Top 10 Best Puzzle

Top 10 Best Puzzle to Buy in 2020 (+ 1,000 parts)

Able to enchant adults and children alike, the puzzles are a great way to pass the time. However, behind this simple game there are many benefits. Mount them stimulates several important skills, both cognitive development in childhood as for the maintenance of mental health for life.

Concentration, reasoning, persistence and ability to solve problems are some of the skills worked to assemble a puzzle. Are you interested in this hobby? Grow brands like Star and develop options for all tastes. Below we give you some tips on how to choose a copy. We also created a ranking of the best options. Do not Miss Out!

How to Choose the Best Puzzle with Over 1000 Parts

Next, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the perfect puzzle for you. This way it will be easier to make the right choice that you will yield good hours of entertainment. Check out!

As more parts, greater is the difficulty and Assembly Time

The degree of difficulty of the puzzles, as well as the time you take to complete it, is proportional to the number of pieces. So before you think about the design, consider how long you are willing to engage in this activity and how challenging you want it to be.

The puzzle is a hobby that takes time, but do not always have so many hours available for a hobby, is not it? Most of the time, we have some free time only on weekends and holidays. As the puzzle 1000 pieces takes about 10 hours to complete, it is the perfect choice for such occasions.

This is because it is possible to mount it in 2 or 3 days. That is, with some dedication you can finish it in one weekend. Moreover, it is an excellent option for those who do not practice this activity. After all, beginners may end up getting tired with the copies that have more than 1000 pieces.

A puzzle of 2000 pieces requires some dedication. It will take about 24 hours until it is fully completed. It is the ideal version to be mounted on or extended holidays. However, those who do not have the habit of doing puzzles may find this construction a bit tiring, because it demands long hours of concentration.

If this is the case, we recommend taking breaks during the activity to dribble fatigue. Also, do not try to finish everything in one day. Remember that this is not an activity from work or school, but a hobby for you to enjoy. Ideally, it is finished, more or less in a month. For this, take up about 1 hour a day.

Build puzzles with 3,000 pieces is not an easy task, after all there are many patterns for your brain to decipher: colors, shapes, letters, lines, etc. Therefore, beginners can feel a little more difficult to ride it. But if you’re just starting out, do not worry! more complex puzzles like this, should be mounted slowly.

We suggest that you take about 1 hour of your day to assemble the parts, enjoying every step conquered instead of thinking only on completion of the project. Take the time you need, after all, everyone has their creation process. But usually this puzzle takes about two months to complete.

The Design also interferes in Difficulty

It is very important that the image of the puzzle please you, so you will enjoy much more the game without getting tired. But do not forget, the kind of illustration influences the degree of difficulty of the game. Below, we explain how!

The simplest type of design to be mounted are those with well-marked lines and several different colors within the lines. This is because, when the traits are very strong, it is easier for the user to identify which parts are connected to each other. We therefore suggest that you still have a little difficulty doing puzzles, opt for versions with this feature.

So you can choose, for example, by having images of cartoon characters or comics. Superman, Mickey, Hulk, Batman or any other, choose your favorite. In general, these designs have not only an evident stroke, as well as well-defined shapes. Moreover, their colors are very strong, which further facilitates the assembly.

Puzzles of landscapes often have very similar pieces together. Therefore, the assembly process becomes more complex and time consuming. For example, images showing the sky have many areas with clouds and colors blue. The same happens with sea images that have multiple pieces of the same color, with just a wave or another to differentiate them.

The vegetation is as complicated as the blue sky and water. After all, with so many trees of similar textures, a lot of concentration is needed to connect the correct parts. So try to be very thorough during the assembly process, just so you can identify small changes in colors and shapes that distinguish another part.

Top 10 Best Puzzles with more than 1000 Parts

Now that you know how to choose your puzzle, it’s time to decide which one to buy, right? So below we present the top 10 puzzles with more than 1000 pieces. Check it out!

Top 10 Best Puzzle To Buy In 2020 (+ 1,000 Parts)
Top 10 Best Puzzle To Buy In 2020 (+ 1,000 Parts)
Top 10 Best Puzzle To Buy In 2020 (+ 1,000 Parts)
Top 10 Best Puzzle To Buy In 2020 (+ 1,000 Parts)
Top 10 Best Puzzle To Buy In 2020 (+ 1,000 Parts)

Comparison Leaderboard Puzzles with more than 1000 Parts

Puzzle Sistine Chapel

Puzzle Portinari

Puzzle house on Lake

Puzzle Alleys French

Puzzle Disney Marvel Avengers Infinite War

Puzzle Mickey 90 Years

Puzzle Paris France

Puzzle The Beatles

Puzzle Romero Britto Cat

There are so many options that we lost, is not it? After all, it is best to choose a puzzle with pieces more or less? Opt for those with images of landscapes or characters? With our tips we are sure that you can already answer all these questions and is now much easier to get the right puzzle for you.

And remember, whenever you hit that doubt, come back and re-read our tips, they will always be useful. Have days of fun with a great puzzle!