Top 10 Best Popcorn

Top 10 Best Popcorn to Buy in 2020 (Ready and Microwave)

Popcorn and guarana, which cool program! Anyone out there remember this jingle 90s? Well, either to watch videos of old advertisements, watching a little movie or just to kill the will, eat popcorn is always very good. So apart tips incredible choosing the best popcorn.

In the market for microwave or ready options, each has its advantage. But to choose it is necessary to check the nutrition label and choose between different flavors. Read our tips and choose a product of our ranking of the top 10 brands of popcorn as Yoki, purest, Mother Earth and Linea. Have you chosen the film? It’s time to choose the popcorn.

How to Choose the Best Popcorn

Popcorn ready the market is still, in general, a novelty in Brazil. When it is better to choose the ready or microwave? And, regardless of the form of consumption, such as choosing thinking about your health? All this you will learn below!

First Decide Between Popcorn Ready or the Microwave

Top 10 Best Popcorn To Buy In 2020 (Ready And Microwave)

popcorn ready, as the name says, now come ready for consumption, allowing you to take anywhere, such as cinema, football or parks. Moreover, they tend to be healthier as they have less oil and even less salt.

On the other hand, the microwave popcorn yield more, the ideal for groups. Also, they have a more freshly baked flavor, making the experience is closer to the pot of popcorn. They tend to have more oil, but there are already options with little or no oil. Keep an eye!

Checking the Nutrition Table: Sodium, Calories, Saturated Fat and Dietary Fiber

Top 10 Best Popcorn To Buy In 2020 (Ready And Microwave)

All tasty snack is a good choice for your late afternoon. However, you can not fail to look after your health only to respond to the whims of your palate. Keep an eye on the amounts of sodium, calories and saturated fat popcorn each brand.

Also, popcorn may have large amounts of dietary fiber, which help you feel full, reducing energy consumption, and helping in the digestion of that and other foods. We place in each rank product, the amount of each nutrient in 25 g portions.

Check out the recommendations of the World Health Organization:

There Several Flavors Available to: Prove Several!

Top 10 Best Popcorn To Buy In 2020 (Ready And Microwave)

Popcorn sweet or salty? Butter or natural? Caramelized or chocolate and strawberry? There are people who like to catch the salty popcorn and put condensed milk on top! Ultimately, popcorn is versatile and appeals to every kind of palate.

Choose popcorn for the flavor that suits you. Our ranking, includes traditional and innovative flavors such as butter cinema and apple with cinnamon, respectively. Even the brands below also have other flavors that may interest you, such as beet, in the case of pure, or white chocolate, as in the case of Omypop.

Top 5 Best Popcorn Microwave

Open the microwave, place the packet (note the part that says “this side up) and press the” popcorn “. Now just wait a few minutes and you’ll eat one of the five best popcorn microwave. What popcorn I’m talking about? Look below!

Top 10 Best Popcorn To Buy In 2020 (Ready And Microwave)
Top 10 Best Popcorn To Buy In 2020 (Ready And Microwave)

Comparison table of the Best Popcorn Microwave

Top 5 Best Popcorn Ready

Yoki Integral Natural com Sal

Yoki Film Butter

Granfino Apple with Cinnamon

The Skinny Sweet Zero

Jasmine Garlic and Oregano

Just open the package and eat. The sold popcorn ready in supermarkets are not as freshly baked as those made at the time, but usually have less oil, are more sequinhas and crunchy, and have their spices and their best covers distributed among the portions.

Comparison table of the Best Popcorn Ready

Corn Pure Pure Mascavo

Pop Pan caramelized Covered with milk chocolate

Snacks for the Complementary Snack

If you enjoy the program with someone, you may want to increase the snack portions. A good idea at the moment is to give a varied and suddenly enjoy some snacks. The most crunchy and tasty to healthier (even with antioxidants), you will find in our Top 20 Best Snacks.

See how easy it is to choose a good popcorn to enjoy with the help of MyBest? Be sure to come back here whenever you want to take a course or try a new product. After all, each product in this ranking, regardless of his position, has a strong point that out.

Also take a take a look at our other articles that showcase the best of each product market. You can find the ranking of chocolate, wine and even air conditioning. Readings are tasty, fluid and fast. It is time to put a pipoquinha in the microwave!

by Joao Pedro Severo Brutschin