Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses

Top 10 Best Foam mattresses to Buy in 2020

If you’re looking for the best foam mattress, it is likely to be confused with so many options. However, knowing how to choose the right mattress is essential. After all, either double or single, it will follow you for many years and a poor choice can bring many sleepless nights. The foam models D33 and D45 density are the most popular, but what is the best for you?

To help you in this choice, we did a complete guide, with several options of foams and technologies. In addition, we set up two incredible rankings with the top 10 market foam mattresses, with brands such as Castor, Gazin and Ortobom, among others. Check and sleep better!

How to Choose the Best Mattress Foam

now we present you the main factors that you should consider when choosing the best foam mattress for you. Here you will learn more about the types of foam currently available, the different technology options available and how to choose the mattress more suitable for your weight and height. Not to err in the choice, check our tips.

Choose Foam Type Thinking Price and Comfort

There are different types of foam that can be used in the manufacture of your mattress. So it is essential to know the characteristics of each one to get a mattress that meets your needs.

Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses To Buy In 2020

The most common in the mattress market, the polyurethane foam is also the cheapest, which does not mean it’s bad. Mattresses made with polyurethane foam offer different options of density and height should be chosen according to the user’s body type. At Inmetro’s website you can find a table that indicates the optimum density for each person, it is worth checking out.

The high-tech polyurethane foams emerged from the mixture of various materials, and generally, the mattresses are added in thin layers which interleave with pure polyurethane foams. Among the high-tech foams, the most common is the viscoelastic, also known as foam from NASA, because it was originally developed to coat the seats of rockets

Other very common types are gel foams, which arises from the addition of gel particles or foam to gel plates comfort layers in the mattress, the latex, and hypoallergenic. There is also the Memosense a result of mixing of latex foam and viscoelastic RH and a high resiliency foam.

All provide more comfort, better air circulation and deformation resistance. So if you can invest a little more, prefer mattresses that have layers of any of these types of foams.

Make sure the mattress Measures are Suitable your bed

Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses To Buy In 2020

When it comes to mattress size, the choices go far beyond a double mattress or single. This is because, in Brazil, the measures vary widely. Among the mattresses classified as double, for example, the width and length can vary greatly depending on the brand.

The same goes for single mattresses or so-called king and queen. Although there is a standard measure, many brands work with two or more models of the same nomenclature that may deviate a few centimeters in width or length.

Not to be thwarted, before buying check the exact size mattress that holds your bed, avoiding spaces between the support and the mattress, or that it is too big for the bed.

Check Capacity Supported by Person

Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses To Buy In 2020

A comfortable mattress is one that is prepared to support the weight of her body without deforming and remained intact enough to give a good support to a column. To purchase the most appropriate, take into account the weight and height, and check the maximum load in the manufacturer’s specifications. In the case of mattresses for couples, the measures of the heaviest spouse should be the parameter.

If your option is a polyurethane foam mattress, it is very important that you choose appropriate density to your body type. The higher the density, the greater the weight that the mattress supports maintaining its integrity. Since the high-tech foams, for its strength and elasticity, have a maximum capacity of supported weight, which ranges from 100 to 150 kg, ranging in each mattress.

Typically, the marks indicate the capacity supported by the mattress user. Check out this data and ensure your comfort and durability of your mattress.

Consider the advantages that you can Extras Technologies Bring

Currently there are some technologies that add extra benefits to your mattress. These benefits range from a softness even more thermal comfort and protection against fungi and mites. Meet these possibilities and invest in the best for you!

Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses To Buy In 2020

One of the novelties Popular foam mattresses is the bamboo fiber coating. Sustainable and anti-allergic, bamboo fiber keeps mites and fungi naturally far from your mattress.

In addition, fiber is able to absorb up to four times more moisture compared to other materials used in coating mattresses, preventing the body is sweating, relieving heat and promoting better air circulation on hot days.

Nowadays it is possible to give your foam mattress an extra layer of Macies and comfort. The PillowTop (in literal translation, “pillow top”) is a layer of foam overlying the mattress. This extra belt may be made of polyurethane foam sealed high quality latex or viscoelastic and may vary in thickness.

There are several names for different types of PillowTop as EuroPillow and PillowIn. In practice, the difference between them is only in the design and ways of sewing. They are a great option for those who want to enjoy the comfort of foam technology investing less, since they can also be found in mattresses common and even sold separately.

Top 10 Best Foam Mattresses To Buy In 2020

Essential for those suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis or asthma and very beneficial to any user, the fungicide treatments are present in most quality mattresses. They may have different classifications depending on the brand, but the result is the same.

These treatments prevent the proliferation of fungi, mites and bacteria responsible for worsening or emergence of allergies or respiratory diseases. For a product that will directly contact you for so many years, night after night, is indispensable.

Also called One Side, this system eliminates the worry of turning the mattress regularly to avoid deformation. They are designed to be used only on one side, which can be very interesting if you often forget to change the face of the mattress.

But beware: some mattresses In Turn still require you to rotate, changing the side of the feet and head to maintain a good uniformity and accommodation of the foam layers.

Make sure the mattress has Quality Certification Inmetro

After meeting all technologies and types of foam available in the market, you must be wondering how to make sure it is even taking home a mattress with all the specifications you have chosen. To follow confident in the quality of your mattress, purchase only those with Inmetro certification.

Since 2015, Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) analyzes the quality of the mattresses and authorizes their sale. Mattresses with Inmetro seal follow a series of regulations and manufacturing guidelines that make them safe and ensure that data presented to the consumer, such as density, foam and coating material, among others, they are real and within the quality standards required by organ.

Top 5 Best High foam mattresses Technology

Now we present our top 5 best technological market mattresses. They have special foams, more comfortable and resistant, as well as options with technological fabrics and even double pillowtops. To be easy to compare all the mattresses that we indicate are double plus keep an eye because many of these are available in various size options. Check out!

Comparison Leaderboard High foam mattresses Technology

High Latex Espuma HR 45 High Resilience

New Visco Watch Costas

Top 5 Best Foam mattresses to Buy Online

They are not technological, but by no means cease to be comfortable. We separate the top five foam mattresses for those seeking quality and cost-effective. Check out.

Comparison table of the Top Foam Mattresses

D33 Royal Health Foam Pillow Top Plus

Black White Air Double Face Espuma D33

Sleep Max Foam D45 Sealed

How to Increase Durability of your mattress foam

Experts indicate that your foam mattress should be changed every five years. Until then, a few simple care tips can help your mattress to maintain the integrity, providing relaxing nights of peaceful sleep. Check out:

Now that you know all about foam mattresses, you can choose with more security. Evaluate the advantages of each technology offered and which the foam more suitable for their weight and need for comfort and keep in mind that your foam mattress will be your companion sleep for many nights.

Be sure to follow our tips to care for your new mattress and rate our suggestions ranking: they make up the best options in the market. Hopefully this article has been helpful and we wish a great purchase!