Top 10 Best Mineral Waters

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters to Buy in 2020 (Imported and National)

If you are of those people who cares about the health and the quality of drinking water, you are in the right place. Although many people find that water is all the same, we see here that is no, no! Mineral waters, especially, may have many differences, even when they are the same brand.

Here you will see the benefits, how to choose a mineral water and also the ranking we did with the top 10 mineral waters to buy online. These include labels such as Crystal, Voss and Perrier. Does the mineral water you drink is among the best? Let’s find out!

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters To Buy In 2020 (Imported And National)

We all know that drinking drinking water is essential to maintain health. But what not everyone knows is that mineral water can bring more benefits. By law, it must be bottled at source without going through any kind of treatment. Therefore, all properties come directly from natural sources.

The treated tap water comes from rivers, dams and lakes. The mineral water is taken from underground sources, protected from pollutants, and so is drinking without treatment. It has different amounts of minerals and salts pH, and this is what will make a difference in water quality.

How to Choose the Best Mineral Water

When buying mineral water you will find numerous brands and can be in doubt about what to take. So, consider some criteria, such as the amount of minerals, pH, the presence or absence of gas and packaging. Next, we’ll explain a little more about all this for you.

Choose Mineral Water by Salt Quantity Minerals

Our body is composed of minerals essential for health and their imbalance can cause us serious problems. Mineral water acts as a natural vitamin supplement that you can drink without contraindications. Here you will see what to look for and avoid when buying a mineral water.

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters To Buy In 2020 (Imported And National)

The first thing we look for when choosing a mineral water is the sodium level. Sodium is the main component of salt, which, in excess, is harmful to health. The World Health Organization (WHO) says healthy adults should limit intake to maximum 2 g of sodium per day.

Hypertensive people with cardiovascular or kidney disease should be even more careful. The amount of sodium in the best mineral water usually varies between 1 and 100 mg per liter. If you consume 1 liter of water with 100 mg of sodium is already ingesting 5% of the optimal daily quota.

The salt in the mineral water is not much, soft drinks and juices box have much. But as the food we eat during the day contains sodium, avoid is best to consume a large amount of the substance in the water. So always prefer mineral waters with less sodium.

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters To Buy In 2020 (Imported And National)

Minerals are essential to the functioning of our body, and the lack of them can cause us serious diseases. Since they are not produced by the body it is through the power that could absorb valuable substances such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Potassium helps prevent cramps, magnesium controlling glucose and calcium is optimal to the bone. Attention excess potassium, magnesium and calcium can harm! But you need not be afraid to drink your bottled water because these substances are not present in amount as high. Anyway, be sure to check!

Prefer mineral water with neutral pH, 7 lathe

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters To Buy In 2020 (Imported And National)

Some waters have pH more acidic, around 5, while others have more alkaline pH, around 9. None of them are unfit for consumption or will do harm to health. Ideally, the pH of the mineral water is neutral, around 7. You only need to take care of the large quantities.

Consume large amounts of water with pH below 6.5 may contribute to worsen gastritis who already suffer from the problem. On the other hand, a very high pH may favor urinary infections or even harm digestion, because our stomach is acidic in nature.

That is, if you consume a bottle of mineral water from time to time, you do not have to worry about the pH. But if you are choosing a water to drink every day, prefer the neutral pH around 7. Once you ensure that the pH of the digestive and urinary tracts are not affected.

Mineral Water with Gas Hydrates, but may irritate the stomach

Top 10 Best Mineral Waters To Buy In 2020 (Imported And National)

In addition to the common mineral water, there are other two types of mineral water: mineral water with gas, which is naturally occurring in carbon dioxide with sources and also the carbonated water, when added gas mineral water at the time of filling. All types of water hydrates the same way.

The disadvantage of sparkling mineral water (or gasified) is that it has a more acidic pH below 7, which may cause a stomach discomfort, especially in those who have problems as gastritis or ulcer. Therefore it is recommended to be taken with more moderation.

Choose the size and the Agreement packaging type with your Lifestyle

Buy bottles of mineral water according to the amount you take or your lifestyle. If you own large family, bet on economic packages, such as 5, 10, or 20 liters. If you do exercises or run, choose bottles of 500 ml or less to take in hand effortlessly.

Now, if you usually leave a bottle in the office desk or even likes to have mineral water to offer to visitors, ever thought about investing in brands that offer glass bottles? They value even more mineral water and are more ecological. Try it!

Top 7 Best Mineral Water without gas

See now rank with the best mineral water without gas. You’ll find Brazilian and imported mineral water, from water sports to even the set to accompany wines and refined dishes. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your thirst. Check out.

Comparison table of 7 Best Mineral Water without gas

Evian Mineral Water without gas 1L

Water Gas imported without Voss 375 ml

Mineral Water 1.5 L gas without Minalba

Crytal Mineral water without gas 500ml

Mineral Water 500 ml gas without Bonafont

Acqua Panna Mineral Water 505 ml Tuscany without Gas

Mineral water without gas Pureza Vital 1.5L

Top 3 Best Mineral Water with Gas

For those who prefer bottled carbonated water, or like to make drinks and homemade refreshments, here is a ranking of the top 3 mineral water with gas. After lunch, they can also relieve bloating, but do not overdo it, because they can irritate the stomach!

Comparison table of the Best Mineral Water with Gas

Sparkling mineral water 250 ml

Perrier Mineral Water Carbonated 330ml

Mineral Water St. Lawrence with 510 ml Gas kit with 6 units.

Tips For You Drinking Water More

Although we all know that we need to drink more than two liters of fluid per day, not everyone really likes to drink water and many people forget to hydrate. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you drink more water, mineral or treated, and to always keep hydrated:

Did you see? Drinking water is a matter of custom and even those who do not like too much, you can leave it with more flavor by adding fruit. We are sure that these tips will help you get into the habit to hydrate properly. You’ll notice the difference in your body and on your skin!

Check out Wine Notes to harmonize with its Mineral Water

You saw that chefs and sommeliers use mineral water in line with wines. After all, in addition to quench their thirst, they have the role to cleanse the palate so that we can enjoy a drink without interference. So what if you know some good wines to accompany your bottled water? Just click!

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best mineral waters, domestic and imported, with and without gas. But remember: despite the minerals are important in mineral water, it will never replace good nutrition. So the main thing is you find mineral water like best.

But if you have kidney problems or high blood pressure, try mineral water with pH lower, after all, despite being little, it’s always good to avoid! And you know: if you do not find the information you need on the label of a bottle of water, just come here! We even have a comparison table for you.