Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)

Top 10 Best JBL Speaker in 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip and more)

Buy an original JBL box is an investment that is worth it. The sound quality of the boxes are guaranteed by the label “Signature Sound JBL”. However, despite this assurance, it is important to focus on what you want in relation to sound, portability, battery life, etc., before choosing your ideal JBL box.

Here you will find a guide to choosing the right JBL box for you. In addition, we developed a ranking of the top 10 boxes of JBL. There you will find the most famous models of the brand as the Boombox, Charge and Flip. Check out!

Why Buying a Cash JBL?

The JBL boxes are recognized for their sound quality and construction. They are modern and models that meet the needs of those who want to listen to music with good sound quality and without having to hold the large and heavy appliances.

JBL offers boxes of various kinds, from the most portable to home theaters with powerful sound! But in the end, which all prefer are portable models, which are easy to carry and have a sound output of high quality. So it is in them that we will focus!

How to Choose the Best Speaker JBL

Buy a JBL Box is not cheap if you compare to other boxes in the market. So, remember to focus on important details such as the ideal model for the location in which you will use, power, battery life, it is waterproof, among other things we will detail better now.

Meet the Top Boxes Lines JBL

Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)

There are several types of JBL boxes, as we talked about earlier, so now check out a little of what each can offer to you and your way of listening to music.

Wow!! There are many options, right? Surely one best fits your needs.

Decide the Agreement of Sound Power with Place Where You Will Use Cash

Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)

To decide the ideal box to an environment, many variables must be considered: the place has right foot high? It’s big? Will there be many people? Furniture? Up curtains should be considered! The idea is a sound environment or loud music? The more confirmed factors, the greater the power required.

For a room up to 50 m², consider a box of at least 10W. For smaller environments, you do not need more than 5W and 6W. Remembering to consider the amount of people, and if you want everyone to listen or is a sound system, decreasing or increasing the power according to the variables.

How Long Will Use Direct Cash? Check the Battery Life!

Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)

It is important to think about how long you will need to your box to work before needing to recharge it. You want to use your JBL for many hours straight? With sound high or low? The JBL boxes have long-lasting batteries, but remember that not always what is in the package is exactly how long it will last, but an average.

It varies according to the volume that you will use, it will make calls or use other applications. The Go model, most basic, lasts about five hours while the Charge, which is more powerful, lasts about 20 hours! But the Wind, to bikes, has battery up to 10 hours. Assess your need!

JBL also indicates how long the battery takes to load, if you does not like to wait, it’s good to check this information too!

Listen Go Near Pool? Buy a Waterproof

If you want a box for music on pool parties, in the bath or on the beach without worrying about spills, sand or even with a possible fall in the water, the JBL are ideal because all have at least resistance to splash . The resistance level is indicated by the IP acronym for “Ingress Protection” or “Input Protection”.

JBL have ratings ranging from IPX5, which supports water jets, light rain, IPX7, which are more resistant support dives of up to one meter for 30 seconds. Models with IP45, resistentem to at least 1 mm of solid and water jets in general.

Want to know more about the speakers waterproof? Do not worry, MyBest selected the 10 best in the market and still separated amazing tips on how to choose yours. Click the link below and check out models of JBL and other brands as well.

Be Aware of Your Entries that JBL has: USB, Bluetooh connection, SD card are great choices

Again, always attend to your needs! Every portable JBL box has connection for Bluetooth and 3.5 mm cable, after all, if the Bluetooth connection is not available, you can still use your quietly box to connect to a phone, tablet or even on a Smart TV.

On the other hand, some boxes have the most advantages, which can be even better, as the Wind, which is the only model so far that can read Micro SD card, and Xtreme and Charge, which besides being super powerful in terms sound and battery can also charge your phone via USB.

Meet Features Extras your JBL may have

Besides the basic functions that all JBL has, some of them come with extra features that can be very useful and interesting according to your need. One is the JBL Connect, which is an app that allows you to connect several JBL each other, to have a more powerful sound at once.

In addition, there is also the Social Mode, which allows you to connect up to 3 mobile phones simultaneously, so everyone can choose songs. Speaking of socializing, the JBL Speakers also has Speakerphone, because they have microphone and let you use them to make calls and talk on the box itself.

You can also have the Charge function, with which you can charge up to two smartphones with battery box, via USB. And finally, the Party Boost, you connect two speakers JBL and they use the two speakers to generate a stereo sound of higher quality.

Top 10 Best Speakers JBL

Now that you know how to choose the perfect JBL Speaker for your needs, you can choose yours! We separate the best boxes available in the market. Recalling that the “connection” session, we are talking about connections plus Bluetooth and auxiliary cable, which comes in all JBL boxes.

Comparison table of the Best Speakers JBL

Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)
Top 10 Best Jbl Speaker In 2020 (Boombox, Charge, Flip And More)

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Want a powerful speaker, but can not spend a lot? No problem! Click the link below and check out the best Bluetooth speakers that cost under $ 150! You can not lose.

JBL has quality speakers and all costs. If you want a for listening to music at home, in the bath or even a quiet meeting, there is a perfect model for you! If you want a box to listen to music with the guys, throw parties and adventure, there is also the model for you!

It is important to pay attention to details such as the type of connections that offer speakers, as well as details as seal waterproof, that will ensure you greater security. Do not forget to find out extra functions that each box has, as they may be very useful for your needs.