Top 10 Best Moto Helmets

Top 10 Best Moto helmets to Buy in 2020

Feel the wind in his face as rides a bike is an amazing feeling, is not it? However, to make the most of these moments is important to take care of their safety and, therefore, use the bike helmet is essential. With it, you can protect your life and those who are on the back of your bike.

In this article we will teach you how to choose a safe and high quality helmet for your adventures on the road, or paved area or off road, off the road. We also created a ranking of the top 10 motorcycle helmets brands market as Pro Tork, Peels Mirage, EBF, San Marino and more. Come on?

Why Use Helmet Moto?

Top 10 Best Moto Helmets To Buy In 2020

The motorcycle helmet is not just a security issue, it helps to save lives of thousands of drivers every day. Studies show that the use of helmet prevents about 69% of the chances of head injury and 65% of the face of trauma in cases of road accidents.

Soon, those who do not use the helmet is putting his own life at risk. In addition, according to the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) the helmet is a must have and who does not use can be fined in addition to having a suspended driver’s license. This obligation also applies to passengers.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

To find the perfect helmet is necessary to analyze carefully the safety criteria, the extra features and more. Thinking about it, we separate some tips that will help you choose the best motorcycle helmet for your day to day.

Choose Agreement helmet with the type of Use

To choose the ideal helmet is necessary to analyze the path you want to cover. In the market, there are models on the road, to the roads or city, and off road, trails and motocross tracks. Each has specific features and offers a different security. Learn more about them now.

Top 10 Best Moto Helmets To Buy In 2020

If you walk the bike through the city, then the open motorcycle helmet is a good option. This model has a hull that protects the top and sides of the driver’s head. For not having a chin strap, the helmet is ventilated and pleasant to wear on hot days.

Usually has a large visor that allows a better view of the traffic around you. For failing to protect the face completely, it is ideal for those who drive at low speed and in urban areas. A similar model to that is the coquinho helmet, despite being comfortable and stylish, is not regulated by Inmetro.

Top 10 Best Moto Helmets To Buy In 2020

The closed or full motorcycle helmet is one of the safest models and more used by bikers on the road. It has a one-piece shell that protects the entire head, covering his face and chin completely. The visor covers only the eye area, and the remaining part of the closed structure.

Besides the high security, this model is packed with extra features such as removable visors, which increase the convenience, comfort and practicality of the helmet. Although, in general, has a price higher than the open helmet, cost-effective security and compensate fairly.

Already articulated bike helmet is perfect for riders who do not waste safety and versatility in everyday life. This model is a hybrid of open and closed helmet, being composed of two parts. As the chin strap is removable, you can increase the ventilation of the helmet when you want.

On some models, the front can be opened with just one touch. This ensures more convenience and avoids you having to take the helmet to ask for information, for example. It is perfect and safe for travel around town or roads, as well as being more practical. It is worth investing in one of these.

Specially designed for motocross and rally practitioners, the off-road helmet has a closed design. This design protects the entire head, ensuring complete safety for the riders as they make their maneuvers. It also prevents stones and other objects from reaching the head.

Generally, these helmets are equipped with features that offer comfort, safety and good ventilation. Some models come resistant visors to protect the eyes mud along the way. They also have adjustable front diamond up to the mouth and nose of each pilot.

Prefer models with hulls Made of ABS

Top 10 Best Moto Helmets To Buy In 2020

The helmet of the material is responsible for absorbing impacts in case of falls, bumps and other accidents. ABS plastic is the material most used in helmets, with an average absorption capacity of impact.

In addition to being approved by safety standards, helmets ABS have a more affordable price compared to other models. However, if you want a high strength product, there are helmets of glass fibers, carbon and tricomposto, but are more expensive, costing at least US $ 500.00.

Make sure the helmet size is Ideal for You

Top 10 Best Moto Helmets To Buy In 2020

Size is another factor that you should check when choosing the best motorcycle helmet. So, you buy a helmet comfortable and safe to use during your adventures and travel. To find the right size you need to measure the circumference of the head with a tape measure.

Pass horizontally headband, just above the ears and eyebrows. This measure is equivalent to the helmet size. The trick is to always opt for the smaller size, so if your head measures 56.5 cm, choose a number of helmet 56. In time, it adjusts to your measurements.

Helmets with Extra Features are more Practical

For more convenience, check which are the extra features of each product. An example is the fine closure that allows you to place and take the helmet quickly and conveniently. In addition, models with removable and washable lining facilitate the cleaning of the helmet and help keep it pretty clean.

There are also antibacterial liners that prevent the buildup of bacteria, ideal for those who offer a ride often. Another interesting feature is the visor with UV protection to protect your vision while traveling and treatment anti-scratch to protect the visor from scratches caused by fall.

Ensure Your Safety, Prefer helmets with Inmetro Seal

The market for motorcycle helmets is huge and diverse. However, we still find manufacturers who produce low-quality models and without the necessary security to protect the pilot in case of an accident. To prevent this from happening to you, opt for helmets with safety seal.

National organizations such as INMETRO, and international, such as DOT and ECE, issue certificates that guarantee that the helmet is in compliance with the minimum safety standards. These institutions do extensive testing on products to verify the resistance and shock absorption.

Top 7 Best Bike On Road Helmets

Now that you know the main items to choose the best bike helmet, we will facilitate your decision presenting the top 10 models of helmets between on road and off road. Now check out the open helmets, closed and articulated to travel around the city or road.

Comparison table of the Top Motorcycle On Road Helmets

Helmet Moto Closed Pro Tork R8

Helmet Moto Closed Peels Mirage

Helmet Moto Pro Tork G6 Factory Racing

Helmet Moto Articulated X11 Turner

Helmet Moto Articulated Pro Tork Attack Black Matte

Helmet Moto Open Helt with Solar Visor

Helmet Moto Open New Liberty 3 Three Pro Tork

Top 3 Best Helmets Motorcycle Off-Road

But if you are the adventurous type, loves motocross tracks and make the weekend, now check out the best off-road market helmets. Come on?

Comparison table of the Best Helmets Motorcycle Off-Road

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Now that you learned how to choose the best motorcycle helmet, you have no excuse to put your safety at risk. Put our advice into practice and buy the ideal model for you and your needs. Ensure their safety and avoid fines with the acquisition of this equipment.

If you feel stuck, you can choose one of the models on road and off-road of our ranking. All helmets meet INMETRO safety requirements, are comfortable and features that will facilitate their bike trips.