Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers in 2020 (Razer, Logitech and more)

A gaming keyboard is essential for FPS players, MMO and other genres. Special features such as no wires, design bold and even lack of keypad are attractive interesting for some users. Nevertheless, terms like “mechanical keyboard” and “switches” can be a bit confusing. But do not worry, we’ll explain everything about it.

In Brazil, the main brands are gamer keyboards Razer, Logitech, HyperX, Coolermaster and Corsair. And since each has more than a keyboard with back use for games, we will pass several important tips and list the best products available in online stores. Check out our ranking of the top 10 gamer keyboards!

How to Choose the Best Keyboard Gamer

First, we will introduce you to the main types of “switches”, dedicated keys and features present on keyboards for gamers.

In Mechanical keyboards, Keep an Eye on the “Switch” Color

The “switches” are the main mechanisms present in a mechanical keyboard. Classified by colors like red, brown, black and blue, these switches usually have different weights in the time to chat. While red is the “lighter” to press, blue is the most “heavy”. So keep in mind this detail!

Most recommended for players who are looking for a comfortable keyboard or gamers who spend a lot of time out of your day to the games, the Red Switch is the lightest of the four presented here. This is great for games, one of the switches favorite of gamers. However, for being very light, this keyboard does not make noise nor offers click feeling, which can be very bad for those who need to type long texts.

If you want to feel pleasure as you type, choose the Blue Switch. With it, it is easy to see when a key has been triggered or not, since there is greater resistance to the fingers and also a response clicking sound. Known as one of the noisiest mechanisms, blue is not suitable for environments requiring a silent typing. It is also not as suitable for games.

If you have never used a mechanical gaming keyboard, the Switch Brown is the most suitable. Less noisy than the Blue Switch and “heavier” than the Red Switch, brown kind of mechanism can please the majority. From it, you can then decide if you need a keyboard with keys softer or the opposite.

In games that require instant answers or quick typing, the Black Switch and its moderately silent keys can be very handy. However, do not be put off only by the speed, such as keyboards with black switch require a little more strength in typing is easy to get tired when using them. So they are most recommended for advanced players, who are used to playing.

Membrane keyboards are Economic and Easy to Adapt

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

If in addition to games, you also use your computer to different types of activities, we recommend the use of membrane keyboards. Present in most notebooks, membrane keyboards, though less durable, are cheaper than the mechanical and guarantee a feeling of more familiar typing.

However, there is a lot of excitement to chat in membrane keyboards, which can leave their games a little monotonous. However, if you are new in the gamer world, membrane keyboards can be an interesting option.

Keyboards “Low Profile” Are Quiet, Attractive and Easy to Save

If you want to play at night without disturbing your family or neighbors with the noise of keys, a keyboard “low profile” may be the solution. Apart from aesthetically pleasing, the keyboard with incredibly low key does not require much movement to have their keystrokes. Oh, and bonus, you do not need much space to store it.

USB, PS / 2 or Wireless? The Influence connector type in the Response Time and Gaming Experience

The type of connection of a keyboard for gamers is very important and will depend on the speed at which you need to send your commands. Below, we show, in descending order of data transfer speed, connection types most popular. Choose one that fits your profile and your needs.

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

In spite of falling into disuse and, in general, only be compatible with desktop computers (desktop) keyboards with type connection PS / 2 can send a lot of information in a very short period of time. Also, you can press multiple keys at the same time without any problem, since they will all be recognized.

But be careful, you must connect the keyboard before turning on the computer for this kind of function keyboard. Ie impractical.

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

We recommend a USB connection for those who use multiple platforms to play. Keyboards with this type of connection are recognized immediately, either on the computer or on consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. Thus, the user can plug and unplug the device as often as you feel necessary.

However, it should be mentioned that there is a limit keys that can be pressed at the same time without some recognition problem. Still, it’s hard to find a game that makes you simultaneously press six, right?

If you want to play in the comfort of your bed or sofa, keyboards with Bluetooth connection are the most suitable, since you will not need to worry about any type of cable. However, all this freedom comes at a price: this type of connection is not so stable. In other words, play competitively FPS can not be good here.

