Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)

Top 10 Best Power Chairs in 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano and more)

The stage where the baby starts eating is one in which parents have more doubts. The choice of the best feeding chair is one of them. Factors like model, safety, ease of cleaning, backrest adjustment and height, for example, should be taken into consideration when choosing the chair that will meet your needs.

To help you in this important moment, we created a step-by-step how to make a conscious purchase. We also include in this article a ranking of the top 10 power chairs to buy online. There are brands like Galzerano, Cosco, Burigotto and Chicco. Good reading and good baby food!

How to Choose the Best Power Chair

It is usually between six and eight months of life that food introduction baby occurs. In this phase the baby usually move a lot, which makes it difficult to handle it and feed it at the same time. Hence the need of the power seat. Check here for a step-by-step to make the best choice.

Choose Between Types High and Booster Seat

The first decision you need to make is the type of chair. The most common are high chairs that are resting on the ground; and the types called booster seat, which are fixed to a normal chair. The high chairs are ideal for those who have space at home. As for the type of seat booster seats are suitable for smaller environments.

Since most elevator seats are also portable, this model is the most suitable to be moved from one place to another and even to be taken on trips. The disadvantage of the booster seat is that it is usually not as comfortable for the baby, and have fewer features as reclining backrest and footrest.

Tray Removable and Waterproof Material Facilitate Cleaning

Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)

When children are learning to eat it is dirt, it’s fact. Thinking about it, the chairs that allow removing the tray for a complete cleaning are ideal. Some models have two overlapping trays, which allows your baby to support a toy while the tray used in power is removed for cleaning.

The seat and backrest of the material must also be of waterproof material and easy to clean. Some models even allow you to remove the seat cover for a more thorough cleaning. This will ensure a longer shelf life for the product, plus an always clean chair.

Support for the feet Helps Baby Concentration

At this stage of life, the small become agitated and slow to eat. However, studies have shown that when the baby’s foot is supported on some firm structure, and help posture, there is also an improvement in his concentration and hence chewing. Thus, seats that offer this footrest are more suitable.

If the support can also be adjustable, great! This will allow you to adjust the support height as your baby grows.

Extra features like height adjustment and tilt Confer More Versatility

A desirable feature in both high chairs, as in type seat booster seats, is the possibility of seat height adjustment. This allows you to control the baby’s height in order to stay as close as possible to your height, whether you’re sitting next to the dining table or on the sofa, for example.

Another interesting feature is the option to recline the backrest. Try to imagine the following situation: after the meal, your child falls asleep. What do you do? If your power chair has seat back recliner, you can recline it and watch while his son devote himself to other activities nearby.

Although not essential features are certainly attributes able to give more comfort to the baby and you. Also, make sure the chair you chose is foldable. Both to save it while you are not using, and to take it to different places, folding models are the most recommended.

A chair that support up to 15 kg is Enough

Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)

Most chair models support up to 15 kg load, which corresponds to a child of about three years old. As the use of the power chair is not necessary beyond that age, a chair with much more capacity may not be essential in your case. Therefore, a chair that supports up to 15 kg load is sufficient.

Chairs Alto Attraction, only INMETRO With Seal

The INMETRO conformity identification seal (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) shows if the chair was passed in security issues, structure and stability. Among the possible accidents, the risk of closing the chair during use or even the presence of toxic materials in the product composition.

Since 2016, INMETRO inspection stamp became compulsory for high-type chairs. Before buying, check for seal. Model chairs seat riser not pass the evaluation of the Inmetro and so do not have the seal.

Top 10 Best Power Chairs to Buy Online

Now that you know how to choose, check the ranking of the top 10 power chairs available. Remember to always take into consideration your needs and the safety of your baby.

Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)
Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)
Top 10 Best Power Chairs In 2020 (Chicco, Burigoto, Galzerano And More)

Comparison table of Best Power Chairs

Power chair Prima Pappa Zero 3

Power chair Polly 2 in 1 Start

Pocket Meal feeding chair

Power chair Papa & Snooze

Power Pop chair

Power chair Premium

Power Mode chair

Banquet Power Chair

Standard Power Chair

Smart Power Chair

The power chair has become an essential item for families with children. Choose a quality product and know take care of it will bring tranquilidade and comfort. So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for better conservation of the product and also observe the safety guidelines during use.

And now that you know what to take into consideration to choose the best feeding chair, how about choosing a product of our ranking? And if you have questions, just come back here!