Top 10 Best Malbec Wines

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines to Buy in 2020

Despite the French origin, the first wine made with 100% Malbec grapes was produced by Nicolas Catena in Argentina, which today is the world’s leading producer. With a deep red color, almost purple, a taste long and gently sweet, the Malbec wines are ideal for fall and winter.

In doubt about what Malbec buy? That’s what we are here! Let us help you choose between recognized brands like Escorihuela Gascon, Trapiche and Black Cat. And yet we set up a ranking of the 10 best Malbec wines. Prepare the bowls, and enjoy the tips without moderation!

Discover the Wine Malbec Features

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines To Buy In 2020

Every variety of wine has some basic features and Malbec wines could not be different. Therefore, you should pay attention in color, aroma and flavor. Of course there are other features, but these items are essential for you to identify a Malbec even out of the bottle.

The Malbec is a very concentrated wine of intense red and robust, almost purple. The predominant flavor is the fruit red with darker skins, but floral aromas may also be present. Finally, the taste is sweet (the fruit) with long and mild taste, which does not tie in the mouth.

How to Choose the Best Malbec Wine

Did you know that many factors influence the end result of a Malbec wine? Among them are producing region, the winery, crop and the varieties of grapes used. Keep reading and find out how to choose the best Malbec for you.

The origin of a wine Says Much About Him

Due to the complex formed by climate, soil, rain and relief, each country produces a Malbec wine with particular properties. That is why great wines from different regions appeal to different palates. Here are features and learn how to identify the origin of each wine Malbec.

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines To Buy In 2020

The Malbec wine produced in Argentina are smooth with intense and fruity taste, and a higher alcohol content. They can be drunk young or aged. By having a sweet base they are preferred and indicated globally for those who are not used to this variety of wine.

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines To Buy In 2020

The Malbec wines produced in France have aromas reminiscent of leather or black plum. They have a less intense color, lower alcohol content and are more acidic and bitter at first, also called tannic. The reason for this is that the acidity grapes have difficulty to mature due to the cold weather.

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines To Buy In 2020

Although 75% of world production of wine Malbec is Argentina, other countries are investing in this variety. The robust Malbecs Chile are the best to harmonize with barbecue. The wines from the United States, are simple but with good reviews and since Brazil produces Malbecs balanced.

Rely on Traditional or Awarded Wineries: They have a reputation to maintain

Top 10 Best Malbec Wines To Buy In 2020

Wineries that pass from generation to generation generally have quality wines, because they need to maintain the tradition. A good wine also becomes a reference in the production of a particular type of wine. Keep an eye also on newer wineries receiving great reviews and awards.

If the wine is not known and has no prizes, check out the region where it is: Mendoza, Valle de Uco and Patagonia, Argentina, in addition to Chile, are some ideal regions for the production of Malbec wines. In addition, of course, the Cahors region of France.

Yield: Not Always the Oldest Wine is Best

Aside from wine “guard”, which are already produced to stay longer in the bottle, for most wines it is important to choose a good crop, ie, a good harvest year. Usually the vintage year is stamped on the label or cork.

And in order to always maintain the same quality, many producers use the technology and to mix crops to correct an unfavorable harvest. These wines are known as “non safrados” and do not have the stamped year on the label. A sign that the quality is independent of the harvest year.

Blending grapes varieties for Malbec Balanced

Some wineries add other grape varieties to a lesser percentage to produce a Malbec wine. This is done to help achieve a more balanced flavor. Even the first time that a wine was produced only with Malbec grapes was in Argentina, Nicolas Catena.

French Malbec wines usually mix Merlot, Tannat smooth and strong tannin. In Argentina, the varieties most commonly used to produce a Malbec are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot Tannat Bonarda. But other grapes can also be added.

See Malbecs Indications tasted and approved

To always bring quality information to you, the MyBest has a team of partners that indicate products they tested and approved. Below, we share with you two indications of malbec wines tasted and approved by those who understand quality wine!

Top 10 Best Wines Malbec

Now that you know the main characteristics of a good wine Malbec, here are the top 10 available in Brazil to help in your choice. This ranking was prepared taking into account the quality, origin and value for money. Enjoy!

Comparison table of the Best Wines Malbec

Escorihuela Gascon – Small Productions

Susana Balbo Signature

The Enemy Malbec 2015

Malbec Finca Las Moras

Don Guerino Malbec Vintage

Benjamin Nieto Malbec

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In our article you saw that a good wine does not depend on age or price. There are great options for everyone! And now that you know a lot more about Malbec wines, you can now choose products based on our ranking and form their own cellar. Enjoy, but in moderation!