Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power to Buy in 2020 (Britain, Mondial and more)

An electric popcorn machine can be a great way to make a snack in a practical and easy way. And to choose the best product, we must be alert to the kind of popcorn popper we choose, as well as features such as number of cycles and the amount of corn that we use.

Brands like Philco, Britain and Mondial bring great models with quality and performance. We developed a tutorial for you to choose the product that best suits your taste. In addition, we selected the 10 best electric market pipoqueiras! Enjoy and choose yours!

How to Choose the Best Electric popper

To choose the best type of popcorn maker note which type suits you and observe the number of cycles and the ability of the product. Also, note the size if it uses oil, presents extra functions and what its power and voltage. Find out more below!

Choose Electric popper type of agreement with Practicality

There are three types of electric pipoqueiras, which differ mainly by its design and practicality. They are: driver spout, removable tray and classic type. Below we explain each type, with its advantages and disadvantages.

The popper with driver beak is the most common type of market. As the name implies, it has a nozzle that directs popcorn directly into a container of your choice, practical and easily. There are several options on the market, with many colors and designers who have excellent prices.

In this type of popper, we have the machine that produces the popcorn in the center, and its back, a removable tray in which food is deposited. That ends the production, simply remove the bowl and the food is ready to be tapped. It is a very practical product, however, there are few models on the market.

Already in the classical model is the one with inspired design in professional pipoqueiras but are produced in smaller versions for use at home. In it, added popcorn, and when ready, the deposited on a banner turning the crank. Its capacity is higher, but the price is also higher.

Prefer products with more than one preparation cycle

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power To Buy In 2020 (Britain, Mondial And More)

Electric pipoqueiras have preparation cycles, ie, they can not function without interruption. After several uses, they can be very hot and you have to wait a while until it cools to be driven again.

Typically, pipoqueiras available in the market have 1-5 cycles of operation. The higher the number of cycles, more popcorn you can produce without having to wait. If you usually prepare or consume lots of popcorn, be sure to check this detail.

Moreover, it is very important that you note the duration of each cycle to ensure a product that meets their needs. The fastest models have 2-minute cycles, but there are devices that take up to 5 minutes.

Note the cycle Each preparation capacity

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power To Buy In 2020 (Britain, Mondial And More)

It is important to note that the amount of popcorn popper that produces in each cycle. Typically, they bring gauges of 50 to 100 grams to be used once every cycle. That way, if you want to produce, for example, 200 grams of popcorn, will have to start the machine twice.

Pipoqueiras prefer that not Wear Oil

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power To Buy In 2020 (Britain, Mondial And More)

Most of the electric popper advantage is not using oil and thus produce healthier food. However, there are some pipoqueiras mainly classic, requiring a little oil to function properly. If you are looking to be healthier, be sure to check this detail.

Pipoqueiras with Greater Power are more Efficient

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power To Buy In 2020 (Britain, Mondial And More)

Normally, electric pipoqueiras have 1000 to 2000 watts of power. This is important because the higher the power, the faster the preparation of popcorn. In addition, a device with a good power runs less risk of burning.

However, as a disadvantage, major powers may increase power consumption. But rest assured that there are models on the market that have 300 watts of power, for example. Keep your eyes and choose the one that fits your reality.

Always check the product Voltage

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power To Buy In 2020 (Britain, Mondial And More)

A very important point that we should note is the voltage of the popper. There are models of 110V or 220V and it is always necessary to buy a popcorn machine that has the same voltage outlet where the device is plugged.

If you buy a unit with a higher voltage than the outlet, it can cause burns. However, if the voltage of the popper is less than the taking, it will not work. So always be very attentive to this information in the technical specifications of the product.

Note the size popcorn popper

The size of the popper is also important and can vary greatly from product to product. Overall, the electrical pipoqueiras have between 23 and 41 cm in height, which can make a difference depending on where they will be saved.

Width and depth can also vary between 13 and 29 cm. If you want a product more compact, prefer those with width and depth of 20 cm. Now, if you want a product to be exposed, the classic are indicated, as they are often the largest and most attention.

Be Alert to the Extra Features

Some electric pipoqueiras bring extra features that make the user’s life. One is the wired port, usually located at the bottom of the device, which helps to keep the cord saved product and thus organized environment.

Another interesting feature is the non-slip base, which does not allow the popper move during the popcorn production. Thus, it prevents accidents and provides enhanced security to the user. Not all market pipoqueiras have this option, so be sure to check before you buy!

Top 10 Best Pipoqueiras Power

Now that we know which points to note to buy a popcorn maker, is the time to select the best for you! We brought a list of 10 electric pipoqueiras of extreme quality, all three types! Enjoy and choose your.

Comparison table of the Best Electric Pipoqueiras

Electric popper EasyPop

Popper Classic Retro

Popper Mallory Mickey Mouse

Gourmet popcorn maker Electric

Electric Pop popcorn popper Movie

Check Our Indications Pipoqueiras Manuals

Have you considered also purchase a manual popper? We developed a content with the best pipoqueiras microwave and market pan. We also help you to choose the type that will suit you if it will be useful in everyday life. Access the link below and check it out!

The electric popcorn maker may be the element that was missing in his life. It is an easy, practical and very useful product! And to choose your note the type that best pleases you and do not forget to check the capacity and number of cycles whenever possible.

Also note the design of the popcorn popper and if it matches your kitchen. There are many options and we are sure that some of them will please you! If you know someone who is also looking for an electric popcorn machine, be sure to share this article and help more people to make good choices!