Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks in 2020 (Essentials, Expert and more)

Looking for a notebook to study? Your current model does not give more consideration to edit those heavy videos of customers? Or you are looking for the ideal laptop to play that game that just came out? Samsung laptops meet all kinds of public, and are available in various specifications.

There are so many options, such as models of Flash and Odyssey lines, it is difficult to choose a more suitable to your needs. Thinking about it, we bring some tips to facilitate your purchase and present the ranking of the top 10 market Samsung notebooks. Check out everything below it!

How to Choose the Best Notebook Samsung

Samsung sells several lines of laptops with different characteristics to meet certain profiles. In addition, the buyer also needs to be aware of the specifications and other important details, to minimize errors. Below, let’s talk a bit more about these questions.

Choose the line More Suitable to Your Profile

Currently, Samsung sells in Brazil, five lines of notebooks: Essentials, Expert, Odyssey 2, Flash and S51. Settings can be quite different, and that’s why we emphasize the importance of knowing each. But do not worry, we will help in this task.

Looking for a notebook to study? Samsung Essentials line models are perfect to perform basic everyday tasks, including doing school work, research on the internet, video calls and even to bring to the classroom, if allowed, of course.

Bringing simpler settings, they have the audience less demanding buyers, students and people who want a laptop just to watch videos on Netflix and YouTube. It is also a good option for those looking for cheap Samsung notebooks.

If you need an intermediary notebook with superior specifications for better performance, you may want to bet on the line Samsung Expert. Versions of this family are already able to run programs that require a bit more of the machine, including high performance graphics.

In this line, you can run editing programs and even some newer games. And depending on the model, you still find very practical safety features, such as unlocking by facial recognition instead of password on the keyboard, making it difficult unauthorized access.

Come struggling to run heavy games on your old PC, with delays and crashes without stopping? So it’s time to buy one of the laptops from Samsung Odyssey line, created exclusively to provide the best performance for the most demanding players.

Notebooks gamers Samsung have a setting for anyone find fault. latest processors, lots of RAM, dedicated graphics cards and high resolution displays are just some of the advantages. But it is good to prepare the pocket because they are more expensive.

Your focus is on mobility? In this case, the best alternative is, no doubt, the line of Samsung Flash notebooks. The models of this strand are known for light weight and smaller size, characteristics which greatly facilitate their movement within the bag.

They also have another interesting difference: the SSD in place of conventional HD. Thus, the speed of access to files and programs is much higher, and an encouragement both for those who can not take anymore see the computer take a few minutes to boot.

Discerning users can find the ideal machine in notebooks from Samsung S51 line. They combine high performance with premium design and many extra features, bringing options for those looking to improve productivity in professional activities or even for fun.

The whole line is composed of notebooks with powerful processors and SSD, and with a minimum in the RAM 8 GB. There’s even a hybrid version, which functions as notebook and tablet in the same device, with touch screen that facilitates designing and making handwritten notes.

For Best Performance, Use Core i5 or Higher

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

Stay tuned to the notebook processor is also essential, because it is a major component of any computer. If you plan to perform many tasks at the same time and / or programs will run a bit more demanding, choose models with Intel Core i5 or higher chips.

If you need high performance for video editing or gaming, and other demanding software, bet in Core i7 or i9 processors. On the other hand, the Samsung notebook i3 is enough for simpler activities, as well as the Intel Celeron or Pentium, the latter two much cheaper.

Prefer RAM of at Least 8 GB to Avoid Crashes

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

In the case of RAM, remember a simple rule of thumb: the more the better. In general, recent models bring at least 4 GB of RAM. But that amount normally present in the basic models, just enough to open software that does not require much processing.

If possible, choose a notebook with 8 GB of RAM, at least, which requires greater investment. The performance will be much more fluid and you will not have headaches with the computer crashing straight and can run multiple programs simultaneously, including those heavy.

If you want Faster, Prioritize models with SSD

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

With regard to storage, the best option is the Samsung notebook with SSD. Evolution of conventional HD, it loads programs and files much faster, improving system performance. Furthermore, it is quieter and less contributing to the laptop to reduce weight.

Also pay attention to the storage capacity. The Samsung notebooks with conventional HD, the standard is to come with the minimum 500 GB of space. If you work with large amounts of files and many of them heavy, choose an alternative with at least 1 TB of memory.

On devices with SSD of the brand, it is common to find a smaller storage capacity, around 120 GB, as in the case of the Flash line. As for the options that have more space in this type of more advanced disk can cost more, as the S51 models.

Games and editing work, consider Using a Video Card Dedicated

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

Thinking of using the computer to play that game that just came out? Or it will run for editing programs and others that require large graphics processing? So, you need a notebook with dedicated graphics card, accessory which ensure the implementation of these software without crashing.

The simplest laptops come standard with integrated video card, specific to activities that do not require too. But to run programs and heavy games, there is no other solution than to invest in a dedicated board (GPUs AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce are among the most sought).

The Size and Weight Notebook Should Meet your Needs

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks In 2020 (Essentials, Expert And More)

Most of Samsung notebooks have screens of 14 inches or 15.6, but there are other options with different sizes. When choosing, take into account the type of use that will be given to the machine. For those who need mobility, versions 13 and 14 inches are recommended.

As for those who will use the laptop only at home or in the office, the 15.6-inch version is a great choice. But if you do a more professional use, such as image editing, or intend to use it for gaming, you may want to opt for a model with 17 inches.

It is worth remembering that laptops with smaller screens are lighter in general, some weighing less than 1 kg, which further facilitates its transportation. On the other hand, notebooks with 15.6 inch screen and above that are heavier and may pass the 2 kg hindering mobility.

Check the Entry Types for Connecting Peripherals

To connect a mouse or joystick to the notebook, he must have USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports, which also serve to plug in printers, external hard drives, thumb drives and other devices. There is also the USB-C input, present models, offering greater speed in data transmission.

It is also interesting that the notebook has HDMI connection (to turn it on TV), memory card reader and headphone connector and microphone. If you want to take advantage of the stability of a wired connection, see if it has input for network cable to connect it directly to the router.

Top 10 Best Samsung Notebooks

Now that you know what to consider before buying a notebook, it became much easier to make a choice, is it? After the tips, it’s time to give a ranking of the top 10 notebooks Samsung market, based on the above criteria. Enjoy the suggestions!

Comparison Leaderboard Samsung Notebooks

Notebook Style S51 Pen

Notebook Odyssey Gamer

Notebook Essentials E30

Notebook Essentials E20

After reading this article, hopefully you can figure out which notebook Samsung buy more easily. And if you still have questions, just go back to the text and check the main factors to consider and suggestions of our ranking, noting that all of them bring Windows 10.

Whether you’re a less demanding user, a beginner or hardcore gamer, an engineer, professional editing or a student, certainly there is a notebook of the South Korean brand that suits your needs. It’s up to you, we hope to do a great buy!