Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) in 2020

Both to improve their productivity, and to gather his team, have a good project management tool optimizes time and resources. With the features offered by these applications, you can manage teams and monitor steps, customizing everything according to the type of activity.

Among the most popular are Trello, and Asana, but there are others that are worth considering. So we invite you to discover the 10 best project management tools for use in various devices. Keep reading to learn how to choose the ideal for their day to day.

How to Choose the Best Tool for Project Management

In times in which we talk so much in productivity, have a good management tool can totally change the workflow of a team. But among so many options, it is not always easy to know which one to choose. So we created a guide to help you select the most appropriate for you.

Check out the Features You Need in Project Management Tool

If you have a small team, or even working alone, you may need no more than a routine well-organized. In this case, a working application in which you can drag tasks between lists, create frames for different users, including deadlines and files will probably be enough.

For a larger or more complex business, it is ideal that the project management tool to be as autonomous as possible to save time. This includes reporting, show what is being done in real time, collect overdue tasks, automatically assign processes and show idle users.

Check out the key features available in these tools and find out which is right for your organization:

A Good Project Management Software Should Synchronize with Other Platforms

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

This is certainly one of the main criteria for choosing a good job application. Can synchronize your e-mail, a calendar app, spreadsheets or even another project management tool makes it very easy routine and saves time.

This function is very interesting if you are changing the program and do not want to have to add all tasks and team members again, or lose the history. To know what are the platforms that the application allows synchronization, the ideal is to visit the official website of the manufacturer.

Consider the number of users that can be integrated in the Same Account

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

This is an issue that should be evaluated, especially if you want to use the free version of business management tool. This is because the packages paid the amount of users is usually unlimited, while the basic allowed on average from 5 to 15 people per account.

More importantly, it is to read the description of each subscription plan for how many team members can participate in each project, frame, or section. If you intend to use the long-term job application, also consider future bookings, and the company’s growth.

Prefer the Tools Compatible Management with Multiple Devices

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

In addition to being used with the Android and iOS systems, so that all team members are able to access a good project management software should be compatible with most devices. This includes mobile, tablet, watch, and of course the Web version and notebook computer.

Have access to their platform of any job application streamlines feedbacks and team productivity. In the case of smart watches, as Smartwatch and Apple Watch, there are few compatible applications, so this advantage turns out to be a differentiator when choosing.

Opt for Applications That Work Offline

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

Not always when you are with time available to view pending tasks, or want to write down an idea in the draft, no internet signal. And waste those precious moments when traveling by plane, in unsigned places, or when the data packet just is not an option for those who need to produce more.

So we can make changes, comments, attachments, among other functions, even offline, it is a great advantage. Of course it must be online again for the changes to be accessible to other users, but at least you can optimize the time.

Do the Test and Check What Are Offered Free Resources Summer

Most project management tools is free to download, but only part of the offer at no cost content. Advanced features, such as higher limit of users per account and more space for projects and files are only available to subscribers. Keep an eye!

There are also project management software that is fully paid, with a trial period ranging between 7 and 30 days. In this case, be sure to use the full assessment time, so you can identify it really worth investing in the application.

Read Reviews User Before Download Tool

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools (Mobile) In 2020

It may seem a detail, but sometimes the descriptions that the brand offers on the job applications are as promising and long, it is easy to forget to check out the users’ point of view regarding the performance on the tool usage day.

This is very important, also, to see the speed with which developers respond and solve problems. Nothing worse than getting the work stopped for failing to add a member, or export a report, then the after-sales support is as important as the number of services offered.

Top 10 Best Tools for Project Management

Now that you know how to choose the perfect job application, discover the 10 best project management tools to use in your routine.

Comparison table of the Best Tools Project Management


Select Calendar Application to Organize Your Personal Life

Often, personal life is directly linked to the professional. So it takes a calendar application that is as complete as the project management. If you are a project management software member of a company can even integrate with your calendar and do not miss anything.

To choose from so many options available, the MyBest created a page with the top 10 calendar applications. You must all styles, from colorful to simpler. We are sure that one of them will meet your expectations.

Choose a good project management tool can be the secret to increase your productivity and the whole team. We are sure that among the top 10 in the category, you will find the ideal to organize your work and join the team.

The MyBest is proud to always recommend the best products in various categories for your readers, including other applications to facilitate personal, professional, and even for fun. So feel free to visit us whenever you need to make a choice.