Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body

Top 10 Best for Exfoliating Body to Buy in 2020

Make a good body scrub removes dead skin cells and provides softness to your skin. There are several brands on the market, such as Weleda, Granado and Shiseido and each offers body scrubs with different characteristics.

There exfoliating with beads of various sizes and they more or less hard, of various raw materials and with different results on the skin. There are so many options that it is very difficult to decide which the best. So below we explain how to choose the ideal body scrub and made a ranking of the best market products. At the end of the article, also check out the tips on how to use your scrub!

What is Exfoliation?

Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body To Buy In 2020

Body Scrub is a care treatment with the body that can be done at home and works by removing dead cells and leaving the skin smooth and soft. It is perfect for people who want to eliminate spots and acne or who want to enlighten and improve the texture of your skin.

Exfoliation also improves blood circulation, clears pores and combat excess oil. In addition, the scrub prepares the skin to receive moisture, so use a moisturizer right after powerful exfoliate your skin.

How to Choose the Best Exfoliating Body

Now that we know what is body scrub the next step to understand how to choose the best option to exfoliate your body. Here we show how to make this choice according to the characteristics of your skin, from the type and effect of exfoliating.

Start Choosing the type Exfoliating

Generally, body scrubs contain sugar and salt particles. There are also those with baking soda and scrubs that use only natural ingredients. Each ingredient is indicated for a particular body part and delivers a different result.

To learn how to make this choice the best way, let us first understand a little more about each of the ingredients, what their function and what your skin needs. Thus, it will be easier to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Salt scrub is recommended for people who are concerned with the softness of the elbows, knees and heels. This is because these areas are rich in keratin, which makes the skin tougher, and salt has the function of dissolving this keratin and soften skin. In addition, the massage done by the exfoliation promotes blood circulation and is perfect for tired and swollen feet.

As stated above, being regions with keratin, knees, elbows and ankles tend to stiffen, thus are less sensitive areas and there are no problems in using products with higher exfoliating particles.

This type of exfoliant is much lighter than those containing salt in the composition. Therefore, we recommend exfoliating based sugar for anyone who needs softness and smoothness, have delicate skin and wish to use the product all over the body.

The possibility of your skin suffer irritation after using the product with sugar is much lower compared to products with heavier ingredients. It also has the effect of softening the skin and deliver moisture, so it is perfect for those with dry skin.

Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body To Buy In 2020

The use of exfoliating with sodium bicarbonate in the composition is suitable for those who want deep cleaning and clearing of the pores. This type of exfoliating has high cleaning power and is also ideal for those with acne.

However, people with sensitive skin or dry skin should be careful with this type of exfoliant because they can cause dryness is used more often than recommended. Try to use only once a week if you have dry or sensitive skin, since those with oily skin can use up to twice.

The natural exfoliating generally have a clay-based, quartz crystals, rice bran or some other exfoliant ingredient with power, but natural. The natural ingredients are good for sensitive skin as it does not cause allergies or irritations.

Exfoliating beads these also tend to be smaller and more homogeneous, delivering a pleasant feeling to the user during and after use. However, be aware that your action may be less potent compared to the other versions.

Choose to Dry Skin Exfoliating Moisturizer with Power

Even if you have dry skin do not be afraid to exfoliate it, just take care to choose a product with moisturizing ingredients. This way, you will give your skin the benefits of exfoliation along with a deep hydration.

The main moisturizing ingredients included in body scrubs are vegetable oils such as jojoba oil and almond oil and shea butters, cocoa and cupuacu. Exfoliating with honey also tend to be more moisturizers.

Pay Attention to Product Fragrance

Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body To Buy In 2020

The body scrub also has a relaxing effect, so you can use it to do a massage. So choose the one product with your favorite perfume. It is also interesting to opt for scents that cause sensations you need at any given time.

Musk and lavender are smells that provide greater relaxation, as cinnamon offers sense of vitality. But you can also opt for the more exotic pepper that have in the composition, such as the Eastern or Asian spicy aroma.

For Each Use There is a package Ideal

Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body To Buy In 2020

Usually scrubs come in tubes or pots. Each type of packaging meets different needs. The exfoliating tube are for those who want practicality. Normally the product that comes in this type of packaging is lighter and has good spreadability. In addition, because it is closed, there is no risk of water entering the container.

Versions in pots are suitable for when you will use enough product to exfoliate once various body parts such as thighs, back and hips. To prevent the product pot quickly deteriorate it is advisable to use a spatula to remove the exfoliant instead of using hands.

Top 10 Best for Exfoliating Body to Buy Online

From now on we will show you the best options to exfoliate your body. This selection was based on the results the products deliver and ingredients that are in its composition. Now check out the best options for your skin!

Top 10 Best For Exfoliating Body To Buy In 2020

Exfoliating best for the Body

Body Scrub – Fondant Body Scrub

Esfoliante Corporal Paris Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel

Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating

Exfoliating Creamy Birch For the Bathroom

Butter Body Exfoliating Pracaxi and Andiroba

Lotion Body Scrub Basil-Lemon

Exfoliating Body of Brazil nuts

Exfoliating Body Calendula

Salt Body Scrub Lavender and Olive Pharmacy

Papaya Body Scrub

The scrub can be made in the bathroom after wash and clean the body. Let the surface of the skin moist and apply exfoliating, massaging gently in circular motions. Do not rub too hard not to hurt your skin.

It is important not to rub the scrub in inflamed areas or acne. Also exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. Never more than that, you can irritate your skin. After exfoliate choose a moisturizer or body butter and powerful, your skin will be ready to receive all this hydration.

If you want to indications moisturizers, check out the selection we made the 10 best body moisturizers market. Click in the link below.

There are several types of exfoliating, is not it? Therefore, at the time of purchase it is important to research about the product. With our tips you are sure to make a good choice and be able to identify what your skin needs. Do not forget to moisten the skin to exfoliate before not to let her angry, okay? Also do not overdo the amount of scrubs at most twice a week.

skin clean, spotless, with controlled and freshness oils are just some of the benefits that an exfoliant can provide to you! Buy your logo and enjoy!