Top 10 Best Office Chairs

Top 10 Best Office Chairs to Buy in 2020

The chairs are the protagonists of office, after all you spend eight hours of your day sitting in one of them. So it is essential to choose a comfortable model, durable and perfectly fit to your body. The main models are split between ergonomic, executive and chairman and vary in material, adjustment functions, and of course, comfort!

There is a wide variety of products on the market and therefore to choose the right chair for you can be a complicated task. To help, we’ve made a complete guide on how to choose the best office chair and further facilitate their decision to the ranking of the 10 most amazing market office chairs. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Office Chair

It is important to ensure comfort and convenience in the workplace, for this, various aspects must be observed when choosing the ideal office chair. Below we will list them all!

By choice Chair Type

Office chairs can be divided into three types, ranging especially regarding the wearing comfort.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2020

The chairs of the executive type are those with low back that accommodates the back only. They are usually coated with less noble material, which does not mean they are of lesser quality, as there are fabrics and nylon fabrics can be as tough, beautiful and comfortable as the leather, for example! It’s a classic style and popular in offices.

Models of this type have limited settings options, but that cater well to most users. However, they are not very comfortable for long hours of use and so little for very tall people. When choosing an executive chair, check for basic options of comfort, such as upholstered good quality, balance and presence of armrest.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2020

The more refined type of office chair is known as “president.” In addition to the comfort provided by the arms and seat, the backrest is complete and goes to the height of the neck covering the back completely. The coating material is more noble than the other models, usually natural or synthetic leather. Usually a bit more expensive than the executive.

Some models have relaxation functions such as inclinamento, so it is comfortable to work for long hours. It is a generally related to higher office chair, the noble composition and appearance confer elegance and status in the office, since the ergonomic and adjustment features ensure comfort and mobility.

For those who work for long hours and worries about postural problems, the ergonomic chairs are the most suitable. With lumbar support and head and thought out design to fit the curves of the body, this type of chair provides more comfort. Moreover, it has precise adjustments of inclination and height and tilt models There are up to 180 degrees.

The most current models are recognized as “gamer” because of the notorious popularity in the community of the games. As gamers are seated for long hours and are a demanding audience, they were created specific chairs with fully adjustable comfort parameters.

Most models have vibrant colors, but some options are more discrete and aligned to the work environment, whether in the office or home office. So it may be worth the investment for those who want to avoid back pain and have greater relaxation while working.

Attention to the backrest and seat material

The backrest and seat can be considered the main parts of the office chair to help the productivity of professionals they should be comfortable, durable and easy clean up. Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of the materials most used on the back and seat of the chairs.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2020

Because they are cheaper, the fabric coating chairs are the most common in offices. However, it is important to consider the quality of the fabric to buy, traditional brands like Jserrano, give more certainty as to the quality of the material.

Besides price, another advantage of the tissue models is the wide range of available colors and textures. However, there are chairs that stain more easily and are more difficult to clean. So usually require more maintenance effort.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2020

Backrests and screen seats are more airy, so provide greater comfort for use for long hours and in places with higher temperature. Screens prevent the accumulation of sweat and allow for greater ventilation of the back.

However, investing in a chair with low-quality screen will bring problems. So it is important to check if the chair follows the pattern material, which is a mesh fabric made of nylon, also known as polyamide.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs To Buy In 2020

Leather is a reference material for office chairs, recognized for style and durability. However, genuine leather chairs are expensive require more careful maintenance. So if you want a chair with durability, style and sophistication of leather without paying dearly for it, a good option is the synthetic leather chairs.

Comfortable and pleasant texture, synthetic leather is easy to clean and has good resistance. However, as the genuine leather conservation of synthetic fabrics made of polyurethane or polypropylene, requires care and hydration so that the chair does not wear with time.

Choose Caster right for your floor

Office chairs must have swivel casters for improved handling, this is the default. However, to avoid damage to the floor, you must choose the right caster for the type of floor where it will be allocated a seat.

nylon casters or polyamide, are rigid and do not absorb much impact, so choose casters such only if you put the chair in an office with carpet or rugs. As for smooth, wood and tile floors, it is preferable polyurethane casters (PU) or polypropylene, which are soft and will not scratch the floor with the movement of the chair.

For More Comfort, Keep an Eye on Additional Features

Some office chairs may have additional comfort functions. To provide greater relaxation or lumbar comfort is important to keep an eye on these features. See below:

First of all, it is important not to confuse balance with adjustment reclining. The reclining adjustment serves to lock the backrest in a certain position. But the balance is the ability to move back according to pressure applied behind your back. With this function, you can change the slope of the chair at any time with only a small movement!

Both functions provide safety and comfort to relax at any time, and can find chairs that have only one of these functions and chairs that have both. Ideally, choose a chair with both functions, but if you need to choose only one of them, prefer a full swing, they are more practical and ergonomic.

Some people report pain to sit still for a long time, a recognized and ergonomic solution are the straps positioned at the bottom of the backrest. Some office chairs have this belt, which can be fixed or mobile, already included. Note that if you need to take care with more affection of your back!

Top 10 Best Office Chairs Buy Online

Know the top ten office chair options available for purchase online this year. They combine excellence with all the elements mentioned above and offer comfort and convenience for the desktop.

Comparison table of the Best Office Chairs

The perfect office chair is comfortable, easy to use and combines features to enhance productivity, but also provide moments of relaxation. Choose the one that best offers these benefits to your workplace!

With our list and tips on how to choose the right chair, you will be able to decide which option is best for use in their work environment. Be single or large volume purchase, click on the links and get some of the models of our ranking!