Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers to Buy in 2020

Who does not like a warm sandwich for lunch? In addition to delicious, the sandwiches are very easy to do: just fill the bread and put them in the sandwich maker. Within moments a delicious meal is ready! But there are different models and brands of sandwich and decide which one is the right option for your case may not be so simple.

With this in mind we have prepared this guide to buying tips and also the ranking of the top 10 sandwich makers available in the market. Selected models of Britain, Mondial, Cadence and several other brands. Choose your and give more flavor to your snacks!

How to Choose the Best Sandwich Maker

To choose the ideal sandwich you need to be aware of some specifications and features. You should check, for example, the sandwich also has a grill option, if you have light and their boards are removable. Thus, you will achieve a great buy and enjoy your product in the best way. Check out our tips and set squarely in the choice!

Choose Sandwich Maker At the Format Sheet

There are two kinds of sandwich makers: those that are made exclusively for sandwiches and they also have a grill function. What changes in each model is basically the shape of the plates. Understand with our tips which one is most suitable for you.

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy In 2020

The more traditional sandwich makers are designed exclusively for the preparation of sandwiches in the form of bread, especially the traditional cheese sandwich with ham: hot mixed. Its main feature is its format plates: two squares of the standard size of a loaf of bread with a line that cuts diagonally.

This line facilitates the division of the sandwiches in two and also helps to further heat the sandwich, which melts the cheese quickly and let the crusty bread. However, you will not be able to use other breads or prepare other food sandwich makers such. If this is your will, check out the following topic on the grill sandwich makers.

The grill sandwich makers are more versatile, this because their corrugated and without divisions allows the preparation of grilled food such as meat, chicken and vegetables, and of course, own sandwiches, which can be made with different types of breads.

The plate corrugations prevent food from entering fully into contact with the plate. For sandwiches, you can leave them a bit less crispy, but nothing to interfere much in flavor. For meats, the ripples help eliminate fat from food, leaving it healthier.

So if you want to prepare various types of food or use other different breads shaped bread in their sandwiches, consider buying a model with grilled for plates.

For Grilling Meats Also, Prefer models with 1000 W power or +

The sandwich makers with grill function are a great choice for grilling other foods such as meats and vegetables. Some models, however, do not have such a high power, which would hinder grilling red meat or more chunks of chicken or pork. If the power is low, you may end up cooking the meat instead of grilling.

Also, the preparation time would also be increased if the power is less than 1000 W, which would make the process less practical. So if you plan to use your sandwich for grilling steaks, we recommend that you choose the options with higher power. These models also melt the cheese of their sandwiches faster!

Sandwich makers with Removable plates are Versatile and Easy to Clean

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy In 2020

The sandwich was ready, did you kill your hunger, but now it’s time to wash the sandwich maker. Since most designs have fixed plates, can not wash them with soap and water. In fact, you should only spend a damp cloth. Therefore, it is important to choose models with non-stick plates. They prevent the food from sticking, so they are easier to clean.

But to ensure a thorough cleaning with soap and water, it is best to opt for models with removable plates. In more hygienic, they usually have more than one type of card, such as grilled plates and a waffle. So you end up with several products in one! Perfect, is not it? So if you can, choose models with removable plates.

Closing locks Facilitate the Preparation of Sandwiches

The lock latch is used for the preparation of sandwiches and serves for pressing the bread. This feature is especially important in cases where the sandwich is quite filling, because even if the sandwich becomes big, you will be able to close the sandwich maker, ensuring that all the bread is in contact with the plate and homogeneously tower. Keep an eye on it!

For Best Storage, Models Prefer Holder Wire and Check Dimensions

Some sandwich makers have at their base a standard-thread, in which, as the name implies, the power cord can be wrapped in a practical way, facilitating storage. This feature increases security because it prevents the cable thread somewhere and the device falls to the ground.

Another important factor to analyze for easy storage of your sandwich is the product size – smaller models take up less space and can be easier to store. Check the dimensions of the sandwich and the space available in your kitchen before you make the purchase!

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers to Buy Online

So you do not miss in the purchase, in addition to tips on how to choose the perfect sandwich, we have prepared a ranking of the top 10 products on the market. In each item you can find a description, technical specifications and purchasing shopping suggestions. Check out!

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of Best Sandwich Makers

Sandwich maker MiniGrill Easy Meal

Grill and Sandwich Maker Inox Press

Fast Grill and Sandwich Maker

Premium Stainless Steel Sandwich Maker Grill

sandwich maker MultiGrill

Grill and Sandwich Maker Inox Press

Learn How to Use Your Sandwich Maker Properly

Most market sandwich makers have a light, but you know how it works? Many people believe that this indicates light when the sandwich is ready, but in fact it serves to tell when the plates have reached the maximum temperature.

It works like this: When you turn the sandwich maker in making one of the two lamps lit it only indicates that the device is connected; after a few minutes the other lamp will light up, indicating that the plate is already warm, you can now put your sandwich. There are also models with only a lamp off when the warm plate.

To ensure that your sandwich toste evenly, wait for the plates become totally hot before putting it in the sandwich maker. Many brands discourage you pass the butter plates before cooking, then check the manual before doing so. Finally, always clean the plates before storing the appliance. Enjoy your food!

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As you may have noticed, there are many sandwich makers available in the market, each with different functions and features. So it is very important to know them to hit the purchase and make tasty snacks for your evenings.

In this text, we gave some hints of what is important to consider when choosing your sandwich maker and also did a ranking of the 10 best sandwich makers in the market. We wish a great buy and we hope you visit our site again!