Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets to Buy Online in 2020

A good headset provides greater immersion, involvement and performance in different games, so it is an essential accessory for every gamer setup. There are many gamer headset renowned brands in the market. Headsets of HyperX, Razer, SteelSeries and Corsair, for example, are world famous, but there are other options that are also interesting for the players of different levels.

In addition to the evaluation of the sound capabilities, it is important to choose the best gamer headset for your style of play, so, we explain some important aspects that must be observed. Thus, it will be much easier to choose one among the 10 that indicated gamer headsets to buy online! Check out!

How to Choose the Best Gamer Headset

The more advanced the player, the higher its technical requirement, so the details of the headset’s sound capabilities are very important for the most committed players. As for most players hobbyists, beginners or not, other things are valuable and even more important than the sound capabilities.

We list some parameters that help all players, from beginners to advanced, to choose the best gamer headset model for your use.

Make sure the connector is compatible with Your Device

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets To Buy Online In 2020

Use more common headset gamer is on PCs and notebooks, but many also use on consoles (PS4, Xbox and Nintendo, and some require adapters), Smartphones and Tablets due to the ease of communication by the integrated microphone and better ambiance during matches in different styles of games.

It is important to know the available connections and compatibility formats to avoid buying a headset that will not connect to your device:

Mobility has more Using Wireless Headsets

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets To Buy Online In 2020

To minimize to zero the risk of delays in the sound, many gamers end up avoiding wireless headsets. However, wireless models of the best brands provide complete sync with the game, without fail. The mobility offered by wireless (wireless) is a valuable benefit in many situations, especially for those who play on consoles or mobile, where a thread can be inconvenient.

However, it is very important to check the compatibility before purchase. This is because, often, the wireless connection is achieved through a USB adapter, which must be plugged into the device to communicate with the headset.

Prefer Microphones Noise Canceller

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets To Buy Online In 2020

For those who like to communicate during the game, either for fun or for strategic cooperation, a microphone can be critical. If you limit the keyboard to communicate during the game can make you lose valuable time and take you to defeat!

So, when choosing your headset, it serves also to the quality of the microphone. It needs to provide clarity and a good volume of voice. Headsets with integrated microphone that have noise attenuators or cancellers are the most profitable for a better transmission of voice.

For Greater Immersion Prefer Headsets Surround

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets To Buy Online In 2020

The stereo headset features two speakers, left and right, as the surround model has or provides a feeling of multi-channel speakers (5 or 7 in total). The surround models have gained popularity a few years ago, for providing greater spatiality of sound, but in many headsets the effect is virtual, the emulation of multi-channel.

Some models defined as 7.1 and 5.1 surround combine attributes that provide excellent sound experience as they allow the player to identify with precision the direction, depth and origin of sounds, so they are more expensive than the stereo models.

Still, a stereo headset can offer comfort and perfect sound level of depth to many people, including in terms of immersion and involvement. So it should be borne in mind that buying a more expensive equipment, just the name of the sound technology, may not be the best option.

To Avoid Distractions Prefer Closed Headsets

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets To Buy Online In 2020

The only difference between open and closed headsets is the shell, it can be closed, blocking the passage of sound, or open. In closed headsets, the sound reverberates inside the shell, so it is common to many distortions. Already in models with open design, such as sound waves beyond the shells, the sound tends to be cleaner, natural and obviously with little distortion.

However, still, the closed design is preferred by professional players. Because it has a high sound insulation, allowing the player to focus on every detail of the game, even in noisy environments competition. Not to mention that the best closed headsets are already built to minimize sound distortion possible.

Open models have little or no soundproofing. So, you can hear almost everything that happens around, and people nearby can hear the audio from your game. This can make it difficult to concentrate and thus the immersion. So the ideal is to opt for closed models, with the only exception that closed headsets can tire the ears more easily.

For More Comfort, Check the Materials and Models Prefer Less than 400 g

comfortable gamer headsets are those light, fluffy and offering a gentle pressure on the head. Players who stay long hours with the headset, need comfortable accessories, including for health reasons. In such cases, the ideal is to opt for headsets under 400 g. In addition, adjustable stems and fluffy pillows can make all the difference!

A tip for those bothered by heat and sweat in the ear during the game is to choose fabric with coated pads. They transmit less heat than leather or courino (synthetic leather). The only disadvantage of fabric pads, is that its sound insulation is slightly worse than that of the coated leather or courino. But it is not something that will bother most players.

Top 10 Best Gamer Headsets to Buy Online in 2018

Once you know the main characteristics of a good headset gamer will be easy to decide which is best for you! Below we list the best options on the market. Check and find the model that fits perfectly on your needs.

Comparison table of Best Gamer Headsets

G933 Artemis Spectrum

Choosing the best headset gamer to choose their setup is not a simple task, right? I hope that has become easier after all those listed tips and our Top 10. Surely you will find an option that fits your needs and budget game!