Top 10 Best Fabric Pens

Top 10 Best Fabric pens to Buy in 2020

You may be experienced or novice in manual work, want to customize some clothes or need to identify some personal items. Anyway, this article is for you! Tissue pens have several functions and, here, we will help you to choose the one that best fits your needs!

In our rankings, you will find brands already known as Acrilex and Compactor and international, as Sakura. Divided between permanent and temporary pens, each provides a different experience. Check out the ranking we worked with the 10 best fabric pens to choose yours!

What is Possible Making with a fabric pen?

Top 10 Best Fabric Pens To Buy In 2020

fabric pens are varied. So before to show you how to choose and what the possibilities in the market, we want to show you what kind of things you can do with it. Marking of personal items, customizing clothes, large drawings or marking of embroidery? Choose your path!

If your thing is the design, you can use the pens to produce copyright prints on clothes or crafts. But the pens can also joke. Used by children, transform various tissues giving a personal touch, and turn keepsake for the future.

If you are still starting at the design or art works with embroidery, you can use them to mark the base of the final work to be done. But if your case is organization, you can use the pens to identify items such as school supplies for children, for example. Whether for whatever, see our tips and your choice!

How to Choose the Best Fabric Pen

Bearing in mind the various possibilities of use of the fabric pens, it is important to know the key features to consider when choosing yours. It will be essential to check the duration of application, thickness, type of paint, extra features. See more below!

Decide the length of Application: Permanent or Temporary

Depending on the aim of the fabric pen, you need a permanent marker, or that is resistant to washing and heat, or a temporary pen, which is erasable from some stimulus. This difference is crucial to the best outcome for your work.

The permanent pens are commonly used for craft work or customizing clothes. Works that aims to last longer with quality of the ink. They have a thicker thickness, marker type, may be used to fill and outline.

Temporary pens are more specific models, for people who work with sewing, embroidery or for those who prefer to draw a draft before use permanent pen. They have thinner and softer colors, thicknesses, and can be erased by heat, water or rubber.

Choose Paint Base: Water or Oil

Top 10 Best Fabric Pens To Buy In 2020

The fabric may come pens with water-based paints or oil. This difference affects both at the time of application as in the drawing or writing durability. The oil-based paints tend to be more accurate, not spreading when in contact with the tissue, and good durability.

Water-based paints are better for artwork, with more color possibilities and not easily fading. Although water-based, it is a type of ink resistant and can be washed without losing their application and quality.

Choose For Ponta thickness and formats More Suited to Job Type

For the production of a more complex design or for different uses of the pens, you will need types and thicknesses of different tips, enabling contours, making it easier to fill and assisting in the implementation of precision. You may see the possibilities when it comes to the tips of pens!

Top 10 Best Fabric Pens To Buy In 2020

As the paper pens or mechanical pencils, pens fabric also have different thicknesses and types of edges. The thicker is the pen, the better it will be for large drawings and fills. The smaller, the better for contours, written or details.

The thicknesses ranging mainly from 0.3 mm to 5 mm. Since then tipped pens with up to 1 mm thickness thinner considered. Means are between 1 mm and 4 mm, and most versatile models. And finally, pens have thicker than 4 mm thick.

Top 10 Best Fabric Pens To Buy In 2020

In thickness, the pens come in different types of tip. The erasable fabric pens come with tips similar to ballpoint pens. There are also tips with the cone-shaped, tapering its circumference, rectangular, such as a text or brush marker.

Each type will produce different drawings and written. The marker pen, for example, provide more than one trait thicker by placing the entire surface of the fabric, or finer, to draw with only one edge of the rectangle. Variety similar happens with the cone, but not with the ballpoint.

Look Know What Color Model Has Available!

Top 10 Best Fabric Pens To Buy In 2020

Being in the middle of a design and find that does not have the colors needed for its completion can be very frustrating. More complex designs may require a larger color palette, it helps to give detail, depths and make your project become more fun and unique.

When choosing the pen model you will buy, you will see that not everyone will have a wide range of colors. Be sure to check how many are available. So even if you do not buy all the colors at once, you know you can improve your design later.

Multifunctionality is a differential!

To further enhance your experience with the pens, you can look for a model that will give you more options for use. Thus, you can purchase a single product that makes you apply in different traits, producing drawings varied or varied surfaces.

Some models have a thicker edge on one side and a thinner another. There are also those of the erasable type that bring already built a rubber, dispensing water or iron. Yet is those applicable in addition to fabric, paper, plastic or ceramic, for example.

Top 7 Best Fabric Permanent Pens

Knowing, then, the top tips on how to choose the best fabric pen to work on crafts, customization of clothing or identifying personal items, we bring our ranking with the best fabric pens permanent type available on the market!

Comparison table of 7 Best Fabric Permanent Pens

Crayon for Fabric

Top 3 Best Pens Temporary Fabric

If your goal requires a pen that is temporary, that is, you can delete it after scratching, we bring the best options in the market. Be sure to check to see what your ideal model!

Comparison table of 3 Best Pens Fabric Temporary

Tissue Preparation for Application

Besides the choice of a good pen and that is according to your specific needs, care can be taken that the fabric receive and drawing or writing desired. Before applying, it is recommended that the fabric is washed and dried.

With the dry tissue, it is important to put it stretched on a solid surface such as a hardcover book, a piece of wood or board. Another indication is that the fabric is not folded so that ink does not pass to the other side and so that the surface does not become so soft.

For more accuracy, Some Possible Accessories

If you are still learning how to handle the fabric pen or draw, if your case is written and readable letter is not your thing, or if you will use the stylus to make the base of embroidery, some items may help trace the precision and detail of the drawings.

Mold drawings and rules with letters can help you in writing standardization and the accuracy of the design features. Use a decal can also help, either placing it behind the fabric on a light table as using carbon to transfer it directly to the part.

After reading our article, you may notice how the fabric pens are plural! If we can find many products on the market it is because they offer us a number of results of possibilities. Be the simple identification of items or more complex projects, you will find yours!

By giving our tips to make the right choice, setting your goal, the base ink, the thickness and type of pen tip, in addition to extra possibilities, and to analyze the models of our ranking, no doubt you will leave with many ideas customize clothes and venture into the craft!