“N-Key Rollover” and “anti-ghosting” Are Essential for games that require speed

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

In very frantic game, it is natural that you need to press more than one key at the same time. The problem is that keystrokes common, to press more than one key at the same time can end up happening a problem called ghosting, which is when another key that has not been pressed is also understood by the computer as driven, and may cause unexpected commands in your game.

Another mistake that can happen when you press multiple keys simultaneously is one of the keys simply not be recognized. To avoid these problems, features such as “N-Key Rollover” and “anti-ghosting” are needed in a gaming keyboard.

The “N-Key Rollover” allows infinite keypresses and recognized at the same time. Most brands does not implement the complete rollover by limiting the number of keys that can be recognized simultaneously. What it is not a big problem since you hardly need to activate all your keyboard once.

But the “anti-ghosting” prevents keystrokes not be understood as activated. In the latter, there may also be some kind of limitation regarding the maximum number of keys pressed simultaneously. Ideally, choose a keyboard that combines the two features.

Keyboards Macro Function Help to Streamline Some Play

On some keyboards, you can see that there are a few extra keys with no predetermined function normally recorded with a “G” followed by a number, are the macro keys. They allow the user to choose an action or set of actions to be taken to press them.

While some players prefer to choose a combination of skills to be used with only one macro, other users simply save your passwords or logins for these keys do not need to enter them every time. Because it is an additional feature, it is important to decide whether it will be well spent for you. In other words, do not spend money foolishly.

Some keyboard models allow you to use the same macro function without dedicated keys for it. In this case, the keys with altered function normally are the F keys at the top of the keyboard. Models are more compact, but the macro keys are harder to access.

Models Keypad Are More Comfortable for games that require Mouse

If there is an almost irrelevant area for daily gambling on a computer, this is called “numeric keypad”. In most cases and especially at tables with limited space, it is interesting to choose a compact gaming keyboard model and has no numeric keypad on the right end. Ah! And yet it is easier to carry.

Backlit keys Can Save Your Gambling Night

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

If you play in a dark environment, it is recommended that your gaming keyboard has backlighting. Besides being beautiful, a lighting keyboard allows you to keep your hands positioned over the keys. In addition, some models have RGB lighting, which allows you to choose any color for the lighting zones.

Finally, unlike keyboards with the printed keys, keyboards with backlighting do not usually have their keys “erased” by friction and sweat generated by human fingers. Which is great!

If You Need Entering Texts, Prefer Keyboards Standard ABNT

Many gamer keyboards available for purchase in Brazil are out of ABNT standard and therefore do not have keys with important letters to our language as “C”. That does not mean you can not enter the “C” in one of these keyboards. Just set up your computer the right way you will be able to enter any of the keys of a keyboard ABNT.

The problem is that they will be positioned in a different place than printed on your keyboard keys. As this happens only with special keys such as accents and “C”, there is no problem so far. Anyway, if you need to type a lot of text, you may end up bothering you. For games, the standard keyboard does not usually mess up anything.

Top 10 Best Keyboards Gamers to Buy Online

Having all these tips at your disposal, it’s time to get your hands dirty and choose its future gaming keyboard. For this, we present below a list of the best options available in online stores throughout Brazil. Check below our ranking with the top 10 gamers keyboards.

Comparison Leaderboard Keyboards Gamers

Opto- Gamer Huntsman Elite Keyboard

Keyboard for Multimedia Games Alloy Elite RGB

Mechanical Keyboard Pro Gamer MasterKeys M RGB

Mechanical keyboard Wireless Games for G613

Mechanical Keyboard for Strafe Games RGB Mk.2

Keyboard G413 Gaming Carbon

Mechanical keyboard Gamer One TKL

Semi-mechanical keyboard Ornata Chroma

Keyboard G213 Games for Prodigy

Teclado DeathStalker Essential

Bearing in mind the most important features on a mechanical keyboard, trust you to choose the product that most will make your eyes shine. However, please note that our recommendation is, within the context of competitive games, choose mechanical keyboards with switches especially geared for gaming.

In addition to offering greater durability, mechanical keyboards tend to be faster and more reliable. Still, membrane keyboards follow very important, so make sure to choose the gaming keyboard that best fits your type of use, and especially in your pocket. Ah! And do not forget to come back here ever!