Top 10 Best Pen Tablets

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets to Buy in 2020 (Intuos, One and more)

The pucks are very useful for professional design, photography, architecture and other areas of creation, but they are so easy to use that even amateurs can have one! What can be difficult is to understand the specifications of the product at the time of purchase. But do not worry: we’ll help you!

Here you will find everything you need to know before buying your and will still find a ranking of the top 10 pucks market. Separate models like the Intuos and Wacom One and also product brands as Huion, which make quite successful. So let’s go?

How to Choose the Best Table Digitizer

To choose the best tablet you need to check some important points such as size, resolution, and other pressure points. We detail all below, check!

Choose Size Ideal Thinking Price, Use and Available Space

The size of the tablet should be chosen according to how much you can invest in the purchase, the type of work you do and the space you have available on your desktop. Let’s talk more about this below.

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets To Buy In 2020 (Intuos, One And More)

If you need a tablet just for simple jobs like basic editing of images or writing, a small model of 12 to 15 cm wide, can serve you well. Smaller models also tend to be cheaper and is a great choice for anyone not want to invest both.

The averages tables, ranging from 20 to 30 cm wide, will offer you a little more to work space and also more functions. In models medium is common to find programmable buttons, for example. So are a good choice for advanced users who have little space on the desktop.

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets To Buy In 2020 (Intuos, One And More)

Large pucks have more than 30 cm wide and can reach more than 40 cm. It may seem a lot, but if you work with large projects and in great detail a table of this size can be perfect.

The great advantage of large models is that in general, the distance you have to go with the pen on the table is closer to the actual distance being displayed on your computer screen. This makes the design experience with tables big scanners is closer to the real.

However, some people may find it tiring to use a large table, because the higher it is, the more moves you need to make with the arm. In addition, they take up a lot of space on the desktop. Consider these points when choosing.

Work for More Accurate, Check the Active Area, Resolution and Table Pressure Levels

When you need more professional jobs and more accurately it is essential that you choose more carefully their pucks. Check out!

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets To Buy In 2020 (Intuos, One And More)

The number of pressure levels of a tablet is what defines how much she will be able to detect the different power levels of your dash. Models with many pressure levels reproduce the finest traits screen when you scratch with less force and thicker when increasing the risk of force.

The tables available in the market usually have 300 to just over 8000 levels. Always prefer an option that has at least 2000 levels. If designer, the more levels the better.

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets To Buy In 2020 (Intuos, One And More)

The resolution of the tablet is given in lines per inch, or LPI its acronym in English. It defines the amount of parts of your stroke that the table is able to detect within each inch, so the more LPIs, more natural your stroke will be on the screen. Tables with low resolution can generate traces pixelated and unrealistic.

The best models have a resolution of about 5000 LPIs, but you can find models with less than 1500 LPIs. If you want to make designs with high level of detail, choose models with over 4000 LPIs, but their designs are simpler or if you will use it for photo editing, LPIs 2000 is a good start!

Top 10 Best Pen Tablets To Buy In 2020 (Intuos, One And More)

The active area of ​​the tablet is the actual space where you can work. It is usually a space in the middle of the table which is bounded by some markup. The closer to the active area is the size of your monitor, the easier it is to get a sense of space and be able to make more precise movements.

However, a large active area means that the table will also be large, so make sure you have this space available. If it does not, do not be discouraged! You can adapt to any active area size, but never forget to check this specification because some tables are less well active area than its overall size.

Table with Digitizer screen or No? Decide the type of work that will make

Most Tablet PCs have no screen and are used together with a notebook screen or computer screen. But in the market there is also tables with digitizer screen that look like tablets. These models tend to be more expensive and heavier, but also provide higher quality and precision.

The highest quality of a table with the screen is that you will not depend on any other device to view your drawing. Many illustrators prefer this type of table. However, for simpler jobs it is best to prefer the non-display options.

Models with shortcut buttons Programmable quick work

Some models pucks have customizable buttons both on your pen, as the table itself. The most common is to program the 2 pen buttons to perform the same functions as the buttons on a mouse do.

As for the buttons that are on the table itself, in general, they can be configured in many different ways. Some configuration examples are: zoom in or out zoom, backward or forward, delete, and switching applications. However, there are tables that have more customization options of the buttons.

There are tables that have more than 10 buttons and others none. To choose, you should consider how much you can invest in the table and how many are the functions that you use routinely.

Also check the specifications Pen

One of the important points when choosing your table is also check the pen specifications. Check the two most important!

There are basically two types of pens that can accompany your tablet: without battery and battery. Our indications are the models without battery. In general, they work with EMR technology, which allows the pen to be loaded during contact with the table! Awesome, right?

Models with battery are heavy and even a bit outdated, so usually found only in the most simple and cheap models. Besides being tiresome to deal with the weight of these pens, no one deserves to run the risk of the stack and eventually come in the middle of his work, is not it? So, choose models without battery!

With the use is common that the pen tip of your tablet to wear, impairing the quality of its features. The harder you usually apply when writing or drawing, the greater this wear. So many brands include extra tips for the pen in the kit with the tablet.

Have extra will give you more tips tranquility and good time to use your pen without worry about buying new tips. So always make sure that the tips are included.

Some pens have on the sensor at one end that allows them to function also as a rubber. This feature provides greater flexibility to their work. For those accustomed to draw with pencils or mechanical pencils with rubber on the tip, these pen models are perfect!

Top 10 Best Digital Tablets

Now that you know all you should consider when choosing your tablet is important to know what are the best on the market. So parted you a Top 10. All of them with something in common: the power to meet your demand well. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Digital Tablets

Mesa Digitizer Pen XP-Star

Table Digitizer Wacom Cintiq Hybrid

Table Digitizer Wacom Intuos

Wacom digitizer table pro intuos

Digitizing table Inspiroy

Wacom Digitizer table

Table Digitizer Wacom Intuos Creative

Check Our Indications to Optimize Your Work Even More

The pucks will help you to do an amazing job, but they do not do everything alone. To use your tablet you will need a good laptop or computer.

So if you are looking to further optimize their work by purchasing one, be sure to check the items below!

Now that you’ve read our entire article, you already know all about it and are ready to choose your new tablet. At the time of purchase check the size, resolution and pressure from your desk. You can also take this article as a reference at the time of your purchase. Good luck!

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