Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer in 2020 (Razer, Logitech and more)

The peripherals industry facing avid and competitive players continues to grow. With this, we have increasingly mice gamers that promise to increase your gaming performance through thousands of innovative features such as adjustable DPI, programmable extra buttons, weight adjustments and more.

Brands like Logitech, Razer, HyperX and even Zowie offer the best mouse for gamers that can be found. With products so similar outwardly, it is normal to have many questions. So read on and learn how to choose a good mouse gamer, in addition to check out the ranking of the top ten available here.

Why Use a Mouse Gamer?

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

A gaming mouse, mouse or simply gamer, it is essential to play games on the PC. Unlike an ordinary mouse, this mouse type offers specific performance for each game genre, such as handling sensitivity, weight and even extra buttons.

Games shooting games in first person (FPS), for example, where precise mouse control is necessary, you can have an advantage over their opponents simply by using one easy mouse click or with greater sensitivity. Already in MMORPG games, the presence of several additional buttons on the mouse gives you more flexibility when using skills and spells.

Of course, you can still play and have fun with a standard mouse, but know that will not be using to its full potential as a player. So, if you are very competitive, a mouse gamer comfortable and that fits to their most frequent games is a mandatory item. So check out our tips below and increase your gaming performance!

How to Choose the Best Mouse Gamer

The mice for gamers can be divided into two types: those focused on FPS (First Person Shooter – Shooting games in first person) and focused on MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online – RPG games with multiple players online). And since each has a different focus, the ideal is to choose according to the type game you play. Next we will detail more this and other tips.

For FPS: Focus on IPR and IPS Response Time

In shooting games in first person (FPS), the player must aim quickly and accurately. Otherwise, he has broad with large disadvantage compared to its competitors. Even if you are very skilled, it is very difficult to avoid certain technical limitations. So watch yourself the following tips to make a good choice.

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

Briefly, DPI is the speed of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse pointer will move on your screen. In addition, high numbers above 3000 DPI, for example, can prevent fatigue, as the player will need less move the hand while playing.

However, numbers of 1,000 DPI, already allow high precision and are usually preferred by professional players. That said, a mouse gamer that has the ability to switch between DPI levels according to the game being played is the most suitable. The more detailed configuration, the better.

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

The reporting rate, or frequency, is the number of times information is sent to the computer mouse. The higher this number, the faster the interpretation of your clicks and movements by the game. Currently, 1,000 Hz is the highest number found, then try to find a mouse that gets to that level.

FPS games, your opponents are moving all the time, this causes the frequency of the mouse is important and a differential at the time of exchange of fire. Therefore, a mouse gamer with high frequency response is useful.

However, in situations involving a lot of speed, the device may end up too capturing the movement of your hand and generate a trembling light on the pointer. Therefore, as the issue of IPR, the ideal is to choose a model that allows to adjust the frequency response according to the game.

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

IPS (scanning speed) is a value that measures the maximum speed at which a mouse will capture their movement. A mouse with IPS low, below 150 will not answer the same time that you move quickly. Already with IPS above 150, the pointer will smooth movements even the fastest movements.

However, given that there is a speed limit, it is not necessary to use it all the time or even exceed it. Still, fast reflexes are essential in shooting games in first person, and they are made possible by a high-IPS. A mouse cheap gamer has about 50 IPS only, while performance models reach the mark of 300 IPS. Here, the higher the number the better.

For MMO: Large Numbers of Side Buttons is Essential

Mice facing the MMORPG type games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) are equipped with a variety of extra buttons, since they serve as a shortcut to activate numerous skills, functions, spells, special powers, etc.

Two important points to determine the choice of this type of mouse are the number and placement of buttons. It depends on the game, but if you need many shortcuts, mice with 12 side buttons are the most recommended. Of course, get used to so many extra buttons will take time, however, you can play with only one hand.

Keep in mind that most mice gamers are facing right-handed, or left-handed may have some difficulty when it comes to using one of these mice or even find a match to your preference.

