Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books to Buy in 2020

Who does not like a pipoquinha? There are several ways to pop the popcorn, and the pipoqueiras cooker and microwave and easy ways. But to choose the best product is important to note the desired amount of popcorn, beyond the material and other points.

Brands such as Tramontina, MTA and Prana bring excellent products. And thinking of helping you choose the best, we make a purchase tutorial with all the items to be examined. Also selected the top 10 pipoqueiras market manuals. Check out!

How to Choose the Best popper Manual

To choose your perfect popcorn maker, note the type of product, the amount of popcorn and it produces the material. Furthermore, pipoqueiras prefer non-stick pan and microwave with handles. See details below!

Choose Agreement Type with Cooking Method

There are two types of manual pipoqueiras: the microwave and cookware. Below explain the features, uses, advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you decide which is the best choice for your daily life!

The type of microwave is recommended for families with small children and people who appreciate individual portions of popcorn. It is the cheapest type of popcorn maker as well as being very easy to use. You can find several variations of capacity and design.

It works very simply. After adding the dry corn in the container, all you need to do is put it in a microwave oven without the need for oil. It is a very useful product for those who do not want to work in the kitchen.

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books To Buy In 2020

The pot of popcorn popper is perfect to offer fun for the whole family. There are several models in the market with the most varied skills and styles. By direct contact with fire, many models have handles anti-thermal bakelite, offering more security to the user.

However, compared to the microwave popcorn popper, the pot model takes a little longer to pop corn, and it is necessary to use oil or butter. But for those who like popcorn, have a pot of popcorn machine at home is synonymous with a delicious meal.

Check the popcorn maker Capacity

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books To Buy In 2020

A major difference between pipoqueiras microwave cooker and the amount of popcorn is that they produce. Found microwave models that are from 1 to 2.5 liters of popcorn 50 to 100 grams of corn, are indicated for those people who like individual portions.

Already the pot pipoqueiras are suitable for making popcorn for the whole family at once, as there are models with capacity of up to 6.5 liters! So, if you need to do a lot of popcorn, the ideal is to choose a popcorn maker such.

Note the Material Pipoqueiras

Most cooker pipoqueiras are made with aluminum, which provides a faster heating popcorn to pop. Now, when we talk about microwave popcorn popper, we first find polypropylene, a rigid material, unbreakable and very safe.

Another material found in microwave pipoqueiras is silicon. It is a more flexible and also very durable and easy to clean product. But remember that it is always necessary to check whether the materials are free of BPA, an element present in the plastic and harmful to our health.

Opt for Pipoqueiras pot Non-stick

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books To Buy In 2020

The pan popper has a drawback: the time of cleaning. Therefore, the ideal is to choose non-stick pans! Within these products, there is a film that does not stick to anything that allows primarily the oil, making it easy to wash the utensil.

Each brand has a non-stick system mainly using Teflon, which is a synthetic polymer. This material also provides for the pot durability, resistance and guaranteeing quality in order to produce popcorn.

Prefer Pipoqueiras microwave with Strap

If you choose a popcorn maker microwave, the ideal is that it has handles so that you remove from the appliance without burning. Also, before you buy a popcorn maker, it is always good to check if it fits within the microwave. So do not forget to observe the dimensions!

Top 5 Best Pipoqueiras of Microwave

Liked the microwave pipoqueiras? Selected the top 5 to choose from! And remember that, usually, they are used for individual portions, they produce less popcorn. Check out our list and choose yours!

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Books To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Pipoqueiras of Microwave

Top 5 Best Pipoqueiras Cooker

Now it’s time to meet the 5 best pot pipoqueiras. Again, this type of popper is indicated to produce large amounts of popcorn once. Let’s make popcorn for the whole family? Check out our list and choose yours!

Comparison table of the Best Pipoqueiras Cooker

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There are several ways to make popcorn at home, you just need to find out which is best for you! The microwave popcorn maker has the advantage of being more practical and easy to do. Already the pot is recommended for anyone who wants to burst lot of popcorn at once!

So before choosing which popper buy, read our tutorial and see which one is the one that best fits your routine. And who knows, the two are not useful for you, each on one occasion? Do not forget to share this text with someone who is also looking for a popcorn machine!