Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers to Buy in 2020

If you usually spend the whole day away from home working, studying or performing other tasks, it is important to be with the phone always loaded. To ensure this it is essential to have a good portable charger, because with it you will be able to give that reinforcement in your phone’s battery, even if there are no outlets nearby.

Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, and other major brands Pineng produce powerbanks with diverse capabilities. But among so many options, what is the best model? To help you choose, we have created a guide to the main points you should consider when buying your powerbank and also selected the 10 best portable chargers market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Laptop Charger

To choose the perfect portable charger for you you need to analyze capacity, number of USB ports, compatibility and even the machine’s weight. See more details below.

Buy only appliances with Anatel seal and / or Certification

We know that there are many unknown origin of products on the market that can endanger both your safety and the proper functioning of the devices. Therefore, always make sure the powerbank has the security seal of Anatel or Inmetro certifications. So you know you’re getting a unique product that meets the required safety standards.

However, most online powerbanks sold are imported from Europe, the US or China. So you will not always find national certifications in these devices. So always look for the CE, FCC and CCC for European players, the United States and China, respectively. Do this and guarantee your safety!

Consider Acquiring a device with Quick Charge Technology

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers To Buy In 2020

Some models have called technology “USB PD” or “QuickCharge (QC).” These technologies serve to increase the loading speed of your devices using one portable charger. It’s a very useful feature, so prefer models that have. However, for this technology to work, your phone must also be compatible with it. So check this before anything else!

In Case of Multiple USB ports, Be Alert to the Output Value Of them

If you have different devices that need to keep them loaded, it is important to choose a powerbank with more than one USB port. In our ranking, we indicate devices that have 1 to 3 entries. However, we should point out that in these cases it is common for each USB port has a different rating.

This is important because to charge tablets, for example, often need to use ports 2A or more. If you try to load them in a 1A door, they will charge very slowly. On the other hand, for most smartphones, the ideal is to use ports 1A. 2A of the will load them faster, but may decrease the life of your battery. So, check it!

To Decide powerbank capacity, Think Like Your Smartphone Use

You can find portable chargers with a capacity of 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. According to the capacity, size, weight and price of handsets vary. So, ideally you buy a device that fits your needs well. See our days below and decide!

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers To Buy In 2020

Most smartphones have batteries up to 5000 mAh, so if you buy a portable charger with this ability, probably only will be able to recharge cell is completely one time. Therefore, devices with this capability are recommended only for people who just use the phone or they can also opt for other sources to recharge the phone during the day.

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers To Buy In 2020

This capacity is equivalent to approximately 3.5 times the iPhone battery 8 and 2.5 times that of the iPhone X. Thus, it will be enough that you do not pass any struggle, even if it is the kind that responds emails by cell and provides social networks frequently.

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers To Buy In 2020

You use your phone series watch, play and listen to music throughout the day? In this case, a powerbank large capacity to keep your mobile loaded during the day is required. In such cases, we recommend portable chargers with 20,000 mAh or more. These models are also useful for long trips, but if travel is air, check the company’s restrictions.

Models with up to 150 g and fines are easier to carry

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers To Buy In 2020

If you take your powerbank with you throughout the day, it is important to choose the lightest model, weighing around 150 g. In addition, there are many thinly and size and shape similar to a smartphone options. By choosing such a model, chances are you can charge your cell phone with the charger using only one hand.

In addition, these models also will not make as much weight in your pocket or in its case. However, in general, the more powerful, larger and heavier are shippers. So, think about what is more worthwhile for you: power or portability!

Check the compatibility and Prefer models with Integrated Cable

Practicality is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying a powerbank, right? So let it even simpler by choosing powerbanks that come with built-in cables to charge your cell phone. So you do not need to use the cable that came on your device and also do not run the risk of forgetting to take out whenever you leave.

But beware: the integrated powerbanks cables usually short, so you may not be able to leave the powerbank in the backpack pocket and use your phone at the same time, for example.

Still, most powerbanks that comes with integrated cables have compatible cables only with devices that use micro USB. So if you use Apple devices, ensure that the device follows a lightning cable or at least a charger.

Who indications tested and approved

Before the ranking of the top 10 mobile chargers, see the indications of MyBest partners. They are professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate the products tested and approved by them. Check out!

Top 10 Best Laptop Chargers to Buy Online

Now that we explain what you should consider when choosing your powerbank, check below our ranking of the top 10 mobile chargers market. Remember our advice and choose the best product for you.

Comparison table of the Best Laptop Chargers

10.400mAh Powerbank TL-PB10400

See How to Extend Service Life of Your Laptop Charger

Portable chargers tend to deteriorate rapidly if they are overwhelmed and end up overheating often. To avoid this, always try to keep the battery level powerbank between 20 and 80%, ie less or more loaded.

So, avoid leaving it for hours pressing the socket and also do not expect all the battery runs out before recharging. Also, store them in very hot or very cold also helps them to damage faster. So, prefer to keep them out of the sun!

Care to Take Your Laptop Charger in Airplane

Did you know that there is a power limit of portable chargers allowed on a flight? Yeah! To prevent fire caused by powerbanks to explode or have any technical failure. The power allowed varies according to the airline, but many allow up to 2 devices with up to 160 Wh. So, keep this number as a reference.

Moreover, it is important to know that in general is not allowed to ship such a device. So remember to take it with you in the cabin and avoid complications!

There, now you know the main features of powerbanks like capacity, weight, amount of entries. We hope that, along with our tips and selected products, be much easier to choose the best powerbank for you. So do not waste time and just buy your own!