“Wired” to play with stability or “Wireless” to play with Comfort

Since there are no delays in the delivery of information and there is concern about battery charging, mice gamers wired are the darlings of users. However, low-latency wireless mice, that is, with virtually no delay in response time, have recently been launched.

In addition, the life of your batteries and the runtime of these peripherals were also extended. If you are concerned about your performance in a wireless mouse, the ideal would be to find one with technical specifications similar to those of a wired model.

Let’s choose a Mouse Comfortable to Use

You can choose a comfortable mouse for gamers, based on characteristics such as weight, how to handle it or to the size of your hands. There are people who like lighter mice. While others prefer heavier models. It is important to pay attention to these details.

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer In 2020 (Razer, Logitech And More)

Your mouse gamer will be easier to use if you select according to your way of holding it while playing. If hold the mouse with your fingertips (fingertip), a smaller and lighter mouse is essential. As for people who hold the mouse with the fingertips and the palm (Claw), a medium-sized mouse is more suitable.

Finally, if you fit your entire hand in the peripheral (Palm), a large mouse can be more comfortable. In all cases, we recommend that you test your mouse before you buy it or at least understand his profile through reviews of other users.

The weight of the mouse is also very important when we aim immersion and comfort in a game. For putting less load on the shoulders and arms, light mouse with up to 100 grams, allows rapid movement and less tired player. In contrast, mice that weigh more than 100 grams can bring more accuracy because not skid so easily.

Again, it is a matter of user profile. Make your choice based on past experience and the type of game you prefer to play.

If you use different PCs, Mice with Internal Memory are Recommended

The internal memory in mice allows you to save all kinds of settings previously made by you. Your DPI and its preferred frequency response, for example, need not be re-selected if you connect your mouse to a new computer, since they will be stored within the device.

If you play on different computers or video game consoles with some frequency, it is critical to have a function like this.

Prefer Model Popular Brands

If you want to increase your chances of buying a high-performance mouse and that will meet your needs, choose a device developed by a renowned company in this branch of technology. The mice of the “Logitech”, for example, have a high cost-effective, extended warranty and optimal performance.

The mice of the “Razer” are visually bold and various customization options via software. Besides being a much remembered brand when we’re talking about focused gaming peripherals. Finally, brands like “Steelseries”, “Zowie” and “HyperX” are extremely popular among professional players. So make your choice!

Mice with RGB lighting Iran Impress Friends and Family

The RGB LED lighting is a luxury item that is gaining more space in the peripherals market. Have a mouse with colorful lighting, and impress your friends, you can make the experience even more fun to play, especially if you usually play in the dark. Some mice have complex color settings and allow you to choose the colors you like best with details.

However, this is a feature that does not influence the performance and often ends up increasing the price of the product. So the tip here is not to go too thirsty to the pot. Look for a model capable of displaying many colors, but you do not have to spend all their savings to buy it.

Top 10 Best Mice Gamer to Buy Online

Once you know which search features in a gaming mouse, we list several models in relying mainly on cost-benefit ratio that the Brazilian loves so much. Check out the following our ranking of the top 10 mice for gamers.

Comparison table of Best Gamer Mice

Mouse E-sports DeathAdder Elite

Mouse for E-sports FK2

Mouse Games for Programmable G403 Prodigy

Wireless Mouse G903 for Games

Ergonomic Mouse for Games Mamba Elite

Mouse for MMO Games G203

Mouse for MMO Games G600

Mouse G502 Proteus Games For Spectrum

Mouse Gamer Pulsefire Core

Wireless Mouse for Lightspeed Games G305

With all these tips, now it’s easy to find out what kind of mouse you need. Remember that the essence of a mouse for gamers is the quality of your sensor and what it will bring benefit to your favorite game.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that this is an object that will be used often and therefore should provide quality construction and be comfortable for your hand type and footprint. So put your hands dirty and choose your carefully. Ah! And remember to come back here whenever you have any doubt about it!