Top 10 Best Mixers

Top 10 Best Mixers to Buy in 2020 (Walita, Britain and more)

The mixers have become indispensable appliances in the kitchen. Besides replacements for blenders, and some models are multipurpose also have the function processor and mixer. Having a mixer at home is ensuring more convenience in the preparation of recipes and more time to enjoy with family.

So you can also have this machine so versatile, we have prepared this guide with valuable tips for choosing your mixer as well as a ranking of the top 10 models in the market. There you will find more simple models and also mixers 3 in 1 brands like Philips Walita, Britania, Mondial and more!

Why Buy a Food Mixer?

Top 10 Best Mixers To Buy In 2020 (Walita, Britain And More)

The mixers are very versatile appliances and are gaining space in the kitchen of the Brazilians. In addition to replacement of blenders, mixers can be accompanied by other features, such as food processor, blender and electric knife.

Are great allies for quick preparation, as they can be directly placed in the pot or container where the ingredients and are easy to clean. They are also an excellent choice for dads and moms who need to prepare the baby’s baby food much more quickly!

How to Choose the Best Mixer

Among many options mixers, it can be difficult to choose the best option, but as always, we are here to help you! Check out the tips on how to choose your and set the purchase.

Choose Agreement Type With Features You Need

The mixers may be basic or multipurpose. Both are excellent allies for quick preparation in the kitchen, but depending on the recipes you want to do and other appliances you already own one of the two may be the most suitable for your case.

Top 10 Best Mixers To Buy In 2020 (Walita, Britain And More)

The simplest models mixer are those that have only a stem with the blade tip and in the shredder usually comes with a container for food preparation. These models are basic, but now offer a lot of convenience to everyday!

They are ideal for the preparation of juices, soups, vitamins, cakes and desserts, and may even harder grind food, which will depend on its potency. This model is suitable for those who do not need a device with various functions and is also ideal for those who do not have much space, it is quite compact.

Top 10 Best Mixers To Buy In 2020 (Walita, Britain And More)

Some mixer models offer other functions such as: mixer, mini processor, electric knife and different blade options – are several appliances in one! These devices are great, because they facilitate the preparation of various kinds of recipes.

A multipurpose mixer is an excellent option for those who do not have other appliances such as mixer and processor. So instead of buying several devices, you buy just one and in addition to saving on the pocket, it also saves space in your kitchen.

If you have not liquefy, the multipurpose mixer can also be a great substitute, as well as play a very similar role to the blender, it is more practical to clean and use – you can put the mixer directly into the pot without the need to transfer food to another container, as in the blender.

To Grind Hard Food, Prefer Power 300 W or More

Top 10 Best Mixers To Buy In 2020 (Walita, Britain And More)

Power is one of the most important features for you to make the correct choice of your mixer. The greater the power, the engine will have more power to crush even the toughest foods. If you buy a device with low power, you can burn the appliance is put very hard foods or pasta.

This does not mean that the models under 300 W are not good, it all depends on the food you want to prepare. If you wish to lighter foods like juices, smoothies, sauces and soups, you can choose a lower power. And if you are looking for economy, these models tend to have a more affordable price.

But if you’re looking for more versatility in food preparation, the ideal is to buy a mixer with more than 300 W, so you can use it with a greater variety of foods. Now if you plan to grind hard food such as cheese, meats and dried fruits, invest in a model with more than 500 W can be great idea.

Rods Stainless Steel Can Be Placed Directly Casserole

Top 10 Best Mixers To Buy In 2020 (Walita, Britain And More)

The mixers are the darlings of many cooks and chefs, they are very practical – basically serve as a manual blender. Unlike the blender, you need to put all the food in the cup, just put the rod in the container where the food is already and grind much more agility.

But if you plan to use the mixer directly into the pot, you need to be aware of the rod material, since many models are plastic, which can not withstand high temperatures. In this case, the ideal is to choose the mixer that have a stainless steel rod that can go directly into the pot and still are much easier to clean and lasts longer.

Different speeds allow the preparation More Adequate Food

The mixers usually have one or two speeds and some models even have a turbo function. The lower speeds are ideal for beating eggs, light and pasta sauces, since the higher speed is indicated for hard food, such as meat, onions, vegetables and heavier masses.

It is interesting to have these speed options, so that you have more control on grinding and preparing food can more adequately. For example, if you want small pieces of peanuts and grind at a very high speed, you might end up preparing a crumbly!

Prefer models accompanying cups with 700 ml

Most mixers comes with a long glass where you put the food and then enters the crusher to process them. In general, the capacity of the containers is from 500 ml to 1 liter. If you live alone, smaller cups may be sufficient, but if you plan to make meals for 2 or more people, the ideal is to opt for less at 700 ml cups.

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Top 10 Best Mixers to Buy Online

Now that you know what are the most important guidelines when choosing your mixer, check the top ranking of the 10 models. In this section, you will find all important information about each of the products – all designed to further facilitate your choice!

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Pancake recipe to make with the Mixer

And now, how about debut their new mixer preparing a delicious and super pancake practice? Check out the recipe below and enjoy the full potential of your new device!

Put all ingredients in a measuring cup or other container of your choice and mix with the mixer until the mass is homogeneous. Place a frying pan on medium and grease fire with a drizzle of olive oil – you need to do this for the first pancake, then it will remain greased.

When the oil is hot play a portion of a mass of the cup in the center of the pan. You can make a circular motion with the pan to make sure the dough is spread evenly.

When the edges start to come unglued, turn the pancake with the help of a spatula to brown the other side and voila, your pancake will be ready! Repeat this process with every mass.

You can fill the pancake with the ingredients you like: chicken, beef, cheese, fried vegetables, etc. You can also explore the options of sweets: chocolate with strawberry, cheese and dulce de leche or just a melzinho with oatmeal for breakfast. It is waiting for you to make yours?

Choosing a mixer is a task a little difficult but after all our tips and suggestions, you probably have no idea which one is the ideal model for you, is not it? With your mixer in hand, let the creativity flow loose in the kitchen and make the most delicious recipes with all practicality that this device offers.

Now, how about share this text with your friends and social networks and help more people make an excellent choice? And do not forget to check our guide on other products, we work every day to help you on all purchases!