches students.

Finally, there are waterproof materials such as leather and nylon. They are an alternative for people who spend more time in the external environment, or walk to work, so the risk of getting wet in the rain.

Choose the Agreement of Folder Size with objects that Loads

Top 10 Best Executive Folders To Buy In 2020

When choosing the size of your folder, it is important to think carefully on everything you need to carry. The folder must have enough space for all objects, but it is ideal that it has an extra small space, so you do not get overwhelmed.

The envelope folder, 25 cm wide by 30 cm, behave documents without bending them. However, if you intend to carry a notebook, you need to check the dimensions of both products. Check the specifications of the folder and the exact size of your device (14 or 15 inches).

To favor the organization, Invest in models with multiple compartments

To facilitate your routine and better organize the distribution of belongings in the folder, it is interesting to have internal and external compartments. For this, opt for products containing a space for documents, another for notebook and also holders for pens, cell phone or calculators.

External pockets are also of great help to have quick access to small items such as keys and cell phone chargers. But if you care about the security of your belongings, choose Folder models with safety locks in the main lock.

Handles and Casters: Resources to Facilitate Transport

Top 10 Best Executive Folders To Buy In 2020

To avoid the discomfort of holding the folder with their bare hands, count handles shoulders. They are ideal for transporting folder on a daily basis, especially if you need to walk with her. And for even more comfort, ensure that the handle has a protective padded shoulders.

For those very business travelers, or often carry more weight in your briefcase executive, it is interesting to invest in models with wheels. These products resemble a board bag, but do not lose the style and sophistication of a briefcase.

Top 10 Best Executive Folders

Watching the tips listed above, it’s easy to select a new briefcase. And to help in this choice, we developed a ranking, with many folders. We take into account type, material, size and details. Check out!

Top 10 Best Executive Folders To Buy In 2020

Comparison Chart of Top Executive Folders

Executive Portfolio Leather Men

Executive folder pilot with Casters

Executive folder Waterproof Notebook

Executive Women folder Notebook

Business Notebook Portfolio

Briefcase Executive briefcase on Green Leather

Suitcase Nylon Notebook

Executive Alliance folder

Executive Envelope Folder

Executive Edge A4 folder

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The briefcases are beyond being just a fashion accessory. They carry objects of various sizes and make life easier for professionals and students. However, depending on their material and style, can fit better in certain professions.

In this article you gave important tips that make it easy to choose the time of purchase, as well as a ranking of excellent products. Did you like the content, or know people who would be interested in him? Then, share it!